God Hates Women 

I am speaking about the Christian god, here, but the Jewish god and the Muslim god also hate us.

The really interesting thing about Christianity is that males created it and wrote the bible, and it makes them out to be total, incompetent, idiot assholes.

For instance, in the very first book of the bible, genesis. We all know the story about how God created adam and then eve. And God tells them not to eat fruit from the knowledge tree. I guess the male god wanted his people to be stupid. He was all “no knowledge for you!”

Anyway, so a snake tells eve to go ahead and have some fruit, so she does. Eve is after knowledge, while adam is off somewhere, probably jerking off and picking his nose.

And she offers some to adam, which he accepts. And then god, the original selfish prick, comes along and gets pissy over fruit and knowledge. Because that makes total, rational sense to the almighty. 

So when confronted by god, adam blames god for giving him eve, and then he blames eve for giving him the fruit. He never takes responsibility for his own actions and choices. It is God’s fault! And eve’s fault! Not the fault of the male!!!

The first dude ever created had the inability to be a fucking responsible adult. And males use eve as an example, to this day, of why women should be instructed and directed by males. This is patriarchal society : males are responsible for nothing while controlling everything, and women are somehow responsible for everything while controlling nothing. 

Whatever some asshole male does, it’s always the fault of a woman. Rape, murder, male violence, poverty, etc., literally everything that is a horrible result of male control is never their fault. 

When a male chooses to rape, they always say “her skirt was too short” or “she was passed out” or a million other idiotic excuses. But all of the excuses come down to “not the male’s fault”.

When a male murders his wife/girlfriend, it’s always “he loved her too much” or “we don’t know the whole story” or a million other reasons why the male murderer is not so bad. And it’s all a variation of “not the male’s fault”.

I could list examples forever, it’s a huge list of horrible shit that males choose. The religions that they create perpetuate their sexism, misogyny and escape of responsibility. 

But in Christianity, adam and his stupidity is never discussed. The focus is on eve, on her wrongs and shortcomings. 

How very convenient for manbaby adam.

Another really interesting story is the one about the birth of jesus. See, the all powerful male god couldn’t bring his perfect male son into the world by himself. 

God, the all powerful male creator of everything, ever, needed a woman to have his fucking baby. 

Why does no one ever talk about this? Because there’s all kinds of fucked up in this story. The most powerful dude in the universe couldn’t create his “son” without a woman to do it for him.

So of course, god had to find himself a virgin. Only a shiny, unused uterus would do for his extra special holy-heaven, magical god sperm.

So he finds Mary, and tells her that she’s going to have to do this for him. He doesn’t ask. He informs. Because he is entitled to the use of her body and her reproductive capacity. 

And really, is she going to tell him no? Is she going to turn down god? How many stories do we hear about human males murdering us when we say “no”? If a human male will murder us for saying no, what do you think God will do? 

And god doesn’t give 2 shits that Mary has a husband. I guess marriage is only between 1 male and 1 woman until god needs some action. 

So god impregnated Mary, and her husband, Joseph, is just “yep, ok, fine by me.”

Really, Joseph? I find this almost the most impossible part of this story. That some male is not only going to react nonviolently to this news, but he’s also going to stay with his wife? Males bitch about raising their own kids, not to mention that they insisted on female “purity” specifically to avoid raising some other guy’s kids.

And when a woman is pregnant, males love to scream about how it’s not their kid. But we are supposed to believe that Joseph actually exists AND accepted Mary’s story? 

I don’t think so. 

In the adam and eve story, we don’t talk about adam, his stupidity, his avoidance of responsibility. We only talk about how horrible eve was.

Why is that? Why do males grab on to hating eve? But they never discuss adam?

And Mary is a saint, right? We can talk about her, because she was “pure”. Males have only good things to say about virgins. But we don’t ever talk about the rapey male god that informs Mary that she owes him a fucking baby.

These are just 2 examples of why religious males are some of the most horrible, ignorant ones. Males wrote these religions, created them, and their words show them to be violent, irresponsible, and just really dumb. It is obvious when we read the texts critically. 

But if we let dudes explain it (especially politicians or clergy), then they will twist and manipulate it into making themselves look somewhat human. Males lie. And religion is a common example of this.

2 thoughts on “God Hates Women 

  1. I’ve had some pointed discussions with both Christians and Muslims on women’s rights, feminism, and a whole host of other subjects. I don’t want to stereotype people who believe here, but the ones I’ve argued with are very good at selective deafness.

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