The Social Contract: According to Males

Hey, ladies,

There’s been some confusion, ladies, around what is expected of you and what we will ultimately allow you to do (ladies are so easily confused in their pink ladybrains), so we males decided to give you a little clarification about your place in society and the behavior that we expect. 

When a male wants to use your restroom or locker room, or whatever, it is your job, as a proper lady, to acquiesce. We constructed “femininity” as a totally made up thing for OUR comfort, not yours. As you are well aware, we have told you that this comes naturally to you, to make us comfortable, give us what we want, and we have no issue with forcing you back into the natural role that we have created. Just stay there, already! We know all about the “feminine” nature, and we will keep you there. 

Really, the social contract that we superior to women males wrote boils down to a single concept. That concept is as follows:

We are going to hurt you. If you ladies accommodate us, don’t fight back too hard, we won’t hurt you even worse. Stay in your place, where we put you, and we won’t make your life too hard.

But of course, we do really hurt you. Sometimes we even kill you. But that’s not our fault, as you well know. If you would just perform sex on demand, we wouldn’t have to rape you. (Even so, we really like the dominance of rape. We just rape because we like it, and our legal system protects us so that we can continue. We are men, we lie, whatever.)

We don’t like it when you tell us “no”. So when you tell us no, you can’t be surprised if we hurt you. If we ask you out on a date, to prom, to dinner, you should already be aware that you owe us that. It’s unladylike to say no.

You like it when we randomly comment on your body. We wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true. This is why we ignore you when you ask us not to catcall you on the street. Besides, we like to harass you. We see your fear and we like it. It’s a special kind of funny to us men, because while not all of us will hurt you, some of us definitely will and watching you while you are trying to find the correct way to react makes us laugh, because you are trying to determine if this or that guy is actually a threat. And you are also trying to be polite without being encouraging while you figure it out. Because you know that when we tell our male legal system that you want it, that you will take the blame of whatever violence we choose to subject you to.

We have the perfect system. Whatever violence we choose is always your fault. Hell, we are such good liars and manipulators, even some of you believe it. 

As superior to women, we are entitled to your time, your attention, your sexual attention, and your reproductive services. And if we can’t get this from one (or more) of you, then we can purchase you. It’s no accident that we hoard all of the resources. This insures that you will always be dependent on us, in some way. 

And we control you in multiple ways, not because you are stupid, but because it keeps you in your place of service to us. We control your reproductive systems because you have babies for us. When we created “femininity”, we carefully constructed it so that you would constantly be striving to attain a perfection that is unattainable. It keeps you off balance, never secure. And when we can make you insecure, you are much easier to control. 

It is a con. We think that you know that, at least some of you do. But we are not afraid to enforce the con with violence, as is obvious. You should find this choice to be empowering. 

So when a male tells you that biology is a social construct, that you are oppressing him, that your body is his business, that he is a lesbian, whatever we tell you, don’t argue with us, don’t fight us. And maybe we won’t hurt you too badly, if you don’t make us.


2 thoughts on “The Social Contract: According to Males

  1. Hello again! I was wondering if I could use a quote from one of your comments on FC for one of my upcoming blog posts. It is about how the earth is creaking and straining under the Patriarchy. That comment hit home and I think it accurately describes what is going on right now in the world. If it’s okay that I use it, is there an online name you would like me to use and would you like me to link directly to your blog? Hope you are doing okay. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, no more!

      I had to take a break. You know how it is.

      You probably already wrote your article, but know that you are welcome to quote anything here. You can reference this blog by name, and/or my disqus name, Hekate Jayne.

      Hope you are doing well. It is always good to see you.


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