This is Why Women need to Keep our Private Spaces

The link above is the story of a woman who ran into a dood in a restroom. He wasn’t dressed as a woman. He was in there solely because the male legal system has said that women cannot have any boundaries at all, and we legally can’t even ask a male what the fuck he is doing. 

There are a couple of really interesting things about her post. But the most interesting thing to me are her updates at the end.

In those updates, everything becomes her fault. All of the questions place blame on her, and not a single person blames the pervy male that is cruising around a woman’s restroom just because he legally can (thanks, trannies!).

And we all know why she didn’t question him about his presence. It is the same reason that we smile when a male demands it, or we are polite to a male that is sexually harassing us. Because there’s the ever present and very real threat that a male will react with violence, as they so often do.

In patriarchy, males set the rules. Males get to have boundaries and respect, women do not. Males decide that they must have access to us wherever we go, and that’s how it is.

It’s disgusting. But not surprising. 

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