The Case for Males to be Purged from the Workplace

Link to the story:
This article from slate is supposed to be a funny kind of piece and not to be taken seriously. It did make me laugh, but not because the information is funny. The males that create all of this horrendous mess would be kind of funny, if they weren’t so violent and destructive. 

Males are the major majority of every system. Government, law enforcement, media, corporations, law, medical, etc. All we have to do is glance at these systems to see the gross ineptitude and incompetence of males.

The comments are the best part. The dudes and their crycry is hilarious. A couple of them are all “YAY, I will quit work and play golf all day, lulz”. Because dudes ain’t gonna do free labor like women do. It is interesting that they just assume that they will have a free slave in the form of a wife or mother to do their daily shit, even when they don’t work.

But of course, they will. Patriarchy serves males like that.

And one dude is all “who is gonna grow kale? And deliver the kale to Whole Foods?”

Is a penis necessary to grow kale? Or drive a truck full of kale? What is it about kale that it can only be grown and sold by males?

But not one single dude addressed the facts in the article. In typical, overly emotional fashion, they insulted the author and went on and on, trying to convince everyone how important that they are. 

But males always try to cover up their arrogant ignorance, laziness, general worthlessness and inability to do pretty much anything at all by threats of violence and insults. They can’t answer to those facts because there is no answer. 

It is doubly pathetic that they not only refuse to acknowledge the results of their horrible choices, but don’t possess the basic intellect to at least attempt to refute them. 

2 thoughts on “The Case for Males to be Purged from the Workplace

  1. great article! I love the comments too. One guy even managed to work in a complaint about white feminism. The crybabies are in top form in those comments.

    My latest irritant in the form of male mediocrity is the title of the show “Car vs. America” — for some reason the title irritates me more than the episode 1 being unwatchable crap. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the title has to do with what’s going on the show.
    Which car? (they seem to be driving many).
    How are cars and America shown to be adversaries? (the premise based on a viewing is just that two car bloggers have interesting enough personalities to carry 22 minutes of TV…their stated premise is something about correcting the notion that millennials don’t care about cars…neither has any clear connection to “Car vs. America”).

    Yeahhh I might be a little on edge about the male mediocrity thing. But it gets tiresome, and here comes a whole new generation of men bumbling into success

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