“I am Cait”. Sexism and Misogyny as done by Dudes in Dresses 

So I have hulu, and hulu has “I am cait”. And I couldn’t stop myself, even though I knew that it was going to be a sexist, misogynist freakshow.

Even knowing that, holy fuck on a cracker. This is a group of dudes that HATE us. As evidenced by their cartoonish mimicking of our ladybrain and female essence. 

I am partway into the 3rd episode. And I have to admit that I wasn’t glued to the screen, so I am sure that I missed some of it. But I don’t hate myself enough to rewatch, so I am just going to go with what I caught. Please feel free to join the discussion in the comments.

Most of the first episode is everyone telling cait how special and brave he is. When a rich, old, white guy puts on a dress and lipstick, we must acknowledge his unique beauty and his brave-yness! Cait achieved in his first 2 weeks of ladying the greatest of ladydom, a ladydom so rarely reached, that a woman has never done it. It takes a dude! Thank jebus that his greatness has been memorialized by vanity fair. And by him being made woman of the year.

Also, why do these old fuckers always refer to themselves and their man friends as “girls”? Why? I don’t know a grown woman anywhere that refers to herself or her friends as girls. 

Know who DOES refer to grown women as girls? MALES.

So the “girls” are coming over to cait’s for a girls night, and the first one to arrive is a professor. He sits down to have his make up done by cait’s make up person, and he says “oh, I can FEEL my IQ dropping!”

Isn’t that the funniest joke ever, “girls”? Equating make up to being a woman, and how women are just so fucking stupid? He is so funny, how he is acknowledging that he is lowering his superior male self to slum it as a stupid lady! Hilarious! If you are a fucking smug ass, idiot male.

Another instance was cait talking about some tranny saying that “he didn’t feel feminine, but he felt FEMALE”. 

Really? Hey, girls! Did you know that female is a monolith. Yep. We aren’t human beings, we are just a feeling. ALL women exist as an identical feeling! I know it is true because dudes tell us!

Then the “girls” go on a road trip to somewhere. And the “girls” are trying to explain to Cait how trannies can’t get jobs and that they need social programs.

Shockingly, old, rich, white male that he is, cait is concerned about lazy moochers mooching off the government. The “girls” were a little concerned about that, lol.

When they get off the bus, and go into the house where they are staying, they go into the kitchen to eat. Cait turns to one of only 2 women on the trip and says “Rhonda, are you going to cook for us?”

Hahaha, that cait is so funny, tho! He knew to ask the female standing there! I wonder why he didn’t ask one of the “girls”. Could it be because males always expect women to make their fucking food because it is traditionally “women’s work”? And we are expected to do it for free?

The “girls” meet up with a local group of “girls” so that cait can hear the struggles of not rich and not white dudes who are trying to lady. Amazingly, a theme of this group discussion is that trans do not usually WANT to do “sex work”, but that they sometimes have no other choice. Which makes me wonder why they continue to support “sex work” instead of other ways, like a UBI. 

JUST KIDDING! It is no mystery why dudes love to force women and some trannies into prostitution. 

The vast majority of people forced into prostitution are women and girls, but fuck them! And so what if they are raped, murdered, abused and trafficked. Let’s not forget who is important here, and as usual, it is the MALES.

Then the “girls” were all going to get into the hot tub. Some of them wanted to go in naked, but they were afraid of upsetting cait by displaying their lady bodies.

I have never known any women that just sit around naked together, in a hot tub, or no. These dudes always have such a fucking sexist, fetish-like idea of who we are and what we do. I get so tired of the pervy old ladydude trope, that women are just “girls” that sit around talking about boys, our boobs, lipstick and tampons, right before we take off all of our clothes and tickle fight and make out with each other.

Real life is NOT porn, trannies. Hate to wither your ladyboner. 

So cait refuses to get into the hot tub, saying that it is too cold. But he admits later that he didn’t want to expose himself like that yet, that he just Isn’t ready.

But at the time of taping, he had already done the cover of vanity fair in a bathing suit. Maybe he wasn’t comfortable because Photoshop wouldn’t work on his obvious manbody while he was in the hot tub? Just a guess.

I can see why this show was cancelled. Aside from being a sexist, misogynist shitshow, it isn’t all that interesting to watch a grown ass old white dude play dress up. It is actually just pathetic and sad.

2 thoughts on ““I am Cait”. Sexism and Misogyny as done by Dudes in Dresses 

    1. I am going to have to watch the rest of it, though, lol. Thank God it is only 8 episodes total.

      I was shocked at how woman hatey he is, and that misogyny is poisoning everything on that fucking show. It is so odd, that entire dude vibe that is essentially “I hate you, now fuck me” is turned into “I hate you, I want to consume/be you” on the show.

      Hulu also has Transcendent, which is another ladyman thing. I will probably end up watching it, too.

      Have you ever heard of people that like watching disgusting stuff on YouTube, like people popping zits and stuff? This tranny insanity is my version of that. It is vaguely upsetting and pretty disgusting, but I can’t NOT look, lol.


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