Can Males Really be this Stupid?

So, we just had another round of “ermaGERD, a rich, white, powerful male accidentally sexually assaulted/harassed/raped a bunch of women, SHOCKING! And he is just a poor victim of sex addiction! Who’d a thunk it????”

I was kind of on an internet break right before that, but the rage caused a blackout that made my break go a little longer than I originally planned.

So here is the truth.

Males and their choice to be violent comes down to one of 2 things, which I will lay out, and we shall discuss! If anyone actually reads what I write. Which is doubtful.

REASON #1: Males are endlessly confused. I mean, they try really hard to treat us as human beings, they just keep accidentally missing it. We explain, we talk, ask, beg, and the poor dears just don’t get it because it is all so complicated!


REASON #2: They understand. They just don’t care.

Can the superior, smarter male really not understand when we say please stop beating/raping/murdering us? Does any one of us really believe that?

Do we really believe that when we talk about male violence and how to stop it, and they run in all emotional and hysterical, screaming BUTWHATABOUTTHEMENZTHO, or how males are suffering, too, or notallmen, do we really believe that they are attempting to be constructive? And if they are derailing, then why are they doing that?

Here is the fact. And we need to understand this.

Males absolutely know what they are doing. They are protecting their systems. They are protecting their supremacy. They understand exactly what we are demanding and why we are demanding it. 

This is not a case of males being confused. So why are we allowing them to gaslight us? Why do we respond to their eternal confusion with endless explaining?

Confused male be so confused, tho. For realzies.
Male violence can be successfully addressed by us, but only when we stop the explaining, asking and begging. We seem to be stuck in a loop of explaining, and dudes are just sea lioning. And males are getting exactly what they want.

Males know exactly what they are doing. We can’t keep ignoring that fact.

One thought on “Can Males Really be this Stupid?

  1. I would say any man that listens to and allows himself to hear what a woman says will be labelled a pussy by his bros and buddies. And you know what that means. It’s as if a woman, as human being rather than as toy, object or servant, is automatically emasculating.


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