About the Documentary, “Private Violence”, and Males are Idiots

So I just watched the documentary, “Private Violence”, on hulu. It focuses on domestic violence in NC, both on victims and the women that advocate for them.

It is a pretty good documentary and I am always interested in the stories of women. The main story centers on a woman that was beaten by her husband BADLY. In the presence of her little girl.

Want to hear a story about how stupid males are? This woman was terrorized by her husband over a few days. He was a trucker, and after being invited to go trick or treating with his wife and daughter (even though they were separated due to his violence), he got the madz about whatever toddler manbabies get the madz about, and he kidnapped her and her daughter. 

He puts them into his truck, and gets his male cousin to come along. So this asshole beats his wife viciously while driving a semi over the road, for several days and through several states.

He eventually gets stopped and she is hospitalized. The pictures of her injuries are difficult viewing. I am not going to describe them other than to say that the piece of shit that beat her that badly needs to die. I mean, the multiple beatings that he gave her were just fucking vicious. Just because males choose not to control  their emotions and seem to be in a near state of violent hysteria most of the time.

So we arrive at the OMG, MALES ARE SO FUCKING STUPID, LOL, portion of the story. And that is when she attempted to press charges against him, guess what the male legal system told her?

They said “Well, we would like to help you, but he has to be charged in the state where he committed the crime. And since he beat you in a bunch of states, we don’t know exactly where the beatings happened, so we are just going to shrug our shoulders at you, and act like we really want to help you, when we all know that we really don’t care.”

I mean, REALLY. The male legal system writes laws that let them continue to rape and beat us because MALES LOVE VIOLENCE. Because he was traveling, the male law says that her bruises don’t matter. Her seizures don’t matter. The damage done to her little girl doesn’t matter. Her hospitalization doesn’t matter. SHE DOES NOT MATTER. 

What matters to male law is being able to figure out specific states where the beatings occurred. 

And We all know that it doesn’t matter if she was beaten in AL or OK. Males write laws to protect themselves from consequences of male violence at women. Because males believe that they have the right to hurt us. The law is not meant to protect us, it is meant to protect males.

When we ask ourselves and each other why it is that males never go to jail for rape, DV, or other violence against us, this is why. Their male systems protect them.

But there is actually another incident in the documentary that I wanted to tell you about. One of the woman advocates works with the local police departments, training officers in how to best deal with domestic violence. In the exercise, she acts out a DV incident with a male playing her husband, and the cops (which were all male) practice reading the situation and helping the woman. 

So the training incident is a woman that is being abused by her husband, and she has marks that clearly and obviously show that he has been hitting her. He also has some marks that are very clearly not as severe as hers appear, since his injuries are meant to be wounds that he got while she was trying to defend herself.

So the cops are supposed to be able to see this because it is really obvious.

The cops separate the couple for questioning. After that, the cops decide that the best course of action is to just suggest that they separate for the night.

At which point, the male playing the husband (who I think was in law enforcement, I am not sure, but he spoke to the cops with authority) tells the cops that the husband should be arrested and taken to jail because his abuse was just so painfully obvious that a blind monkey could have seen it.

To which the cops replied “but we wanted to ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION, and not overreact and take a guy to jail”.

So their idea of “erring on the side of caution” is to leave the obvious abuser running around, angry and violent, to continue to terrorize his wife.

That is the male idea of “erring on the side of caution”.

I would think that if you have 2 human beings, and 1 has obviously beaten the other, then you arrest the abuser. To insure that the abused human is safe.

THAT would be “erring on the side of caution”. These cops didn’t do anything except let a violent male go free because they DO NOT CARE ABOUT WOMEN OR OUR SAFETY. The “caution” that they were exercising was with the male. Because male legal systems will almost always side with the male.

They would rather risk an abuser (male) killing a woman instead of taking him to jail. The male matters. The woman does not matter. She never does. 

The majority of law was written by males, for males, while women were still considered to be the legal property (object, item) of a father until he traded her to another male in marriage when she then became legal property of the husband. (This is why consent laws read similarly to trespassing and other property violations.)

