On Male (TV) Writers

It’s just a slight annoyance, really. But when I watch movies or television shows, I can always tell when a male has written a woman character. 

I have the television on pretty much constantly, just as background noise, while I read, write, cook, etc. There are very few shows that I actually sit down and watch and follow the thread of the story. 

And I abhor cop shows. I just hate them. But there are 2 that I did enjoy and actually watch. One was “the shield”, it’s been ages since I have watched it, but I really liked it. The second is “justified”.

“The Shield” was suggested to me by a friend that said that the series finale was worth watching the entire series. I watched it all on DVD (since I am late to most things pop culture) and I agree, they were absolutely right. And I ended up really liking Walton Coggins. I found “justified” while I searching the googles for other things with him in it.

Justified has a scene very early on in the first episode that features Raylan Givens, a US Marshall, going to the house of Ava Crowder. I don’t remember exactly why he goes there, but Ava let’s him in and begins to tell him about how she shot her asshole abusive husband while he was eating fried chicken because he beat her. Badly. She planned it, he definitely had it coming, so good on Ava.

But the way that she is telling the story is…….strange. The way that the entire scene is shot and shown, the interaction between her and Raylan, and the way that she was telling him this story, about how her husband had beaten her for years and how angry he was, and how she had a bump on her head from the most recent violence that had knocked her out. There was an undercurrent that I couldn’t quite pick up on. The entire scene just seemed so awkward. 

But this is a male written show based on a book written by a male, so I didn’t think too much about it. 

Until I watched the extras.

In the extras, they talked to one of the males (it could have been a writer or Tim Olyphant, I can’t remember which male it was, they all seem to be the same) and he said that the thing that made that particular scene so great was that Ava was telling Raylan this horrible story of abuse while trying to seduce him.

And then it made perfect sense! This is a perfect example of males writing a woman as they wish us to be as opposed to how an actual, living, human woman would act in reality. 

I had to laugh, it’s just so stupid. Sure, dude. A woman that has just shot and killed her husband, that felt such fear, and still had physical damage on her body is totally going to try to fuck the next guy that shows up at her house! 

Males really do attempt to revolve everything around their boner. It is really stupifying.

And Raylan’s ex wife, Winona, is so obviously written by a male that she seems like a caricature of a woman. Everything that comes out of her mouth is obviously what a male fantasizes that a woman should say.

The only exception appears to be Rachel, who is a US Marshall. While she is not perfect, it seems like the males made an attempt at giving her depth and a level of realness that the other women don’t possess. Maybe because she is black, they tried a little harder with her? 

If I only watched shows that portrayed women realistically, I would never have anything to watch. As it is, I avoid the worst of the misogyny and sexism as best I can. I refuse to watch certain things because of that (game of thrones, banshee, and a ton of others), I just can’t handle it. 

Males don’t understand us. At all. And more importantly, they don’t want to understand us. They want us to be what they want us to be. That’s why we are groomed from birth to be dainty, quiet, pretty, fuckable, agreeable, servants to males. We don’t exist as our own people, in our own space, with our own unique traits, strengths, wants, needs, etc.

That’s what “femininity” is. It’s how males define us. It’s what they want us to be in order to prop them up. Males are incapable of being strong on their own merit, so they need us to be weak. If we show strength, then it somehow makes them look weak in relation. So they push us down, make us smaller. They need us to be less so that they can be more.

And that is “masculinity”. Males have created society based on the delusional ideology that women need them. The reality that we would thrive without them frightens them so badly that they have to perpetuate the falsehood of us needing them constantly. Even in their fictional television shows.

2 thoughts on “On Male (TV) Writers

  1. My same moment of befuddlement came when I tried watching How I met your Mother. There’s a scene in S1, where a bunch of women discuss “feminist choices” that sounded like NOTHING women would ever say to each other. The poor actresses just couldn’t sell it because it’s impossible to make male falsities about women sound true.

    I screamed at the screen and quit on it.

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