Women are not an “Identity”

How is it that males are the default human? And women are not actually women? But just a kind of non-male human-ish being that doesn’t actually exist in physical form? How did women become a magical essence that males can put on and take off?

Anyone that understands anything about chromosomes knows that women are the default human. In case that the fact that we are the half of the human race that does the actual procreating doesn’t tip you off, the fact that ALL humans  (100% of us) have at least one X chromosome. 

The y chromosome is the anomaly, since only male humans have it. And the y chromosome has been rapidly degrading for centuries. It originally had over 1000 DNA and now has less than 40. This is why science says that males are disappearing and will be completely gone (or at least in a completely different form) at some point in the future. 

But when males created the patriarchal societies and systems that have been in force for the past 6000 years, they placed themselves above women, as controllers and owners of women. They most likely used physical violence to set up this system, much like they use physical violence  (and the threat of it) to keep us in line, today.

Males don’t see us as being fully human. They never have. They see us as incubators, house cleaners, sluts, sandwich makers, childcare workers, their personal servants/support staff. They see us as a set of holes to stick their dicks in, and as on demand sex givers.

Since males feel entitled to all of this free servitude from women  (first from a mother, then from a wife), they decided that they would force us into this demeaning role and keep us there by telling us that this is our true nature. So they created femininity, as a social construct, and it is enforced onto women from birth, and sometimes even from inutero.

Betty Friedan caused a big stir when she wrote “the feminine mystique”. She noticed that many women were miserable, in spite of the fact that many of them were promised happiness and fulfillment by performing “femininity”. So she began to question the role of women in society. Why were so many women unhappy in their domestic, reproductive, and sexual servitude roles, if this role was what was so natural to their nature  (as defined by males)?

Males have been telling us since the beginning of patriarchy that women are intrinsically “feminine”, and they defined feminine as forgiving, nurturing, liking housework and having/raising children, etc. In other words, males created femininity to serve THEM, not because all women are born wanting to serve males.

“Feminine” is a set of behaviors created by males in order to keep us in a submissive role, and to keep males dominant. Conversely, they created “masculinity” for exactly the same purpose. These 2 gender roles support the hierarchy where males control pretty much everything, based on their own word (and not much else).

And as all women know, society polices us and keeps us in the “feminine” gender. We must be timid, quiet, unassuming, thin, pretty, self sacrificing, pure, not too smart, weak, etc. Males are unable to stand on their own attributes, so they must force us into inferiority to prop up their nonexistent superiority. 

And if we do not perform “feminine” to their standards, then we are punished in various ways. All women know this and have been subject to it. Which begs the question, if the feminine gender role is so natural for us, then why must males work so hard to keep us in it?

Males see themselves as fully autonomous human beings, all individuals, with different strengths and abilities, and all of them have almost endless options of life choices regarding education, employment, etc.

Males see us as “feminine”. They see us as their servant that they are entitled to have, to assist them in living a full life, while we do their laundry and all of their domestic stuff so that they have time to do whatever they want. And they call it nature! 

Since we aren’t defined as human, males see us as just another object. A prop. They are all aware of the oppression that they force onto us. They all witness it, participate in it.

Males have broken us down into pieces and fragments. They are incapable of treating us as sexual beings because that would imply that we have some ownership of our own bodies. They turn each individual thing about us into a fetish. 

They don’t seek a sexual connection with us. They want to fuck us. Males have turned sex into an exercise in domination and objectification. The result of their dysfunction is that we are breasts, holes, vagina, asshole, etc. Looking at porn shows us this. We aren’t viewed as women, but as parts to sexually service males.

So it comes as no surprise that some males have turned the entirety of our existence into a fetish.

 If males want to claim femininity, I have no issue with that. As a radical feminist, I want to abolish gender roles. If a male wants to wear clothes that are traditionally feminine, I support that. In fact, the more of us that buck traditional gender roles, the better. 

But males will always have xy chromosomes. They will always be male. If they cut their dick off, that doesn’t make them a woman. It makes them a male that has cut their dick off. No more, no less.

And as usual for males, they take an inch and then a mile. Women are oppressed based on our female biology. That’s why transwomen don’t have to worry about abortion access, menopause, periods, etc. That’s why child brides and FGM victims are always girls. It is directly linked to their female bodies, the bodies that they are born into, and that they can’t identify out of.

So now, we have a group of males that cry transphobia when we mention anything at all about our bodies. This is nothing new. Males have always tried to silence us about the source of our oppression. It’s the most effective way for them to maintain the status quo, with them dominating society. 

This divides women, and that’s what males want. Because they are afraid of our collective power. They always manage to get some women to sell out the rest of us, as they are doing now.

So women need to ask themselves a few questions:

Easily verifiable statistics show that males are violent, much more so than women, to the extent that males perpetrate well above 90% of all violent crimes, 99% of rapes, 100% of child marriages. 

Keeping these statistics in mind, is it really safe to allow males into our private spaces (i.e. bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, etc.)?

Is it fair to young girls to allow males onto their school sports teams? And to allow males to receive scholarships set aside for girls? Because they claim to be girls?

Why are all women being forced to participate in the delusional behavior of a few males? 

Women fought for us to have safe spaces in public, so that we could fully participate in public life. When we try to keep males out of those spaces, why are we demonized?

Women, being about 50% of the population, found our own solutions to try to mitigate male violence. Why can’t Trans people find their own solutions? 

Why are trans people looking to women to stop male violence? Shouldn’t they be working with males?

The single most reliable predictor of violence is being born with a penis. Are you comfortable having crime statistics show that women are committing more crime, even though they are males claiming to be women? 

Males can claim to be whatever they want. But I draw the line at being forced to acknowledge them as female, and letting them into female only spaces.

If this continues, males will take over our sports teams, colleges, bathrooms, and any of the rest of the meager opportunities afforded to us. Oppression will just disappear. And it won’t matter that everything is taken over by males claiming to be women. 

Because they will be counted as actual women. And we all know where that will leave us.

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