The law wasn’t written for us or for our protection. Even the laws that males write in a manipulative attempt to make it seem as if we are viewed by them as people are not upheld, which is why males almost always get away with rape and DV, even when they are found guilty.

All systems are MALE systems. This is why they are majority male. Politics, law enforcement, legal, media, etc. are all male systems. They function exactly as males want them to function, which is with males holding societal power, protecting each other, and making sure that males get all of the advantages and opportunities while women are artificially stuck beneath them in the lesser servant/sex class.

Individual males are a microcosm of male society. Male society says that a women needs a male to protect her from other males, and it uses fear, intimidation, and the threat of male violence as well as actual male violence to force our dependence on them. And then their systems not only do nothing to stop the violence, they encourage the violence by ignoring it AND blaming us for it.

And individual males benefit from that systemic process. Not all of them are violent. They don’t all have to be. But ALL males benefit from the fear, the threat, and the dependence that they artificially create.

Which is why the will do absolutely anything to protect it.


4 thoughts on “About the Documentary, “Private Violence”, and Males are Idiots

  1. Unfortunately, this is far too true. I can maybe vaguely get that the whole system of different states with different laws can lead to this, but it’s such an obvious loophole that it should have been closed ages ago. For some reason, I have the feeling that if someone were to commit a crime that they care about (let’s say stealing a man’s money or whatever), it would be prosecuted right away. And even then, the kidnapping would have taken place in a defined state I think. Those lawyers just really didn’t want to do anything for her.
    What feels like it is even more illustrative is the situation with the police. Of course, you shouldn’t be arresting anyone without a clear reason, but I would say that it was a very clear one. And this was a training, one about domestic violence, so they would have been thinking more in this case. I don’t even want to know their real life reactions but strongly fear that it comes down to supporting the abuser even more openly.

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  2. Sorry but “I had” to leave this here. Some headlines about the Spanish justice system:

    A judge doesn’t see violence in the sexual abuse of a 5-year-old girl because she “didn’t offer resistance.”

    Sentenced to three years and nine months for the sexual abuse of a girl for five years.
    The Audiencia of Cantabria doesn’t consider it a sexual aggression, as the attorney solicited, understanding that “it hasn’t been proven that the minor, who was five years old when it all began, offered resistance.”

    The Constitutional Tribunal endorsed a law in the Valencian Community, which recognizes the fetus as a subject of rights and dispossesses pregnant women of autonomy and capacity to decide about the future course of their pregnancy.

    A (female) judge imposes shared visitation rights on a lactating woman.

    He slits the throat and murders his ex-partner after stabbing her 30 times and sees his sentence reduced because of lack of cruelty / malice (“ensañamiento” in Spanish, it means giving more pain than necessary).

    Prison for a woman who violated the visitation rights of the daughter to the father, condemned (the father) for physical, psychological and sexual aggression.

    The (female) judge who asked a raped victim if she “closed her legs” won’t be penalized.
    The Disciplinary Commission considers that Victoria del Carmen Molina didn’t commit any offense of inconsiderateness or abuse of authority.

    Absolution for five policemen accused of sexual abuses to five (female) inmates of the CIE in Málaga. (CIE, Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros, are places in which foreigners whose situation is not regularised, are shut until they are either accepted or returned to their countries. The candidates to enter a CIE are of course people of non-white appearance. Racist insults, overcrowding, sexual abuse and deaths due to lack of medical attention have been reported repeatedly in these kinds of facilities.)

    Spain, reported before the UNO for expelling a pregnant trafficked Nigerian woman.
    Not only didn’t the State investigate if the woman had been exploited, but locked her in a CIE and expelled her to her country without guarantees, as the NGO Women’s Link Worldwide informs.

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  3. Isn’t kidnapping a federal crime, though? And any crime that takes place on an Interstate highway and crosses state lines is a federal crime, too, I thought. Which means the FBI would take over the case.

    This means that the police were looking extra, extra hard for an excuse to *not* prosecute the abusive husband’s crimes. I mean, if someone was abducted and murdered, but the authorities had no idea *where* they were murdered, the FBI would be involved, and they presumably wouldn’t stand around like a bunch of fucking dumbasses wondering how to prosecute a federal crime.

    Unless, of course, the victim was female. Then nobody cares.


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