Happy White Male Violence and Colonization Day. AKA Thanksgiving. 

Today, Americans celebrate the ingenuity (or violence and thievery) of white males. 

Today, we celebrate how white males loaded up their property (women and children) and set sail for North America. And when they got here, the indigenous peoples welcomed them and helped them to survive and adjust to the new land. 

And in familiar white male form, they thanked the indigenous peoples for the warm welcome by murdering them, stealing their land, and thanking their white male God for their blessings.

The United States. Stolen by white males with murder. And the murderous white dudes still run everything here.

So of COURSE they must be celebrated. Largely with an expensive meal that is handled completely by women. While males sit on their fat, lazy asses patting themselves on their superior backs for their intelligence, generosity and courage (lol).

Thanks, white dudes. Where would we be without you.

5 thoughts on “Happy White Male Violence and Colonization Day. AKA Thanksgiving. 

  1. I did what I could. You can make any change on the text that you think necessary and, at least as far as my part’s concerned, this is free for anybody to post wherever they want to.

    San Fermín is a celebration held in Pamplona, capital of Navarre, every July during eight days. The most iconic feature is letting some bulls loose before a running crowd on the 7th, this is called the “encierro”. But of course nowadays it’s an occasion for business, and there are discos, hotels, rock concerts, etc. This party is also known (of late) because of the sexual violence that happens there. The celebrations begin the 6th at 12AM, where a piece of fireworks is shot from the town hall balcony in front of a crowd gathered at the town hall square. It’s usual that, in this crowd, girls are offered alcohol, asked to raise their T-shirt, groped all over or hoisted up and then groped.

    In Seville, at the other end of the country (Spain if you hadn’t guessed), there was a whatsapp group of friends and relatives (all men) called The Pack. “The power of the wolf resides in The Pack.” Among these, five of them: José Ángel Prenda, Jesús Escudero Domínguez, Ángel Boza, Antonio Manuel Guerrero Escudero, and Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo. One of them was an aspiring guardia civil (military police) and another one was a military man. The newspapers hadn’t given their full names but, somehow, they have transpired. A very good quality image of these five can be found here:


    They ended up traveling to the Sanfermines and committing gang rape (which they still deny). Some of their Whatsapp messages prior to the trip:

    -These holidays are the acid test to become a wolf.
    -No, I still haven’t made the necessary achievements to be a wolf.
    -Are we carrying burundanga? (Burundanga is scopolamine)
    -I’ve got rohypnoles at a very low price. For the rapings.
    -I’ve got my gun, I don’t want shit. When we are drunk we take out the gun. If I find myself cornered I shoot anyone’s knee. Hahaha.
    -We have to begin to look for the chloroform, the rohypnoles, the ropes… so we don’t get our fingers caught, cause later we all want to rape.
    -I’d rape a Russian woman who’s lost and wack a 12 year old English boy. 2-0 and back home.

    The victim, an 18 year old girl, had gone to the celebration in a car with a male friend. The night from the 6th to the 7th, the male friend was very tired and he got into the car to sleep. She continued partying by herself.

    At 3AM, she and the gang met. José Ángel Prenda began talking with her. They were very friendly and they seemed to be getting on well. Then she was offered to be accompanied to the car. They started walking, José Ángel still talking to her. Another member of the group (I don’t remember which) went in front to look for a hotel room in which to commit the gang rape. Apparently he went to a hotel called Europa, but there they were told that the rooms had to be booked in advance. This “scouting mission” was unperceived by the girl.

    Then they changed direction and the tone of the conversation got much less friendly. She was a prisoner of the group already; they were almost seizing her. Then José Ángel, the converser, found that a woman was entering her apartment block. He held the door open and urged: “Now, now, now!” The woman rushed upstairs because she was scared. The girl was taken by the wrists and dragged in. She was threatened so she wouldn’t scream.

    She was raped pornographic fashion, orally, vaginally and anally by the five of them. Antonio Manuel Guerrero Escudero filmed the crime; the video lasted 96 seconds. Through it, the rapists made comments to the camera. After the rape, they took away her cell phone and her phone card so that she couldn’t communicate with anyone. Once outside, they sent more Whatsapp messages:

    -Fucking one between the five.
    -Everything I can tell is not enough.
    -Fucking great trip.
    -There’s a video.

    Once the video was sent, they received answers:

    -Motherfuckers I envy you.
    -These are the hot trips.

