Manbaby Tears of Rage from Gender Critical Reddit

So this thing happened over on gender critical reddit that was a result of some trannies winning political offices in state level elections. All ladydudes, of course.

One of the local elections in the southern US was won by this male in a dress, Dan Roem. The state of Virginia elected several women, including at least one lesbian. But no one really cared about them. 

Because if there is one thing that we all know, regular old women that are born female suck total ass when compared to dudes that slap on a dress, some make up, and prance around with their ladybrain all hanging out, covered in unicorns and pink glitter.

Tranny Dan beat an old, white, Christian conservative male. The really interesting thing to me is that a lot of women see this as a win, and some of those women are radical and/or gender critical. 

My issue with tranny Dan goes back to his campaign commercial that showcased him standing in front of a bathroom mirror while he daintily and demurely applied his lady face and took his hormone pills.

If there is one thing that we value in our lady presenting politicians, It is their ability to apply make up. That’s why Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Debbie Stabenow all feature commercials at election time of them applying eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara. 


Yeah. Nope, not so much. If a woman campaigned on her ability to apply make up, she would be endlessly made fun of and shamed. Because who gives a shit about how well a woman puts make up on her face?

Well, trannies do. Because they equate being a woman with the male created “feminine” gender role, and changing everything about how we look with make up, shaving, dieting, etc. are a very important part of the feminine gender role, but they have absolutely nothing to do with being a woman. Tranny Dan was actually announcing to the world how well he “ladies”. A big part of ladying for Dan is practicing femininity and part of that is using make up. Tranny Dan was telling the state of Virginia that they should vote for him because he totally understands the dictates of femininity, as created by males, and you could trust voting him into office because his eyeliner skills are on point.

That is what I got from it. Otherwise, why make that commercial?

But tranny Dan knew what he was doing because he did get elected. And some of the women on gender critical reddit, while not thrilled about it, were saying that at least the conservative guy was gone, and that they were counting this as a win because at least the tranny is a Democrat. 

To which I say WTF.

Trannies and conservatives are almost identical in their views of women. Both equate the feminine gender role with being a woman. Conservatives want to keep their reproductive and domestic slave in the role of wife and mother, and create legislation to do that by denying equal pay to women, by keeping women financially dependent on males, etc., while trannies perpetuate the feminine gender role by mimicking it, and insisting that it makes them a woman.

Conservative males and trannies obstruct women’s reproductive rights/care. Conservative males legislate female bodies as a means to own/control us. Trannies consider our biology as a myth, that female bodies don’t actually exist, that our bodies are just a “social construct”. And when we talk about abortion, menstruation, etc., trannies yell that it is transphobic and that the mere mention of our reproductive system is BIGOTY MURDERZ. And that women don’t give birth or have abortions, but “people” do.

I could give 100 more examples of conservatives and trannies views that that agree to strip us of our humanity, dignity and rights. But we all get it. So moving on.

So I am flummoxed about how replacing a conservative misogynist with a misogynist in a dress is a win. It is the OPPOSITE. 

A few days ago, 2 dudes demanded to be let into the topshop dressing rooms where young women and girls try on clothing. They were let in after 2 days. One of them made comments about how little girls participate in their own sexual abuse by being kinky. But hey, they feel like ladies on the inside. So.

Planned Parenthood refers to “people” getting pregnant, because males demand that they do so.

There are a million examples like this, but my point is that males have all of the societal power. Males make demands and other males give them what they want. Immediately. No matter what. 

While women have begged, asked, pleaded with male governments for decades. Most recently we are asking to be allowed to keep the few sex segregated safe spaces that Feminists before us fought for years for us to have just so we can participate in male society with very basic safety. And those few spaces have been or are being stripped by males in dresses in a matter of only months.

How can any gender critical feminist not see how detrimental this is? Look at what trannies have taken from us in the past year or so, and they took it with the majority male government just handing it to them. Now they are going to be participating in that government as elected officials, and some of us can’t see the warning? Not to mention that they are being counted as FEMALE.

Pretty soon, the government will be all male. But some of them will be in dresses. So win for feminism, I guess?

