White Supremacy and Misogyny 

Nomorepapertowels, which is a blogger that I adore, wrote an excellent piece about racism and misogyny. Here is a part of it:

It is no accident that white supremacists are notoriously sexist, anti-feminist, anti-abortion, and demand “traditional Christian values” be respected and tolerated.  Those are the exact same social practices that created white supremacy in the first place:  giving white men the entitlement to rape, abuse, and subjugate white women, using pro-lifeforced birth policies so white women produce more offspring than non-whites; thus maintaining a white majority.

While misogynists continue to push the privileged white woman trope to silence feminist criticism, the truth is that white women are not even considered human in white supremacist circles.  Both male and female white supremacists see white women as the property of white men, to be fucked and impregnated by white men, and serve white men as wives and baby factories.  White supremacists view violence against white women as necessary to maintain power, control, and to “preserve western civilization.”  Radicalized white supremacists who commit acts of domestic terrorism usually have a history of perpetrating domestic violence or being exposed to domestic violence.  In both cases, white men are emboldened to be violent abusers, first to white women and second to other races.”

She has several other recent posts that are excellent. You can read the post in its entirety at this link(since I couldn’t find a reblog button):


Please check her out.

4 thoughts on “White Supremacy and Misogyny 

  1. I do hope that you continue to write.

    I’m the same in that I don’t really expect anyone to read anything that I write. But I don’t really do it for that reason. I do it for me, to clear my brain of all of the anger that I feel, just from the sexism, misogyny and racism.

    I still randomly check inactive blogs. Some have been dormant for 5 years or more. I have been thinking a lot about “white feminism” and how that concept has been used against all women. I was thinking about writing about it, but yours was so good. And very clear.

    And I think that males are all the same, left or right. None of them view us as human. Their approaches are different, but the result is still the same. At least on the right, those guys openly hate us. The left is almost worse, because they pretend to be feminist while being really vile. I don’t trust any of them.

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  2. Thank you so much! I honestly don’t expect many people to read my blog much less care what I have to say. I’m kind of a pessimist like that. lol I’m so glad that my writing and links are helpful to you. I was hoping that there’s at least a couple of women who can benefit from it, and give them something to read other than the woman hating crap everywhere else on the Internet.

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to be writing again, either. I was going to post the addendums about misogyny and then make another sign off post. Then the stuff in Charlottesville happened. It’s like a nightmare coming true with Nazis marching in the street. I sincerely hope the Left learns from it’s mistakes that making misogyny against white women acceptable only emboldens white supremacists. I have even wondered if that’s what the Left wanted all long, or if they thought they could have their misogynist cake and eat it too. I’m a Leftist myself and it pains me to see women betrayed like this.

    I have some ideas for a couple more posts. Your feedback is encouraging and it gives me motivation to keep going. ❤

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    1. Hello!! I’m so glad to see you!

      And I am very glad that you are posting. Your latest posts are most excellent.

      I didn’t know if or when you would be posting again. There are so many wonderful radfem blogs that haven’t been active in years.

      And you have the absolute best links.


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