Tampons are NOT Babies, You Male Idiots.

Here is a link:

So apparently, janitorial staff at this school saw a used tampon in a toilet. 

I don’t know if the janitor is male or female, and it really doesn’t matter, because either way, this janitor saw a used tampon and thought immediately that OHMIGAWD, LADIES BE MURDERIN’ THE BABIEZ, HALP HALP HALP.

Although, if I had to guess, I would guess male. Because women are usually pretty well acquainted with female bodily functions and how things end up looking. Also, this is typical male hysteria over the normal biologic functions of female bodies. Periods be so skeery, it be like a murder scene up in there, call for HALP HALP, boys!

So, the sheriff and all of his buddies rushed to the tampon scene, whereupon these idiot dudebros loaded a tampon into a fucking HEARSE! I mean, God, how stupid can this group of males be?

What is that, illinois? You have an intruder threatening your life? So sorry, all available units have been called to the scene of a tampon. The males will get over there as soon as the lot of them get it LOADED INTO THE HEARSE.

Males be smarter and superior, indeed. Obviously. 

Tampon Removal. Brought to you by idiot males. 

This is kind of funny, because males are so fucking ignorant, that they are kind of hilarious. You know. When they aren’t raping and murdering.

But here is what is NOT so funny. Male law ran over there to take a gawk at a used tampon purely on the hope of punishing a woman. We have women in jail for miscarrying. If there is something that males love, it is punishing us. They go to ridiculously pathetic lengths to control us and a big part of that is punishment.

Most laws were written back when women were still the legal property of males. The law was written BY males, FOR males, for the protection OF males. Those laws are not there to protect us. They protect the rapists, the abusers, the users, the bullies, etc., otherwise known as MALES.

So these dudes all ran right over to assess the tampon situation, because if a woman miscarried into that toilet, well. Nothing gives them an erection faster than the thought of punishing a woman. Especially when the reason that they invent to punish her is purely, hysterically, nonsensically, completely invented in their sick and tiny little male brain.

2 thoughts on “Tampons are NOT Babies, You Male Idiots.

  1. I am torn between laughing and slack-jawed confusion. How can men be so clueless about menstruation? It always tickles me when men are clearly horrified by a little blood. Aren’t these the same prudish things that think farting is high comedy?

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    1. Well, farting is funny when males do it. Because male bodies are interesting, important and have many abilities, including humor.

      But female bodies are icky and yucky, and males must control them in a multitude of ways. When they aren’t raping and beating them, of course.


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