No, Males, You Can’t be Lesbian

I cannot believe at the bullshit that has to be explained to males (and some women that center them). Since males seem to be pretty slow learners and they aren’t capable of picking up on very basic concepts, I am going to repeat some common sense stuff, and hope that someday, maybe the males that need to understand it, may end up getting it.

Ok, simple words, language and instruction, so as not to lose any males. OK little fellas. You are MALE. Here’s a few questions to help you figure out if you are, in fact, male. 

1. Do you currently have a penis? Or have you ever had a penis?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, CONGRATS! You are officially a male.

As such, you will also have testicles and XY chromosomes. And if you are lucky enough to have a healthy body, then yay you, dood. There’s nothing wrong with being a male. Seriously. I give males hell because, as a class, you are a bunch of rapey, violent assholes, and that’s annoying and uncalled for, to say the least. But a few of you are ok, and 1 or 2 of you are excellent, so I know that you can choose better, you just don’t. 

Anyway, if you want to wear a dress or make up, I support that. You can even call yourself a woman and I am probably not going to argue with you. Your delusion is not my problem. 

But you are not, nor will you ever be, a woman. You will never have your reproduction controlled by the  (male) state. You will never give birth, have birth complications, and maybe die trying. You will still have XY chromosomes. 

And if you wack off your dick, that doesn’t make you a woman. That just makes you a dude that wacked his dick off. No more, no less.

And you will never be a Lesbian. That’s an impossibility. Lesbian is a sexual orientation of women having relationships with women, period. Lesbians are kind of famous for not liking dick.

And I know that some of you are really upset to know that some women don’t like dick, at all. But here’s the thing. Women are allowed to choose their relationships, sexual and otherwise. They do not have to include you.

And see, this is where your maleness is so obviously asserted, when you stomp your feet and cry and whine about how you are a Lesbian and that you have a ladydick.

If that is your go at a mating call, it’s no wonder that you are lonely. Trust me, no woman wants that guy. The guy stomping his feet and demanding sex. Nope. Us straight women don’t want that, either, fyi.

Factual, material reality is an easily recognizable thing. Emotional histrionics and hysterical demands cannot change the fact that you are MALE.

So, to all of you dudes that slap on a dress and call yourself a woman, listen up. This bit of info is just for you:


You cannot gaslight women into believing that your dick is not a male body part. You cannot bully anyone into fucking you, lesbian or straight. 

You do not have the right to demand sex from anyone. And please, stop with how it hurts your manfeelz that lesbians won’t fuck you. We all know that’s coercion. It’s rapey and it’s your male entitlement talking. So stop it.

Why do you want to have sex with women that don’t want to have sex with you, anyway? Why are males like that? It’s so weird. 

When you males refuse to respect our wishes and our boundaries, it becomes plain that you are just trying to take us over. And, nope. You aren’t allowed to make demands of us.

And why don’t you guys just pair up with another dude that claims to be a lesbian? You guys don’t ever seem to want each other. Why is that?

More importantly, why are YOU allowed to have a preference? But women aren’t? 

We all know why, of course. It’s because you are actually straight dudes that are attracted to women. But you have decided to try to bully lesbians into fucking you.

Women aren’t that stupid. 

So stop. Stop with the whining, the crying, the entitlement, the bullying, the acting confused and hurt. That’s all male behavior, it’s male socialization, women don’t act like that.

And it’s yet another sign of how male you actually are. Women don’t owe you a fucking thing. You need to remember that.

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