The Anarchist Bookfair

Solidarity to you from a radfem sister in the States.


The Anarchist Book Fair

As a feminist I believe that the proposed amendments to the Gender Recognition Act poses serious questions and will potentially put women and children in direct danger. My gender critical friends and I have been trying to draw attention to this fact and allow our opinions to be heard. I am used to coming up against differing opinions in my years of campaigning for human, environmental and animal rights. However, my campaign against amending the GRA has led me to experience and witness more vicious and targeted attacks than ever before. Crucially, these are not institutions but individual Trans Rights Activists who are openly acting outside of the law whilst academics and politicians turn a blind eye. At no point in recent history have women, especially lesbians, been so actively silenced and no-platformed. I have witnessed violent threats online and violent actions in person. These areā€¦

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