Objectification 3: Sexual Servant 

In patriarchy, males all believe that they are owed a wife. And that wife is essentially a reproductive, domestic and sexual servant. This installment will deal with the sexual servant objectification.

All wives are sexual servants, but not all sexual servants are wives. Women are taught from a very early age that we are to be fuckable and available to males, even if we aren’t married to them.

Being fuckable  (fuckability) is a set of behaviors that are required to meet standards of attractiveness as set by males. We are to be thin, young, dressed well (and usually expensively), made up, nails painted, hair done, etc. Males like for their objects to be pretty, especially since having the most attractive object is a status signifier to other males.

Keeping to the fuckability standard is exhausting, expensive, and most importantly, impossible. We can’t be perfect. But we must try, because women that very obviously don’t bother with the fuckability standard are punished by patriarchal society in a myriad of ways, some subtle, some overt.

Women that refuse to shave their legs, for example, report being shamed in public. And the standard being impossible to meet is by design, as it keeps women in a state of trying to meet an unrealistic expectation, never being quite good enough but expending huge amounts of time, energy and money into futility. As a result, we end up being grateful that some male will accept our imperfect selves. 

And when we are unsuccessful in the fuckability department, no worries! We can make it up to the deserving male by availability! Lucky us! We are expected to have sex on demand. And not just that, but we are to be excited, enthusiastic, and immediately up for whatever sex the male is demanding. 

If you are tired? Busy? Just not in the mood? That doesn’t matter. Put on a smile and perform, because it’s your duty. You don’t want to make him cheat on you, do you? If you don’t practice availability properly, you can’t expect a male to be faithful. 

We get pushed into availability all of the time by patriarchal society. How many magazine articles have we seen, about keeping a male happy in bed? Giving the perfect blow job? Being available for sex as soon as possible after giving birth? Because so what, you just had a baby, and you are tired and raising a child? Your husband has boner needs, you selfish shrew! Get back to it! Keep that male happy! Or else! 

Porn and prostitution feed into the male entitlement that drives fuckability and availability. Males can look at porn on demand when they want to see objects being fucked. And if a male doesn’t have a female partner, or has a female partner that isn’t as available and fuckable as he thinks that he is entitled to, he can purchase a set of holes to fuck in the form of a prostitute. 

Prostitution and Porn are not about empowering women. They are about male access to female bodies. Males have created a system that insures that males get the best earning jobs AND that there will be a shortage of opportunities for women, thereby creating a caste of women that will have to prostitute themselves to survive. So males will have guaranteed objects to fuck.

There’s also trafficking of women and girls into prostitution and porn, all just so males can have sexual access to women and girls. 

And the younger the object, the better, males are requesting younger and younger girls. Women talk about how we feel as if we are disappearing as we age. This is because males assign value to women and the most valuable women are young.

Sexuality is for and about males. Our sexuality is not for or about us. Males view us as sex objects, the objects that hold onto the sex until they want it. 

We are sexual gatekeepers, holes in which to stick their dicks, attractive and fuckable. And if we aren’t attractive and/or young, we don’t warrant their attention. It is not like we are human beings, after all.

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