Watch “Sheila Jeffreys @ the We Need To Talk / Inconvenient Women event (6/13/18)” on YouTube

If you have the time and data, this is a really good watch.  A couple of high points if you are unable to watch. The first is that Sheila refers to trans rights as "male crossdresser rights" or "male sexual rights". And this is how I am going to refer to it from now on, … Continue reading Watch “Sheila Jeffreys @ the We Need To Talk / Inconvenient Women event (6/13/18)” on YouTube


Normalizing Perversion: The War on Women

Yes to ALL of this.

Woman is female.

So, what IS perversion? Many people would argue that it is subjective, and truthfully it does depend on the culture of a given society. What one community considers to be perverted may be considered completely normal in a different society.

But what we are seeing happening now in America, Canada, the UK and elsewhere, is the destruction of common sense, innocence, and female boundaries. If that’s not perverted, nothing is.

As explained in this post, the Fairfax County School Board wants to give transgender and gender non-conforming teens complete access to the facilities (read: bathrooms, locker rooms, showers) of their choice. LGBT activists in Loudoun County, the state of Virginia, and throughout the country for that matter, desire the same thing.

The attitude of these people is that a person’s feelings about their gender trump even the feelings of an elderly woman disturbed by a transgender person with an…

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Shower Curtain can Stop Sexual Assault/Harassment

Apparently, a naked male with a ladydick can be stopped by a shower curtain. Also, males pretending to be ladies are COMPLETELY TOTES 100% DIFFERENT from males pretending to be ladies. And there will be training on these 2 completely different and separate groups. Also, too, this never, never, never, ever happens. Also, too, too, … Continue reading Shower Curtain can Stop Sexual Assault/Harassment

Celebrating the “generosity” of Irish and American Males

So in the 60s, when women began to see exactly what was happening and naming the agent, the problem, and the issues, American males began freaking the fuck out. If you ever hear some of those women speak about their experiences and their anger, it's very clear why they took to the streets and began … Continue reading Celebrating the “generosity” of Irish and American Males

Male Punishes Santa Fe High School Because a Girl Told him No

Link to story: The headline says it all. She embarrassed him. And he murdered her for it. According to her mother, he would not leave her alone. After a few months, she publicly handled his entitled ass. We are not allowed to turn down a male. And his fucking parents. Saying BUT HE WAS … Continue reading Male Punishes Santa Fe High School Because a Girl Told him No

Dainty LadyBoys DOMINATE Girls Track Team. Dad of Ladyboy says No One Cares About Girls Track.

Link to story: Ok, so in CT, at this high school, this Yearwood boy decided that he is totes a girl, which coincidentally coincided with him being a complete and utter failure on the boys' team. SHOCKING. Amirite. So last year, he joined the girls' team by way of male government making it possible … Continue reading Dainty LadyBoys DOMINATE Girls Track Team. Dad of Ladyboy says No One Cares About Girls Track.


This is the single best critique and coverage of that shitshow known as genderquake.

I know you will like it. You’re welcome. 😊


I don’t know how many people reading will have access to UK’s Channel 4 player to witness the televised meme that was the Genderquake debate, where six women and one trans women squabbled unpleasantly with each other while Brucelyn Gender rambled incoherently in the corner like someone’s senile grandfather. Luckily, if you missed it, I have exclusive access to a truncated transcript from the show for your “enjoyment.” The participants are:

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, reality TV star and nine hundred year old female impersonator
Munroe Bergdorf, an unpleasant gay man who spends most of his time flicking his hair and talking down to any woman who dares to speak in front of him
Germaine Greer, an old woman who is thoroughly and visibly bored of the children squabbling around her
Sarah Ditum, a feminist-leaning woman hamstrung by her pandering to genderism
Kenny Jones, a dim…

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Drop the F – Why Rebranding is Essential to an Effective 21st Century Radical Women’s Movement

And now I do not have to write a post about why I call myself a women’s liberationists. Deadbeat damsel did it better than I could have.

deadbeat damsel

What’s in a name? Depends on the name. The word “feminism” has evoked different emotions of varying intensities in groups of people. Men have historically been the first  to readily show vitriolic contempt for feminism, and women who feared men also feared the word “feminism”. But as feminism has become an increasingly mainstream word, as well as a mainstream movement, passions have been dulled, and everyone involved is in an cacophonous but uneasy stagnation. Does anyone really have a clear definition of what feminism is about anymore? Do feminists?


Beautiful in it’s simplicity, right? So simple in fact, that you can easily convince any porn-watching, slur-spewing, woman-hater off the street that he’s a feminist simply because he believes in a vague, nebulous idea of “equality”. And just as easily, that disenchanting definition of lukewarm goals has driven and continues to drive spirited, purposeful women away from a movement that is…

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