WTF, Fort Worth? And Amy Whelan? WTF??


So in Fort Worth, criminal trannies (males) are being put into prisons for women.

And I know that you are going to find this hard to believe, but THE MALES ARE SEXUALLY HARRASSING AND THREATENING THE WOMEN! SHOCKING(said no one, ever)!

And the female prisoners that are being harassed and threatened are being called bigots. Because they don’t want to have to shower with males. And they don’t want to have to see penis.

Males have created the perfect scam, haven’t They? I mean, if you call a penis a penis, and if you say NO to penis……..


This is my favorite gem from the linked article: “One male transgender was in the SHU (Special Housing Unit) and did not want a certain female inmate in his cell, so he told officers if the woman was put in his cell, he would rape her,” the lawsuit said. “This man was 6’5” and weighed over 200 pounds. No female inmate would be able to protect herself against such a large man.”

Males have weaponized their bodies. And then crycry because we don’t want them to have access to us for personal safety reasons.

Also, what is up with this:She arrived at FMC Carswell in August and said she has seen four or five male inmates who identify as female and four females who identify as male.”

So ALL of the trannies are being put with the WOMEN? Why are the female prisoners that identify as male being put in with the male criminals?

I mean, I know why. Because even though they claim to be male, they are actually, factually female with female reproductive systems and XX chromosomes. And males will rape right on through their “male identities”. Because males aren’t raping “identities”. They are raping female bodies. Rape victims are chosen because of their BODY.

Jesus Christ. 

And what the fuck, with YOU, Amy Whelan? Who said this: Amy Whelan, a senior staff attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said the Bureau of Prison guidelines are there to protect transgender inmates who suffered rape and abuse in male prisons. She said the complaints by female inmates ignore the fact the Bureau of Prisons are following the law.

“Those concerns are frankly not warranted and they come from prejudices and biases from people who view transgender as not being fully human,” Whelan said. “The risks to transgender women in male prisons in particular are so critical.””

So Amy is the senior staff attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights? Really? And she says that women that don’t want to be forced to have penis in their showers, and don’t want to be harassed and threatened by males don’t see trannies as “fully human”?

She is a fucking disgrace to women and to lesbians.

Amy says that the concerns of women are “not warranted”. Really. We all know that women are just deceitful, lying bigots. We can’t ever believe women who are sexually assaulted/raped/harassed. Right, Amy?

What about lesbians in that fucking prison, Amy? And I am talking about actual, breathing, flesh and blood, biologically female lesbians. NOT males that have appropriated lesbianism as a kink because it gives them an erection.

What about women, Amy? Your answer to women that need your help is to tell them that the problem is that they refuse to see their oppressors as “fully human”? But they do see their oppressors as fully human.

Fully human MALES. Because they are males.

But please, keep on pandering to the males, Amy. But you need to remember that they won’t hesitate to turn their violence onto you, if they choose. Your throwing women into the path of violent males as sacrifice is disgusting and reprehensible. And you work for a lesbian organization? Unfuckingbelievable. Here is a tip for you. How about you support WOMEN?

But you won’t. Because you are too busy boner pleasing. You are disgraceful.

Depending on what source you look at, prison rape (male on male) is anywhere from 1 in 10 to 1 in 6.

Women are sexually assaulted/raped at a rate of 1 in 4. Add to this that most women don’t report their attacks, and think about all of the women that you know, and we realize that this statistic is likely skewed to make males look less rapey then they actually are.

So these statistics mean this: Women have a much higher chance of being assaulted/raped just for walking around female in the free world than males have of being raped ONLY IN PRISON.

Women also don’t typically go to prison for violent offenses, the majority are non violent. However, males are a violent group, generally speaking, and even more so in prison.

What the fuck is even happening? When we will house violent males in tiny spaces with women? And when the women ask for help, they are accused of bigotry?

The male government is providing rapist males with a pool of women that can’t get away and have no way of protecting themselves. Males love raping us, and now they don’t have to stop because they go to prison. Male government will always, always protect the male. No matter what.



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