    When the girl could move, she put her clothes in order, found the cell phone case and two memory cards, and went out into the street, where she sat on a bench, crying. A couple found her there and took her to the town police, where she reported the perpetrators. The three agents who attended her later attested to the veracity of what she was saying, as she had all the symptoms of being in shock. Another man found her cell phone and brought it back.

    At the end of the encierro, the rapists were arrested. That afternoon there was a big demonstration to condemn the gang rape.

    The 9th of August, the judge of trial court number 4 of Pamplona ordered prison for the five rapists, on a 500000€ bail. The facts were considered constitutive of five felonies of sexual aggression with penetration, and every culprit responsible of his own rape and necessary collaborator for those of the others. There were three aggravating circumstances: degrading treatment, victim vulnerability and physical superiority. They were also accused of violent robbery.

    The 2nd of September, the five rapists declared before the judge through videoconference from their respective prisons. They pleaded not guilty for the rapes and claimed that the intercourse had been consented.

    The 17th, eight witnesses declared: the couple who found the girl crying, the three police agents, the man who had brought back the phone, the woman who had entered her apartment block, and another woman brought in by the defence. This last woman said that “they are successful with women and they don’t need to rape anybody to get sex.” This statement caused scandal; it implied that the men were entitled to their sex, but, as they could get it through legal means, why should they get into problems with the law? And, besides, it was not about sex; it was about “becoming a wolf”, that is, becoming a man and having that manhood recognized by other men. And this, of course, is done by inflicting violence on women. But to continue: the rapists, on the strength of their claim that the sex had been consented, asked to be taken out of jail. The judge denied them this and confirmed their imprisonment, this time without bail.

    As far as I know, no newspaper has blamed the victim for her own abuse. But on the TV there are some horrid talk shows, watched by a lot of people, and in some of them it was argued that the girl had her rape coming because of her imprudence. Also, a right wing private channel called Antena 3, shortly before the trial began, informed us that one of the rapists had recently been a father. Questions arise as to his girlfriend, but the girlfriend passionately defended her rapist boyfriend. A facebook friend of hers used the sentence: “a toda cerda le llega su San Martín”, which could be translated into “every sow / dirty whore gets her retribution in the end.” The rapist girlfriend and her facebook woman friend both hope to meet one day with their respective boyfriends when the storm is over.

    This last 18th of October, that is, of 2017, it was agreed to carry out the trial behind closed doors. The girl’s identity and appearance wouldn’t be made public. Also, this measure sought to protect the “right to intimacy” of the five culprits, but, as has been seen, both their names and faces are all over the internet; not any details about their sexual life, though.

    On Monday the 13th of November, the trial began. The attorney asked 22 years and 9 months of penalty for each of the perpetrators; the girl, the town hall, and the government of Navarre asked a higher penalty.

    On Tuesday, the culprits pleaded guilty only of the robbery, and demanded the nullity of the trial. The girl had to suffer a three and a half hour questioning. The defence had asked for her to watch the video of her own rape, but in the end this was spared her.

    The defence had ordered a private detective agency to spy on the girl over the course of a weekend. They used her messages on social networks and the images of security cameras in her area. The judge didn’t accept the images of the security cameras, but did accept the messages on the social networks, and this was part of her questioning: why, if she was so traumatized, was she shortly after the facts sending messages and photographs? She replied: “I was remaking my life.”

    The fact that the judge accepted this private investigation as evidence, together with his refusal to admit as evidence the whatsapp messages prior to the trip, have aroused fierce criticism.

    The trial continued until the end of the week; all the witnesses, mentioned above plus the security guard of hotel Europa, have declared. I think tomorrow is the last session.

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    1. These guys should be hung in public, as an example.
      They are not humans, but monsters.
      I’m against death penalty, but in this case … I really don’t see them as humans…
      I’m speechless …

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  2. “And in familiar white male form, they thanked the indigenous peoples for the warm welcome by murdering them, stealing their land, and thanking their white male God for their blessings…”
    Violence seems to be part the language of male-humans – at least those who don’t understand that women should be the center and the rulers of humanity.
    I’ve read somewhere that the societies of Native Americans are matriarchal.

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  3. Hello, Jayne.

    I see that you have stopped writing in your blog. If that’s because of me, I’m sorry, and if I’ve been the cause of any pain, I’m doubly sorry. Probably I’ve behaved like an ass.

    I’m not writing here anymore and I’m just leaving this message because I thought it would be useful for you to know that the road is clear.

    My past messages are here to keep or erase at your own convenience.

    All the best!


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