Transman Loses Trans Friends for Being too “cis”

This links to a story about a woman that decided to become a man. This quote (taken directly from the link) stood out to me:

“Though his progress is astonishing, the people from his previous life who chastised him for being ‘too feminine’ to become a man have now been replaced by his fellow members of the transgender community, many of whom, ironically, criticize him for being ‘too masculine.’ “People say that I’m trying too hard to be like a cisgendered male,” he told Cosmopolitan in a March 2017 interview.” (Bolding is mine)

If trans ideology states that male and female are not rooted in biology, and that they are actually the opposite sex “on the inside”, how is it that anyone in the trans community can accuse her of being “too cis”? Have we ever heard of a transwoman being accused of being “too cis”? Even though the most visible ones seem to  wear every single item that patriarchy claims makes a woman, a woman? I have never seen a transwoman accused of being too feminine. 

As a woman raised in patriarchy, I completely understand being uncomfortable in my female body and feeling like it is always wrong. Talk to women about when we first began to develop breasts, which put most of us on every pervy male’s radar and you will see what I mean. 

Our female bodies are the root of our oppression in patriarchy, since males seek to control, own, and gain constant access to our bodies for sex and reproduction. We aren’t viewed by males as human. Males see us as sex toy, sandwich maker, baby haver, as an all around personal servant. 

Males treat other males as autonomous individuals with unique wants and needs. It is no wonder that some women want to get away from their female body and would prefer a male one. Males set the rules. They decide who gets the advantages and opportunities, and it’s always males! Not to mention that males can walk around in the world totally unconcerned that a woman is going to overpower him, rape him, blame him for it, and then have his rapist get away with it. Males don’t have to worry about pregnancy or periods. Males are encouraged to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they are entitled to a free sexual, reproductive and domestic servant in the form of a wife. Life for a male in patriarchy is a pretty sweet deal.

I get it, and I think that most women do. The fact remains that you can be a woman that cuts off her breasts, but that just makes you a woman that has cut off her breasts. This doesn’t make you male. She still has XX chromosomes. She is still a female human born. 

We hear constantly about transwomen. About how they are so discriminated against, that they are actually, really, real women, and if we talk about the material reality and fact that they have a penis, well, that’s just hate speech! It doesn’t matter that women have fears of males (people born with a penis) that are well based in reality and verifiable statistics, and that we need spaces free of males. The feelings of ladymen matter more than the comfort and safety of women. 

But we almost never hear about transmen. It’s almost like transwomen are actually male, and they act like males. They bully, yell, threaten, manipulate, and dominate women just like males do because they are actually MALE. 

And transmen are quiet, undemanding, and just try to blend in and not draw attention to themselves because they are actually women. And this is how women are socialized to act in patriarchy. 

It’s very telling that we don’t hear about transmen accusing male publications of being exclusionary for not focusing on them. Or how they say that they prefer women’s rooms and other women only spaces because they are afraid of male violence. We never hear about transmen demanding to be let into male restrooms. If a transman has ever been on a male sports team, I haven’t seen it. Yet, there’s tons of males claiming to be female and putting themselves onto (what are supposed to be) female only teams.

I have often thought that transmen are allowed to exist  (by males) as a kind of token. Their existence gives legitimacy to males that want to claim to be female  (see! Women are born in the wrong body, too!). But otherwise, they are largely ignored. 

And this article that I linked to supports that theory. Her trans friends accused her of being too manly? Really? It seems as if she is getting a little too close to actually claiming “manhood”. And males (in dresses) are putting her back in her place. Males are not going to allow themselves to be disrespected by being reduced to an “identity”. 

Males view themselves as human. They don’t view themselves as a mysterious, “masculine essence”. Males don’t view themselves as an “identity”. Males know that they are actually human and they have built a society that reinforces that view. A few token transmen are OK because it serves their purposes of keeping women in a lower place, as an “identity”, a costume for males to put on and take off. As the non-human assistant staff to males in patriarchy. 

Males will never accept transmen as males in patriarchy. Transmen are just a means to an end. We are oppressed because of our biology. We can’t identify out of it, and it’s offensive to suggest that we can.

And as the linked article proves, women are still going to be policed, we are still going to be reminded that we don’t get anything right, ever. Not even those of us that decide to try to be male. 

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