Stop Hating Males!

I am routinely accused by males of hatred towards them. This is how it usually goes.

I will say something like “marital rape was legal in all 50 states until recently.” And then I will talk about the realities and implications of this for women. 

All it takes is for one male to see that. And they will immediately go into hysterical, emotional fits of manbaby rage that doesn’t even remotely address the topic. It is not very long until I get a group of males all emoting about how BUT RADFEMSPIRALING HATES THE MENZ, THO.

This reaction is not an accident. Women in patriarchy are socialized into deferring to the feelings, wants, needs, demands of males. 

Maybe males really think that I hate them. That kind of makes me laugh at their stupid attempt at logic. I mean, they routinely kill, rape, beat and assault us. I’m actually surprised that more of us don’t hate them.

Anyway, they aren’t capable of having a rational discussion about the topic. The fact that marital rape was legal is not up for debate. But if women talk about males, how they treat us, how they control us, their mass misogyny and sexism, and we talk about these things as a group, then males do not like that.

We have power as a group. And as more of us come to understand that, it will cause massive action and change. I know that, which is why I talk so much. I want all of my sisters to recognize and embrace their power.

Males want to shut this down because they know how powerful we are and they also know that if we can mobilize as a group, that we will be unstoppable. So any conversation that we have with each other makes them afraid. They are afraid of losing their patriarchal privilege and control. And the easiest way for them to do this is to accuse us of hating them.

Our socialization demands that we pacify and placate the poor upset males because we have hurt their delicate feelz. Our default reaction is to stop the conversation and immediately begin to reassure the crying males that we don’t actually hate them, we love them so much, they are just super duper wonderful, we are so very sorry that we make them cry with our meanie feminist demands that they stop raping/killing/beating us and we will try to be more mindful of their fragile male feelz in the future. 

See what happens? Males purposely derail and deflect, attempting to shut us up. They must be the center of everything. They don’t want us talking about patriarchy and our oppression, and they really don’t want us talking about how to make them stop. 

And the reason for all of this is that they love their societal position. And they really don’t want to lose their free reproductive, sexual, domestic servant. As long as they can succeed in keeping us divided, they get to access our bodies and our labor, all of it free to them. It’s a fabulous deal for them and they don’t want it threatened. 

But males also know how fragile this whole system is. It depends on our capitulation and requires us to put males and their concerns and feelings in front of our own.

Feminism is for and about women. It is about liberating ourselves from male violence and domination. It’s OK to put ourselves first. And it’s OK to ignore the whining of males that insist that we hate them only because we are trying to drag ourselves free of their violent, controlling bullshit. It’s manipulation born from nonsensical male hysteria. 

The males will survive. It won’t kill them to make their own sandwich, do their own laundry or do their own shopping. It will be a challenge, but I am sure that most of them will make it.

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