Biological Sex vs. Gender 

Biological sex is determined by chromosomes. XX (default human) is female, xy is male. Among other things, females have ovaries, males have testicles. And women, being female, give birth. We actually create life. And males try to control that process in a desperate bid to be relevant. 

Gender refers to the set of behaviors that were created by males in order to oppress women. This oppression is based solely on biological sex.

When a female baby is born, from the moment that it’s determined that she is a member of the reproductive female class, patriarchy shoves her into the feminine gender role. She is taught to be quiet, submissive, docile, agreeable, and that she should look for a husband and have his babies, make his sandwiches, be his sexual servant. Above all, she must be fuckable, and she must adhere to a set of impossible beauty standards. 

She is taught about domestic servitude, princesses, liking pink and cosmetics. Her clothing and shoes are meant to be uncomfortable, the beauty rituals routinely hurt. But looking sexually appealing to males is paramount. It’s how patriarchal males determine her value.

And males are shoved into the masculine gender. Which we hear, all of the time, how it’s so hard for the poor, poor males. They cause all of the violence, on us and each other, they keep the best opportunities for themselves, but we are supposed to feel sorry for them. It’s our feminine duty to do so, even though the biggest part of patriarchy is the promise of a sexual, domestic and reproductive slave in the form of a wife.

I am female. I was (obviously) born this way. The feminine gender role is all but impossible for me to maintain. I’m loud and opinionated. I’m not soft, docile, and I can’t be bothered to give a shit about male feels.

I have failed at my feminine gender role. And I have been punished as a result of refusing the submissive role. All women know what I am talking about. The feminine role is set up by males so that we are always doing it wrong. We can’t ever get it right. This keeps us on our toes. The idea is that we will be so focused on perfecting our role that we won’t have time to notice the oppression. And if we do notice, well. We don’t have the energy to fight it.

And when we do fight it, then we have males lining up with all manner of bullshit, about how they don’t oppress women, that they are oppressed, too, and doesn’t anyone care about the male feelz? All in a juvenile and desperate effort to keep their female servants in line. Because they really don’t want to give up that sweet deal.

And now we have the trans. And the trans dudes mimic the feminine gender role. Some of them do it because they just want to, for whatever reason. I appreciate these guys, because they are pushing back against traditional roles and that behavior helps to abolish those roles.

But then we have the males that are doing all of the feminine role and claiming that they are magically female! They know that they are actually a real female because they “feel like a female”. Although, they never give a reason other than that.

This is part of how we know that males don’t view us as human. Transmales insist that we aren’t actual, human people, but that we are just an “essence”, an “identity” that they can put on and take off. Males are human, and “woman” becomes the catch all category that absorbs everyone “not male”. And the fact that they insist on defining us in relation to them and not as the individuals that we are just proves even more that they view us as not fully human. 

Transmales insist that lipstick, a dress and carrying a purse is what makes a woman, a woman. When we say that we have very specific biology, meaning our reproductive capacity, and that males utilize this capacity and control it for the purposes of oppression and domination, transmales call us transphobic bigots.

It’s very simple, though. The state controls our reproduction by denying us access to reproductive health care, including birth control and abortion. We die in childbirth. Little girls are married to grown males as child brides, and they also suffer FGM at the hands of male religion. Males rape us based on our biology, NOT on our gender identity. We are routinely paid less for the same work. 

I could go on and on. But we all know that these things are forced onto women, never onto people with a penis  (males). I can’t identify out of my uterus. Males can go back and forth, but women cannot.

And when males do claim to be a woman, we still can’t oppress them. They are still male. And as males living in a patriarchy, they get what they want. It took months for them to legally be allowed to be on our bathrooms, locker rooms, etc., no matter how we felt about our safety. Compare that to women that worked their entire life to get the vote. It took the male government decades to give us the right to vote, and they still hold a lot of our rights. Voting is but one example of many.

Transgenderism is not about males feeling like a woman or wanting a place to urinate. It’s about dominance and submission. It is about males letting us know that they will do exactly what they want, where they want and when they want to do it. And their male law will not only protect them, but it will force their dominance onto us. And we will have no choice. 

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