#Elsagate, Female Children as the Target of Male Predators

***The links in this post contain some inappropriate content for work or other public places***

EDITED (15 NOV 2017) TO ADD:  There are some people that are linking elsagate to common conspiracy stuff, like the illuminati and MKUltra. That is NOT my position. Linking this shit to conspiracy theories erases what it actually is, which is just more male entitlement to female bodies and grooming of children, specifically little girls. 

I don’t usually post links because this space is all about my thoughts on recent events that are easily verified via Google. Also, males can’t understand facts or factual reality, so links are really just a waste of time as evidence. Patriarchy functions on the willingness of males to pretend to not understand literally anything. Except their boner.

I don’t have children, I avoided it on purpose. We can talk about that another time, because I discovered something so fucking disturbing that I have been agitated all fucking day. And I am wondering if anyone else may have heard about it. And it involves kids.

I will be posting 4 links because this is a really involved subject. Be warned that some of the information at the links is really disturbing.

It all started here, at this link, this morning, where a poster on gender critical reddit asked if anyone knew of any feminist analysis on what is called #Elsagate………..

I had never heard of this.

In a nutshell, it is videos, mostly on kids YouTube, that are cartoons or other animation and feature various children’s characters and stories in really disturbing ways, including violence, sexual violence, and disturbing sounds, images, and just some generally fucked up shit.

And some of these are obviously meant to groom little girls.

There is a breakdown of how this whole thing works here (it is long, but he explains the ins and outs, and worth the read)……

View story at Medium.com
To summarize that link a little bit, he explains how this content is generated and aimed at children. And how insidious this shit is, in that at a cursory glance at your daughter’s iPad, you will just see an animated thing with some silly music, but if you look longer, you will see sexualized images of violence and general violence and a lot of weirdness and oddity.

These next 2 links are the most upsetting. Because damn. 

This one looks at young children’s videos, specifically…….

I almost just can’t with this. You know who likes this kind of shit?

Predator males. Predator males like looking at little girls cry, forcing each other to eat something pulled out of a toilet, watching little girls in bikinis put make up on each other.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that this is content that little girls want to see? Seriously?

Because all of it looks like it is meant to give old pervy, predatory males a boner while simultaneously teaching little girls that they exist to be looked at by males and teaching little boys that females are just meat. For consumption. 

Some of those pictures also seem to be creating a fetish from the deaths of little girls, several of those pics look like the girls are emulating a corpse. 

I have watched some of the animated ones. I can’t discuss them yet.

The final link is about “tween” girl channels……………

Again, this is content supposedly aimed at “tween” girls.

Really? Pre teen girls want to look at other girls that are duct taped to a bed? Or a wall? Or at a girl with feces on her face? Or a girl in a bikini, swimming for 5 minutes?

What is even happening. You know, I always think that males can’t sink any lower in their boner demands, and that they can’t find yet another way to strip us of any humanity that we have managed to retain.

These are little girls. These little girls are forever wank material for random males for fucking eternity. They can live until they are 80, but as long as there are males and the internet, males will be wanking to those pictures for literally generations.

In cruising around the internet today while looking for information on this, in comments sections, there was an obvious general division between women and males.

Women are overwhelmingly disturbed by this shit, and were thankful that it had been brought to their attention. 

Males didn’t see the problem. (SHOCKING! Said no one. Ever.) Also, they made shitty comments about “people” (mothers) letting the internet raise their kids.

Lol. Wow. Males are just fucking idiots.

If anyone knows of any radfem analysis on this subject, please let me know in the comments below. Also, your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “#Elsagate, Female Children as the Target of Male Predators

  1. And then there is this guy.

    He is a shitsack, but he does show some of the videos where little girls are being sexualized, and he calls it exactly what it is. He comes right out and says that these videos are for predatory males.

    It is just rare that a dude will say that, even in a joking manner.


