WARNING. Viciously Gross, Unforgivable.

****NOTE: I almost didn't publish this. And I am not sure why I feel like I need to publish it. Maybe because I remember being 4. Maybe because the women of India are so fucking punished by males for existing. Everything about this story is disturbing and gross, even by the embarrassingly dismal standards of … Continue reading WARNING. Viciously Gross, Unforgivable.


This Week in Ladypeen. It be a Doosy.

Do you ever just look around and say to yourself "what the fuck?" I know I do. I mean, we all know that gender is just an invented set of behaviors. It is just a concept pulled out of the male asshole. Yet, somehow, fetuses are "gendered" in the womb, and sometimes, the "gendered" soul … Continue reading This Week in Ladypeen. It be a Doosy.

Trans activist calls girls ‘invasive little cock monsters’ and ‘dick-hungry 8 year old lesbians’

How many times have males chosen to rape a little girl and then blame her for it? How many times have males said that girls are little seductresses? And that the girls are manipulating the grown males into raping them?

Here is that same fucking pathetic excuse, but these shitbags think that they have an original, new manthinkies in calling little girls “cock monsters”, “dick hungry lesbians”, “kinky”, “deviant”.

These poor ladymen are being sexually harassed by little girls. I can’t tell if males are just huge liars or ignorant, arrogant manipulators. They are pathetic, though. All the way.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Somebody calling themselves George Godwyn on social media wrote this (there does appear to be a ‘real’ George Godwyn out there, a very minor libertarian commentator, but there’s nothing I can find to prove they are the same person as the above). As star-of-wormwood puts it on tumblr, this is classic DARVO:

“DARVO refers to a reaction perpetrators of wrong doing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. DARVO stands for “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.”

There is a distinct strain of paedophilia to queer/trans activism, from the sexualisation of trans identified boys, to the celebration of a ten-year-old ‘drag queen’ in a dog collar (I cannot bring myself to put the necessary words into a search engine to find out exactly where the first image comes from):

To child abusersrunning ‘trans youth programs’, to extortions from adult…

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More Thoughts on the Future of Women…….

Yinzadi wrote a post in response to one of my posts. So now, i, too, have responses! And it's too long for a comment. So i am replying here, and we can all talk about it! Or we can communicate via posts, and it will be the 21st century conscious raising! Link to Yinzadi's post..... … Continue reading More Thoughts on the Future of Women…….

An Update. A Wrap Up. And Nevada hates Women so Much, That They Vote for a Dead Pimp.

Good news, sisters! The Democrats took one of the houses of Congress! So now, they can continue to ignore women's reproductive rights while insuring that trannies get their penis into wherever they choose. I don't know about you, but I am super tired of being reminded of my second class status by mostly conservative males. … Continue reading An Update. A Wrap Up. And Nevada hates Women so Much, That They Vote for a Dead Pimp.

About Male Avoidance. Also, Mothers of Sons.

Something happened to me the other day that I wanted to share. I want to know if any of you have had a similar experience and what your thoughts are. I have made no secret that I am against birthing children. I have written about it extensively and won't bore everyone with listing the multitude … Continue reading About Male Avoidance. Also, Mothers of Sons.

Petitioning Patriarchy for Female Interests?

Whenever I hear a male accusing another male of raping women, I always ask myself what these males are having a slap fight about that is NOT about rape. At all. When a woman accuses any male of any sexual offense, males always call her a liar. But males will happily use a female prop … Continue reading Petitioning Patriarchy for Female Interests?

Males:Ask My Pronouns. TERF. Also Males:Don’t Ask My Pronouns. TERF.

Link to the large pile of male special snowflake bullshit that we will be discussing: https://autumninamerica.com/writing/2018/3/4/cag02o584x5be8t89jggrq2hz49cg0 Ok, sisters. Question. You know how you wake up and you put on the frilliest, glitteryist, girly shit that you can find? And you spend hours on your ladyface? With hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics, clothes, hair products, … Continue reading Males:Ask My Pronouns. TERF. Also Males:Don’t Ask My Pronouns. TERF.

Women are AWESOME. Time to Talk About it!

I was watching this, just a while ago................... https://youtu.be/6zpYFAzhAZY I love this video for so many reasons. I love all of the women in it. I love Natalie merchant. I love all of the dancing that isn't about anything but joy. It's a celebration of women and girls. LOVE IT. I love that there were … Continue reading Women are AWESOME. Time to Talk About it!

Travez Perry is not a “girl” or “young lady,” HE is a violent boy.

If you decide to watch the video that is discussed in this post, be warned that it is really, really violent. I cannot overstate that.


So I came across this article about Travez Perry today.

Travez is an enormous boy who goes by the name “Millie” and thinks he is a girl. Apparently he was bullied so much that he decided to repeatedly kick his bullies in the head after they were down.

And the Guardian reported everything using the word “she.”

This is so obviously a boy, and I do not believe he is some sweet boy pushed to the edge, as one woman who knew him claimed. That level of violence just doesn’t suddenly come out of a passive, sweet individual. Good lord.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen girls get into fights, especially when I was in high school. But this?

HE KICKED THEM IN THE HEAD. That is an extreme form of violence. He purposely chose to KICK AND STOMP ON THEIR HEADS when they weren’t even fighting back…

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