These are males that support putting male rapists in female prisons, and already are. These are males that call lesbians transphobic for not wanting anything to do with their “ladydick”. These are males that think that the head of their dick actually can function as a clitoris, and that a surgically created wound is totes a real vagina.

Trannies hate us in a very specific way. And part of their hatred is erasing everything about us and our existence. They are dangerous to us.

So I said as much on the original thread at gender critical reddit, and while many agreed with me, lots still considered it neutral, if not just good. (There is really good information on that thread about the amount of money trannies are pouring into politics in order to get elected. It isn’t hard to find. It is locked and was on the 4th page earlier today.)

And life went on and I forgot about it.

In the meantime, reddit began shutting down incel sub reddits, leaving those dudes all woman hate-y and without a place to let it out. So those dudes began looking for women to harass, and guess where they landed.

So they found the original tranny Dan thread, and since MRAs, MGTOWs, and trannies are indistinguishable in their misogynist, sexist views, they began to harass the women on that thread that had the audacity to talk about how dudes in dresses may not represent the best interests of front hole havers. And they made all of the jokes about us being ugly, hairy lesbians and how we are all on our periods. You know, the high brow, totally original and unique woman hate-y humor that is synonymous with the males that get the madz when women dare speak.

I was one of several women targeted. At least I think that I was.

I don’t check my inbox on reddit. I really enjoy some of the women there, but the board is a little too tranny friendly for me (I made a post about that here recently). I don’t use the reddit platform as some do. I just look at the threads where I have commented for activity.

I probably miss some stuff. But I know that I am missing the harassment of males, both ladydudes and dudedudes, who are currently tagging my handle to flood my inbox with all kinds of male assholery that I do not care to see. 

But I do think that it is funny that there is a group of ragey manbabies who think that they are tantruming at me when all they are really doing is screaming manbaby tears into the void.

So I do hope that they work out all of the hysterical emotions. Maybe they will feel better after a snack and a nap.

5 thoughts on “Manbaby Tears of Rage from Gender Critical Reddit

  1. “Now they are going to be participating in that government as elected officials, and some of us can’t see the warning? Not to mention that they are being counted as FEMALE.”

    YUP. What is it going to take for women to wake up?

    I’m sorry reddit morons are pestering you. Reddit is kind of a horrible place in general.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey sister,
    I’m sure you’re busy writing something awesome. Just checking in. There’s a really juicy conversation happening over at Feminist Current in the comment section of “If trans activists cared about feminism, they would respect women’s spaces”. As you can imagine, it’s really brought out all the best and brightest of the trans cult, and I really think you’d enjoy a thoughtful dialogue with some of these highly original and fact-oriented people. (Read: manbabies and handmaids!!! Dozens of them, perhaps hundreds! It is awesome! It’s like flea-bombing a house! You’re missing all the fun, Hekate!)
    Hope you’re doing well,


    1. Hey, sista!

      Yeah, I just needed a little break. I am headed back over to FC shortly.

      Thanks for checking in on me, though. I always think that no one will notice if I am gone, but someone always seems to. Thanks for the lift to my mood, I sorely needed it.

      Manbabies and handmaidens! Sorry I missed it, lol.


      1. Wow, so FC regulars visit you here too. I’m late I guess:) I posted one link on FC. I think it might cheer you up a bit:
        I hope the special-place that trannies seem to have with the liberal party gets taken over by the “transabled” group. This article was hilarious n I initially thought it was satirical fake-news. But googled for transabled n even found a wiki page related to it (didn’t read the wiki though. Had enough). So, presenting the newest tran-club:


      2. Do you visit gendertrender? Gallus Mag has a post over there from a few years back that featured a trannie that is transdisabled (lol, what the holy fuck???).

        He was on some t.v. show as a “lady” that rolled around in a wheelchair, acting disabled, and making fun of people that would stop to help him. He would “fall” out of his wheelchair just so people would stop and help him. And then he would laugh about how stupid they were.

        Women were pissed at the time because this show talked about him being “disabled”, but they said NOTHING about him being male. Someone brought it to gallus’s attention to verify that this was not a woman.

        So we have another atrocious, entitled, disgusting behavior that only males engage in being attributed to women. Maybe a few women do this, but it is going to be largely male. Because it always is.


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