  2. Hi Hekate,
    Quick question: If it’s possible to subliminally groom children to accept sex abuse using digital media, do you think it may be possible to subliminally convince pedophiles to commit suicide en mass using the same kind of digital media?
    I don’t voice this opinion often because of how vengeful and spiteful it makes me sound, but in my heart I know that the world would quickly become a better place if every male pedophile would suddenly and inexplicably commit suicide in the fastest manner available to them. I imagine it to be like the movie The Happening, but for child molesters. The only drawback that I can think of is that the rest of us would be left to clean up a LOT of dead bodies. As dark and macabre as it sounds, it’s a soothing thought for me.
    Back to my first question. Subliminally convincing the creators of Elsagate to snuff themselves. Good idea? Bad idea? Your thoughts?
    Omzig Online

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    1. I don’t know if you have seen the post by the blogger, icemountainfire, but it is linked here in my reblogged section. It is maybe my single favorite radfem blog post ever. If you haven’t read it, please read it. Because you will love it.
      She talks about what the world would be like if every male dropped DEAD tomorrow. And she thinks that it would be pretty fucking pleasant. Your comment about the dead bodies reminded me of her post, because she says that if males all dropped dead tomorrow, the bodies would pretty much be the only problem.
      I don’t know if male minds are as suggestable as a child’s, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case.
      I dance around what I really think in other places because women (as a class) are uncomfortable with anything that could be seen as a call to violence.
      But what we need is violence.
      I think that any male guilty of any rape or violence against women or girls should be executed. That is NOT vengeful or spiteful. It is a matter of safety.
      If we did that, the male population would end up at maybe 20%, and that is a very generous estimate. It would likely be a lot less.

      I think of all of the women and girls that have been terrorized and murdered over the course of history, and males get away with it because they know that we won’t fight back.
      I think that we need to fight back, and do it hard. And that includes killing males that rape And kill. And there are ways to do that.
      But that will either never happen, or it won’t happen until long after my death, for a lot of reasons.
      But I am glad to know that I am not the only woman that feels this way.


      1. I agree that violent and abusive men need to go, but I really want them to take all that male violence and turn it on themselves. It would be poetic justice, and I don’t want to do their dirty work for them if I don’t have to.

        I don’t know much about marketing, and only a little about psychology, but it seems like if you can convince a physically healthy male to slice his dick open and have his testicles amputated to make him feel feminim and “happy,” then convincing a male pedophile to give himself a bullet in his head shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. And I think women are smart enough to make them do it.

        Hell, there are large swaths of men whose religion dictates that they’ll be rewarded with 72 virgins in heaven if they strap a bomb to their chest and detonate it in public. I would argue that it’s not their religion that killed them, but a combination of their misogyny, male entitlement, and gullibility.

        These men really are gullible, weak creatures, for the most part. They can be groomed, I believe. I’ve thought about infiltrating websites like NAMBLA, VerPed, or dark web forums for pedophiles and leaving suggestive messages about how there are probably beautiful children waiting to share their innocence with them in heaven, if only they could get to them quickly, before the children grow up. Or something like that. I haven’t gotten my narrative technique worked out yet, but you get the idea. I think it’s a matter of using their weakness, entitlement, and propensity for violence against them. It won’t be easy, but let’s face it: they’re just men.


  3. Well, we will have to start a religion for them, then. Which shouldn’t be too hard. We just have to write a book, making the male God a pedo. And then talk about how wonderful he is, get them to follow, promise them all 30 girl children when they die and they will be throwing themselves off of bridges in no time.

    In fact, we don’t even have to have an actual book. Since most males are too stupid to read and comprehend, we can just hold up any book and tell them what is in it.

    This is why I believe in separating from them. They will enact violence on each other, just from sheer frustration of having to do their own laundry and make their own sandwiches. The quickest way to get them to kill each other would be just to remove our presence completely. They can’t reproduce without us, so they wouldn’t be continually replacing themselves by impregnating us.

    I like the way you think.


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