Seven Themes of Elsagate

This reddit user, known as TheColdPeople, posted this addendum to a creepypasta story that they wrote for the reddit, nosleep. I have included a link to their original post at the end of this writing.

They identify 7 common themes in the disturbing children’s videos on YouTube. I have watched a lot of these videos in the past few days, and this list is spot on. This list covers everything that I have seen, so I am crossposting it. I couldn’t have said it better.

This is not some crazy conspiracy linked to the illuminati or whatever bullshit that males will start screaming about when they are trying to distract from and distort the reality. 

There is also some evidence that the comments sections of these videos are being used to traffic in kids. I am looking at that, too, but I haven’t looked closely enough to form an opinion. Other than the opinion that I already have, which is that males are dangerous. And when they have a boner, they can be fucking deadly. So nothing would surprise me.



The themes I’ve identified are as follows:

  1. Some of the videos show characters stealing alcohol and hurting each other. One shows child-versions of Mickey Mouse getting drunk on their dad’s beer and then one of them splits his head open. This same video has been re-skinned over and over with Elsa and Spiderman, Paw Patrol, and Minions. Getting drunk and hurting yourself is ubiquitous in these videos. Also, burning yourself on a stove or getting sucked into an escalator are common. Accidental injury is the driving plot device. Search “Elsa drunk hurt head” or “Mickey drunk hurt head.” It works with Spiderman, Hulk, etc.

  2. The phobia of spiders and insects is another common theme. I found a video showing Minions covering themselves in disgusting-looking bugs. The end of the video depicts a man drinking a bottle of urine, which I’ll discuss below. Another video shows Elsa, Spiderman, and the Hulk all being swarmed by insects. Sometimes they require hospitalization and surgery because of the bugs. The characters always react with horror to bugs, and the bugs always injure them. Search terms include “Mickey insects” or “Elsa insects gross.”

  3. Drinking from toilets, eating poop, drinking urine, and smearing feces on people’s faces is another theme commonly portrayed in these videos. Many of them are live-action, with real actors dressed in costumes that target the attention of children. In one video, Spiderman and Elsa drink from toilets, and also find insects in one. In another, Venom buries Elsa alive and shits on her head. Another shows the Joker feeding excrement to Elsa and Spiderman. Any of the character names with the word “poop” or “toilet” will return these videos.

  4. Extreme medical violence and the phobia of sharp objects is yet another theme you’ll find in these videos: children cutting each other’s fingers off with razors; doctors forcing needles into children’s arms, eyes, and rectums; and gory surgery are all present. In one, Hulk crushes Elsa’s bones and she requires injections. In another, Hulk gets needles shoved into his face and has his eyes pulled out with tweezers. In that same video, Spiderman throws sand in a child’s eye, and the child requires injections in said eye. Spiderman later gets sick from eating bad food and requires needles to be shoved into his body in multiple places. Search terms include “Hulk eye injection,” “Elsa surgery,” or “Spiderman/Elsa sick.”

  5. Pregnancy is frequently depicted as a curable illness. Unsurprisingly, the cure is an abortifacient injected directly into the woman’s stomach. The worst video I found depicts tummy-aches, illness, and pregnancy in a very blended way, all of which require the use of needles to “cure.” In another live-action video with real people, an evil doctor chases pregnant children around with a giant needle while they scream and cry. Many of the pregnant women give birth to insects, or to logs of shit. Search terms include “Elsa pregnant surgery” and “Elsa pregnant injection.” Really any of these cartoon names with “pregnant” works.

  6. The helplessness of children to protect themselves from adults is a popular theme, especially in the live-acted videos. In many of them, a very large adult man dressed as Hulk grabs children by their necks, holds them to the ground, rubs his ass all over their faces, or otherwise beats them up. Search terms include ”bad hulk superhero battle.” It gets worse and worse the more you follow the video trail. There are also tons of videos of toddler-aged girls being kidnapped and tied down by adult men, depicted in a playful manner. Many of the men are wearing frightening Halloween masks. The children are often crying and are not having fun at all. Some appear in pain. So many of these have been reported/taken down by YouTube that now the channel has converted all video titles to Russian, and they cannot be searched in English. This is the sickest channel I found, and the point where I completely stopped watching.

  7. Sexualization of children and depiction of pregnant children as a good thing: Many of the “Elsagate” videos depict children in an arguably sexual light. The most popular channel with this kind of content stars two young Asian girls, and has three million subscribers. Many of the videos depict butt-shaking, “playing doctor,” and fake-vomiting. Others show girls and even boys celebrating their own pregnancies. I won’t even provide search terms for these. Just don’t.

It took me a while, and a bit of research, to pick up on the purpose of these videos. At face value, they’re all a bunch of psychotic nonsense. But when I started to see how they all mimic each other and build on each other, I realized that they must have a grand purpose:

-The fact that there are thousands of these videos, but they all cover the same seven topics, screams conditioning. The creators of these videos are banking on the probability that if kids watch enough of the videos, they’ll be saturated with two or three ideas: Hit your friends. Blood is funny. Poop is for eating. When an adult gets on top of you, don’t fight back.

-The fact that violence and sex are such recurrent themes tells me that the creators want to normalize them. They want kids to be desensitized to sex and violence. Maybe even curious about them.

-The comments in the videos reveal that a lot of the viewers are adults, and fetishists. Perverts. They really, really enjoy the videos of kids being kidnapped and tied up. They beg for more, and offer to support via crowdfunding.

In short, these videos are designed to groom children, and to satisfy perverts.

Link to original post on reddit:

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