To the Google Manifesto Asshole…

Go fuck yourself. 

Really? Women suck in jobs because biology? Women don’t get high level jobs because biology? 

Wow. So original. Just like when you white dudes kept women from getting education, having a bank account, voting, owning property, etc. White dudes said that we couldn’t do anything of that and more because biology. 

White males used biology as an excuse to keep us in the lowly position of their property. Women were kept out by white males. 

And it wasn’t because of biology. It’s because males are selfish and afraid of being outed as the idiots that they are, because they hoard all of the advantages and opportunities for themselves. That, and they are terrified of losing their free reproductive, sexual and domestic female slave.

Fuck you, dude. And fuck the yahoo manifesto dudebro, too.

And fuck Julian assange.

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