QotD: “Enough of the neurosexist bilge”

A thorough take down of a lady brain study.

Anti-Porn Feminists

In a week of dismaying news, there was a ray of sunshine: a scientific breakthrough with the potential to change lives. Men and women’s brains have finally been proved, by actual scientists, in a massive study, to be completely different! This, you gathered, was the substance of a prominently reported new study that made the front page of the Times: “Men and women really do think differently, say scientists.”

In another paper, the headline specified how: “The sex divide: female empathy vs male logic”. Dr Varun Warrier, of the research team, was widely quoted, saying: “These sex differences in the typical population are very clear.”

Rarely, if ever, since social impact was added to official measurements of academic excellence, can a psychology study have enjoyed a reception as extensive, and thus far as warm, as this new contribution, from four Cambridge researchers, to the scholarly literature on sex difference. Perhaps…

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WordPress censors GenderTrender: Why?

Reblogging this because I am still pissed. And I miss gallusmag and gendertrender.

GenderTrender has been dumped, which is censored, by WordPress.com. The fact of why is that GenderTrender had published a previous legal name of a Transgender Woman. That name was a male name, and is found in the public domain.

4thWaveNow has also explained succinctly what WordPress had done to GenderTrender, which you can read here.

It’s now clear that WordPress supports the blanket enforcement against deadnaming. Let there be no doubts: WordPress firmly views the publishing of former names as “malicious publication” when the owner of those names currently lives a “transgender identity.

The problem of doing an uncritical blanket ban against reporting a previous legal name of the Transgender person is that abusers will exploit this blanket ban to hide their history of abuse from online publishing. Independent reporters, bloggers, and news websites would effectively be gagged from publishing the previous alias…

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White Males Celebrate Male Violence/Domination w/ Dinner from the free Labor of Domestic Slaves

This Thursday, my country will celebrate how white males loaded up their "property" (women and children) onto boats from England, eventually arriving on the continent to a generous and open welcome from the indigenous people. The indigenous people taught them to farm and brought them gifts. As a Christian, white male show of gratitude, religiousy, … Continue reading White Males Celebrate Male Violence/Domination w/ Dinner from the free Labor of Domestic Slaves

Shortlist of Males That Rape/Murder. But They Totes are LADIES, THO.

r/GenderCritical [Redacted], having former names disclosed isn't a crime! u/WrongToy DAVID WARFIELD, later known as Dana Rivers, in custody on first-degree murder of a lesbian couple and their child. JOHN JULIUS JACOBSON, later known as Skylar Deleon, on Death Row, San Quentin, CA for the homicide of three people, including a retired couple tied to … Continue reading Shortlist of Males That Rape/Murder. But They Totes are LADIES, THO.

Continuation of the Censoring UPDATED

Check out @MLogicks’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MLogicks/status/1064160001990762496?ref_src=twcamp%5Eshare%7Ctwsrc%5Eandroid%7Ctwgr%5Edefault%7Ctwcon%5E7090%7Ctwterm%5E3 I don't know if you can see the thread by clicking on the link, but 4thwavenow has been reported. Jayne UPDATE: American Conservative has written about wordpress removing the gendertrender blog, and they have included screen shots of this male pedophile discussing perving in women's restrooms looking for 10 year … Continue reading Continuation of the Censoring UPDATED

WordPress censors GenderTrender. Gallus Mag responds

WordPress is protecting a male that is, by his own words, looking for a 10 year old girl that he can manipulate into “teaching” her how to insert a tampon, and he is going into women’s restrooms, looking for little girls.

By his own words.

Gallusmag posted a warning at Gendertrender that included his OWN WORDS.

WordPress shut Gallusmag down for trying to warn women about this pervy male. She did not break the law. But WordPress loves males that want to molest little girls and will protect them by shutting down women that try to shout a warning using the male perverts OWN WORDS.


4thWaveNow reached out to Gallus Mag of GenderTrender after WordPress dumped the site yesterday. In her most recent post, Gallus Mag  broke the full story of a Canadian MTF trans activist who has launched “human rights” complaints against a group of women’s salon workers who were unwilling to touch and wax male genitalia. GallusMag revealed other details about the activist’s prior social media activities, some of which pertained to underage girls.

GenderTrender’s importance as a groundbreaking investigative reporting outlet covering the excesses of transgender activism cannot be overestimated. The site has also served as an incubator and launching pad for many other bloggers and writers; 4thWaveNow’s founder counts herself among them. The loss of GenderTrender is a huge blow. It is also the latest casualty in a growing clash between–on one side, a loose coalition of feminists, parents, gay and lesbian people, detransitioners, free speech advocates, and many supporters; and…

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Stupid Sh*t Patriarchal Politicians Say.

So I saw yesterday that This right wing Australian politician has decided that he can hate women with impunity as long as he *is* a woman........... https://www.outinperth.com/nationals-senator-barry-osullivan-says-want-identify-woman/ And I started thinking about the stupid shit that I hear patriarchal politicians in my country saying about us, our bodies, and their choice to enslave us and … Continue reading Stupid Sh*t Patriarchal Politicians Say.

Just LULZ. I Can’t Stop Laughing.

In cruising around the interwebs today, I stumbled upon the 100% TOTALLY TRUE AND TOTALLY NOT MADE UP STORY of Jason/Reagan and Carlos. I am going to link to the entire story at the end of the post, but let me save us all some time and just tell you. Jason had super special ladygenderfeels, … Continue reading Just LULZ. I Can’t Stop Laughing.