Women Should be Paid for Production

I saw an interesting theory about childbirth, having kids, and pregnancy on the interwebs yesterday. Just a disclaimer, up front–it is a theory based in capitalism. I do not support capitalism, I think that most radfems do not support it for various reasons, but I kind of like this idea because it seems positive for women AND it works in the current framework of capitalism. Our government (in the states) is major majority white, Christian and male, and they fucking adore their capitalism. And males seem to “understand” capitalism (in that really limited, stunted mental capacity that is characteristic of males, anyway).

So the theory is basically this: Women own the means of production that is the entire human race, and specifically, we produce the LABOR FORCE (and consumers). Producing a resource that is absolutely necessary to capitalism should be well compensated. 

Is there a company anywhere that produces machines for free? That makes a machine, puts it together, puts in time to make sure that the machine is functioning properly? All for free?

Uh, NOPE. Because when males make a product, they expect to be compensated very well. And none of those products is nearly as important as PEOPLE. 

We create the LABOR FORCE and all of the consumers. Shouldn’t we be compensated for all of this labor that we are currently doing for free? Pregnancy and childbirth can kill us. Males profit from the people that WE create. And we not only create them for free (or at a cost to ourselves), we raise them, take care of them and look after them until they are grown and can take care of themselves. 

And we do all of it FOR FREE.

At the very least, pregnancy should be well compensated with CASH in addition to all of the needs of the pregnant woman, including food, medical needs, clothing, shelter, etc. It should be all expenses paid.

Childbirth should be free of charge, as well as all baby needs (diapers, formula, whatever babies need, I am not familiar with babies at all) and assistance to the new mother in the form of a nanny or sitter. Childcare should also be provided, especially if the mother wants to work.

There should be a stipend given to mothers for each child to cover basic needs until the kid is 18.

I really like this idea. Possibly because it makes me giggle to think of us telling males that we wouldn’t be doing any more child having/rearing unless and until their male government properly compensated women for it. Since they use the people that WE create out of our own bodies to make profit in various ways, like war, denying them healthcare, under paying them, cutting basic services like education, and creating more and more crimes to put them into for profit prisons, etc., we need to be paid well for providing them with the one thing that they cannot profit without, PEOPLE. 

I like it. What do you think?


One thought on “Women Should be Paid for Production

  1. Makes sense to me. Since employers crib about the cost of maternity leave, I used to think that the government better make the impregnator’s employer to transfer his salary to the woman’s account (without deducting tax – since the woman is producing a new tax-payer for the nation), so that the woman’s employer need not pay her (or may be they can give a nominal amount if they choose), and won’t see the female-employee as a burden. But the small problem is that it won’t work for those women who choose to become a mom anonymously through a sperm bank, or who do not want to disclose their pregnancy to an impregnator with whom they just split (lest he claims “visitation rights” to keep harassing her). But your idea would work – after all, the nation/government is obligated to mothers even from a pure profit perspective. The money for this could be collected through a special tax taken from every un-castrated male (even if he is unemployed – otherwise they’ll quit their job or feign unemployment & escape). Of course the government can make only healthy women who are above 23 years or so and have IQ above some limit eligible for this (we don’t want 16 year olds to be used for this. If a 16 year old is found carrying, catch the impregnator & punish him. We also don’t want any ultra-left, sex-positive female raising any kid – hence the IQ test).


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