Objectification 1: Purity Edition

Patriarchy is designed by males so that males are the human beings, the people that have unique thoughts, feelings, aspirations, etc. Opportunities, advantages, and a myriad of other various choices are abundant for males. In patriarchy, males are the only beings that matter. 

Women in patriarchy are not human. We are all just servants to males and we are groomed into that servitude from birth. Women are objects that males use for various things.

Males objectify us many different ways. This post will focus on purity as objectification, why males are obsessed with it, and how women are affected by it.

All religions are male created. (The default religion in this discussion is Christianity, but lots of religion will fit for this purpose.) Males wrote the bible as their very own guide book, and it’s painfully obvious that they wrote it. Their God is male, and their male god hates women every bit as much as they do.

So, what is this image saying? Is my vagina the tool? Or the toilet? Or am I supposed to be cooking with my vagina? Why is god so tricky?

The bible is notoriously misogynist and sexist. Women were property of males, rape was a crime against the (male) owner of the woman, not a crime against the woman. 

Women were given out to males as spoils of war. In one story, the victors of war killed all of the males and all of the females that were NOT virgins, but kept the women that were virgins as property for themselves. 

And they say that Jesus loves us. Sounds like an asshole to me.

Anyway. Males are obsessed with purity for several  (really stupid) reasons, the first being that they are really concerned about paternity. Males have inserted themselves into the reproduction process because women actually create life while males can’t create anything  (except for destruction, chaos and mass violence).

You can see my previous post entitled “the myth of fatherhood” for more discussion on that.

Males are selfish by their very nature. Where women will live together with children from different mothers and share resources, males don’t share well. They greedily try to hang on to what is theirs while trying to take everyone else’s. As a result, they are terrified that they will end up supporting the children of another male. And as we see daily, males aren’t even really all that interested in supporting their own kids. How many times have males cried about minimal child support? Like there are women getting rich from tiny child support payments. 

Another reason for the male obsession with female purity is it’s a holdover practice from when women were actual, legal property of males. Women were objects that males traded back and forth for various reasons, like forming alliances or trading. The father was the original owner of the woman from her birth, and he was expected to guard her “virtue”. 

If a father traded an “impure” daughter in a deal, and the male buying her could prove that she was not a virgin when he took ownership of her, many times the entire deal would be undone.

This also demonstrates how males break us up into individual parts. Our “purity” is part of our oppression as objectification, but it is also a separate and distinct piece of an individual woman. And this piece is literally destroyed and ceases to exist once a penis is inserted into the vagina.

Which leads us directly to another reason for males to fixate on purity. They are immature, jealous, manbabies. They see us as possessions, and as such, they want their personal possession to be perfectly free of use and blemishes. Our sexuality is not for us, it’s for males, and males turn purity into a fetish. They must be the first and only one! 

And as an aside, notice how much power and importance that males place on their dick. The single thrust of a tiny dick, and a woman is forever changed! She is no longer “pure”, “chaste”, a “virgin”. She becomes another creature, entirely! 

Another reason for purity is that their God wants women to be pure. It’s a religious dictate for women. The male god is literally obsessed with knowing all about the sex lives of women. And there is punishment for women who give into “sexual sin”.

This belief sets up women as the “gatekeeper” of sex. The pervy male god created males so that their boners are essentially uncontrollable and they must have sex or die! The males aren’t responsible for their own behavior regarding pestering/begging/demanding that women give them sex. They have assigned responsibility to women to avoid males, women are supposed to say no. The male view is that sex is something that women have and that males “get”. Religion supports this view, essentially pushing the responsibility of male behavior/choices onto women. 

What a nifty system the males have created for themselves. If they don’t demand sex, then they are so nice! But if they do demand sex, it’s on the woman to stop them. Or give into them.

Win/win/win for males. All of the fun, none of the responsibility. They are just poor victims of their unruly boners, after all.

These are just a few reasons that males are so obsessed with purity. The main reason for it, and arguably the most important, is that the purity dictate is an assertion of male dominance. It’s one tiny piece of a system that is designed and supported by males to insure their dominant/superior position in patriarchal society. Really, it just comes down to a reminder for women that our bodies are not our own.

Patriarchy gives males control over their own bodies, and ours, as well.

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