Mancheeze, Broholes, and the Silencing of Women

***UPDATE***: Mancheeze has won her appeal and her video has been reinstated. *** (30 Oct 2017)

Poking around the interwebs a day or 2 ago, I stumbled into a conversation started by Mancheeze about her YouTube channel and how one of her videos had been removed.
For those of you that don’t know who Mancheeze is, she uses her channel to champion women and to explain to idiots that, no, you cannot be male and wish and pray and put on a dress and heels and POOF! become a woman. 

I first heard of her from gendertrender. I don’t know her personally but I really like her videos and you should really check her out.

According to Mancheeze, she had posted a critical video about a video done by a tranny that had purchased his brand new, shiny brohole and wanted to share with the world all about his wondrous wound. There is more than one of these videos, too, they are all basically the same. You see a dude holding a bunch of dildos, showing them to the viewer and explaining that he has to dialate his wound to keep it from closing.

Ladies? Aren’t you just exhausted from the time and effort that we have to expend just to keep our vaginas from slamming shut, like a door on a Jehovah’s witness? 

Oh, wait. Vaginas don’t slam shut. Because they are part of an intricate reproductive system that is a part of the female sex in a dimorphic species.  The male sex can whack off their dick and get a wound, but that just makes them a dude that whacked off their dick. And made a hole. And that is not a woman. 

And can we just take a second here to appreciate the idiotic level of unfathomable dedication that it must take to go and get a surgically created hole, spend a significant portion of time and energy for the rest of your life to keep it from healing, and you do all of that for the sole purpose of letting some other dude put his dick in it? So he can get off?

That is some obsessive love of the penis.

Anyway, I did not see that particular video by Mancheeze because it was taken down by YouTube after it had been reported as “hate speech”. I have already said that I don’t know her personally. And I don’t have to. I have watched a lot of her videos, and I am absolutely comfortable in saying that she didn’t say anything that could be regarded as hate speech.

I have heard her talk about how males cannot magically change themselves into women. She has talked about the dangers of transing children, while sterilizing them in the process. Mancheeze covers the same ground that we all do, repeatedly and plainly.

I have never heard her threaten to rape someone. I have never heard her threaten to murder anyone, or wish that someone else would “die in a fire”. I have never heard her threaten to kill puppies or drown kittens. 

It is possible that I am wrong, though. So if you watch her videos and hear her threatening anyone with real violence, please post the proof here so that we can all see. But I don’t think so.

In our patriarchal society, males control the language (just like they control everything else). So when trannies get the madz when we insist that reality is, in fact, actual reality, it hurts their dude feelz, and they declare that it is hate speech. And when they threaten to rape/punch/murder us, they declare that it is justified. Because when women question males, or stand up to them, it is intolerable to delicate males, who are used to taking what they want, when they want it. And when we say “no”, they don’t want to hear it.

So they do a classic male reversal. Our refusing to let them colonize womanhood, our pushing back against males bullying their way into our private spaces, our saying that calling lesbians transphobic for refusing to have sex with males is rape culture, etc. is all classified as “hate speech”.

While males threatening us with rape, punching, beatings, and murder, which almost always includes us dying in a fire (why is it always dying in a fire? Do they lack imagination? Or do they just really like fire?), this is all declared to be NOT “hate speech”. Because the uppity women have it coming, if we would just fall into line and give the males what they are demanding, then we wouldn’t be forcing the males to be violent. 

Since trans are male, and male violence is ALWAYS the fault of the women, trans violence is also our fault. Even when it is dudes killing other dudes (in dresses). Somehow uppity women that refuse to stay in our place makes males kill other males. 

Man logicks! Male reversal. Women working to keep what progress we have made is violence. Males threatening actual physical violence is not violence. Because males say so.

That is what has happened to Mancheeze. 

The trannies who have made videos about their broholes are interesting. They are absolutely obsessed with keeping the “depth”. I have never, not one time, ever wondered about the depth of my vagina. But then I don’t really know anything about being a woman, since I am not a human, I am just a magical essence of ladybrain that males can put on and take off like a fucking Halloween costume.

Some of them go on and on about how no one can tell the difference between a brohole and a vagina. I am pretty sure that they believe that. I am also pretty sure that they have never seen an actual vagina. 

In the comments of one of the videos, someone asked one of the trannies if he had a clitoris. And if it worked like a woman’s clitoris. 

A penis has about 2000 nerve endings. A clitoris has almost 4000. A tranny “clitoris” is fashioned out of the head of his mutilated dick, and the rest of his dick and balls is fashioned into a brohole. 

But these trannies say yes, that the head of their dick is exactly like a female clitoris. And people that really are just curious are believing it. No wonder trannies call it “hate speech” when we talk about our bodies. Trannies want to fool the public into believing that they can actually become a woman, so it is imperative that they silence us.

For a bunch of dudes that claim to be women, they seem to know exactly nothing about our bodies. But then they don’t really want to. If they actually acknowledge reality, then they can’t make up their own world. A male world of denial, where lipstick and a frilly dress make you a lady and the head of your dick is really, totes a real lady clitoris. And biological sex fixates on genitals, but to be a real lady, trannies must get a brohole. And breasts. 

Genitals matter very much to trannies. Obviously. 

They may not be physically women, but they sure can mimic “feminine”. And since males invented gender, and males created the feminine role for their own selfish reasons, it is no wonder that dudes can do “feminine” better than we can. And what better way to keep us in the lower caste than by degrading our existence to where our realities are not only denied but rendered invisible because now, males can choose to be women? And they perform femininity exactly to male specifications, encouraging the male societal rule that being a woman is a set of behaviors that is in service to males and the male gaze.

Anyway. I support Mancheeze. And I sincerely hope that she doesn’t mind that I wrote about her. 

And I don’t know how to support her, other than to follow her channel. If anyone has thoughts on that, please let me know.

Thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “Mancheeze, Broholes, and the Silencing of Women

    1. Hi, cassandra! Thanks for visiting me.

      Mancheeze was looking for another site. And there are a few that are smaller and not as user/viewer friendly.

      Males own everything.

      And also, it is pretty fucking offensive to me that there are videos of ladymen showing several dildos and bragging about how deep their brohole is. It is pretty fucking gross.


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