Male Media Always Protects Violent Males 

Cut and paste from CBS news online, July 29, 2017, “Couple in Alaska Cruise Ship Murder Seemed Like “Perfect American Family”:

“He also said he does not want the world to see Kenneth as a monster. 

“He was not a bad person any little bit, as far as we know,” Nicolls said. “Everybody has probably issues behind closed doors that nobody knows about, but these people were the perfect American family.””

Kristy and Kenneth Manzanares were celebrating a wedding anniversary by taking a cruise. Kenneth murdered Kristy while on board and was caught while dragging her body onto the balcony. 

The only statement that I could find from Kenneth said that he killed her because she wouldn’t stop laughing at him.

Margaret Atwood once said that males are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid that males will kill them. Statistics show that women are in much greater danger of violent males that we are physically close to, since most male violence towards women is inacted by males that we live with or spend time with. This makes sense, understanding that males are violent, so proximity to males is proximity to violence. 

We could talk about male violence all damn day, there’s just so much of it. The single most reliable predictor of violence is being born with a penis. Well over 90% of violence is committed by males, over 95% of sexual violence is committed by males.

Males try to discredit these easily verifiable stats, since the facts make them look so bad. They cry and whine, deflect and moan. Dudes claiming to be women are now having their crimes recorded as if women are actually committing the crimes that they commit, as males. This is part of the reason that males support dudes claiming to be women. It skews the statistics and makes women responsible for crimes that women didn’t commit.

Males are pros at avoiding responsibility for their own actions/choices. And the patriarchal systems that they set up protect and shield them. The media is one of these systems. 

Just look at what the neighbor says in the quote above (bolded). He says that Kenneth “was not a bad person any little bit, as far as we know.”

Let’s think about this for just a minute.

Mr. Nicolls doesn’t think that Kenneth is a bad person? Not even a little bit? What in the fuck is even happening? 

We have a violent male that KILLED HIS WIFE. For LAUGHING AT HIM. But he isn’t a bad person? Really? 

When males kill their wives, girlfriends, children, coworkers, etc., there is always a statement like this in defense of the murderous male. We are supposed to believe that he is not a bad guy, that he loved his wife, he was a good family man, that he was a decent human being, and we aren’t supposed to judge him.

This is the media defending murderous males that commit violence to the women and children that love and trust them. Women and kids die everyday at the hands of males, but we are supposed to believe that we don’t know the whole story? 

The reason for that particular bullshit is victim blaming. See, we are supposed to believe that a good, peaceful, kind male didn’t actually WANT to murder his wife, but that she somehow MADE him kill her. 

This is a classic patriarchal male reversal. In every instance of male violence, the violent male is not responsible. He always has an excuse. Males can control their behavior, but they aren’t expected to have to behave. In the cases where they become hysterical and choose to kill or rape or whatever violent thing they decide to do, they are always protected. 

I feel pretty confident that Kenneth is a horrible murderer. Patriarchal society doesn’t see him as being so bad because he killed his wife, since the goto theory is that she asked for it. And even so, we still view wives as objects belonging to husbands. This strips Kristy of her humanity.

Kristy was a mother to 3 young women, 2 of whom are teenagers. She had a job, she had friends, she had a whole life that was meaningful and important. 

Her 3 daughters are left without their mother because their father chose to murder her.

But he is totes not a bad guy, tho. So says the patriarchy.

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