Peak Idiot Male, Peak Trans, Peak Everything….

So I took another unexpected break. 

Andrea Dworkin once said that so many women don’t bother with feminism because they can’t take the misery, the burden, the ugliness in the realization of how horribly we are treated, just for being women. I am paraphrasing, of course, but I so relate to that sentiment. Lots of you do, too, I am sure.

I have just been in a dark place. A few weeks ago, there was a thread on gender critical reddit (which banned Mancheeze, btw, what the fuck is even happening) about a post on one of the trannie reddits. A trannie posted a picture of the “ultimate” woman, she was kind of a 1950s pin up, full make up and hair, high heels, in a kitchen (of fucking COURSE), and she was bending over a stove, arching her back, pouting all sexy like, while baking a fucking cake, presumably for her male owner.

You know. Just like we women everywhere do. /s

And the trannies were so enthralled, going on and on about how they know that they are women because this picture was just the ideal woman, they want to be just like her, with the sexy cake baking, and didn’t she look nurturing and feminine, just as they aspire to be.

Because this picture *is* the ideal woman. TO MALES.

And these dudes, all out in the open, talking about how this is what they want to be. Because she is the ultimate woman.

These same dudes will say that they are against traditional gender roles and accuse us of being bigots. And then they will fill a fucking reddit thread about this picture, about how this “domestic goddess” is their goal. Because cleaning, cooking, nurturing, submitting, (femininity) is the ultimate in being a woman.

Do you ever think about the women before us? Women that had no rights at all. Women who had talents, interests, wants, intelligence, skills that they were not allowed to use? Because they were forced into the domestic servant role?

I do. I think about them. And how males had not only their own life to live as they wished, but also a wife/slave who would be forced to live as he wished. That fucker got 2 lives because he was just too goddamned stupid, selfish, lazy, ignorant to wash his own fucking underwear or clean his own fucking toilet. 

And his wife got NO LIFE. Her life was never her own. Her one life was spent as property of her father and then her husband. Males kept everything from her and then called her lesser because of it. Her entire life, consumed by males. 

Trannies think that this prison, this cage, these fucking chains that males created and call “femininity” is what being a woman is, because they are males, and males demand that we be “feminine”. And really, “feminine” is defined by males as the opposite of “masculine”. So when males decide that they can’t/won’t perform “masculinity”, well then, they must be a lady! 

This is what passes for “superior male reasoning”.

While reading that post, I just couldn’t, anymore. I was just done. Because that post, along with a couple of other incidents in the past few weeks, is just another sign that we are losing. 

We need a new plan. Begging male systems, participating in them, is getting us nowhere except backwards. Explaining endlessly to males is just wasting our time and keeping things as males want them. They are endlessly stalling to keep the boot on our neck.

There are ways that we can fight and I am going to be writing about them in the next few days. What we are doing now, it is like a group of males has shown up at our house with gasoline and matches. And while we are explaining to them why it is wrong for them to burn our house down, they very calmly, systematically are spreading gasoline to burn. We keep explaining while they light the match. We beg them to stop, they ignite the gas.

And while the house is burning down, we are begging them to please, please, please put out the fire.

See how this makes no sense at all? When has an oppressed group ever been liberated by begging the oppressors??? 

I have ideas. And I know that lots of you do, too.

So let’s hear them. Let’s Talk about them. We can liberate ourselves.


9 thoughts on “Peak Idiot Male, Peak Trans, Peak Everything….

  1. The way women have been treated throughout history unfortunately is something that I’m all too aware of. It’s the life that my mother and sisters lead. It’s what they’ve been brainwashed to think to be good.

    The big problem, as always, is men. Especially when combined with a fundamental trait in many people, laziness. Most people just don’t want to think too much, and unfortunately, that includes a lot of women. But despite that, I think that we are ever so slowly getting further, if only by building up more support.

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  2. I’ve noticed your absence at FC and I’ve missed seeing your comments. So I was happy to get the email of your new post! I get needing to take a break from it once in a while. Sometimes I feel like my head will literally explode.

    I’m ready to learn more and help, a bit fearful, because I know the louder I become the labels that will come my way – mainly “Crazy” or “Mentally Unstable” – really I’m just angry. But hey, at least I won’t be sent away to a psych ward for being angry these days. That wasn’t so long ago really. Yay for that.

    My real work is with my teen daughter. Teaching her what I was never taught. Telling her the truth, the harsh realities, planting the seeds. Sometimes she listens attentively, others she laughs it off a bit, I don’t want to push too much on her, like I said, plant the little seeds and hopefully they’ll grow.

    I posted on FC about the latest happening in my daughters school. One of the top ranked public schools in our state. I remember feeling so grateful that my daughter would be able to attend such a place. She’s in her first year of HS and in her english class about 10 boys have been passing around a wooden penis that one of them made during wood shop. They have posted pics and videos on instagram too – of a boy jacking it off towards the female teacher and spraying towards her, while her back is turned. I saw what my daughter and other girls in her class have seen. I wish I could unsee it – but it’s in my head now. 15 year old boys doing this towards a teacher – imagine what they feel entitled to do to female peers.

    Yes, things have to be dealt with. I’m fucking sick of it – but I refuse to bury my head in the sand.

    So I’m hear and on other places, reading and learning from others. So grateful for these resources.

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    1. Ughhhh that’s soo sickkkening.. I’m so sorry about this.. And this is in a prestigious school? Sigh. Boys really need to be caned. Whatever happened to that old wisdom..? How does your daughter feel about this? I mean, has she been manipulated into believing that this behavior is ok? Or is she shocked? If it is the second answer, then one step is done.
      You are right about not pushing too hard when she laughs things off. You’ll have to get it across to her indirectly – through 3rd party mouth and 3rd party experiences. For example, get her favorite aunt or someone (who she likes AND respects as an intelligent person) to tell her (or tell you when she is within earshot) a real incident that had happened, which will prove your point. She’ll absorb it more easily when it comes from a third person or when she “happens to” hear it herself. Wish you all the best. Hugs.

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    2. Where are male kids learning this? That this is ok????

      Where I get my gas, there is this male in his late 30s and he is mentally challenged. He hangs out at that store. He thinks that he is a cop, and he carries this little notebook and he will write you a “ticket”.

      And I am a total bitch to him. I HAVE to be, because somehow, some way, he has figured out that it is his right to touch/grope/harass women.

      This guy is literally retarded. And yet, he has somehow worked out in his feeble male brain that he can sexually assault women. And that no one will stop him.

      This shit is so insidious that males pick it up when they are tiny kids. And males are too stupid, lazy and entitled to attempt to unlearn it.

      My heart hurts for all of us, but especially for those of us that are mothers with daughters. I hurt more for the mothers THAN the daughters, because mothers know exactly what their daughters will be facing. That has to be difficult to live with.


  3. Hey HJ!!! Sooo glad to find you!!!! and soo glad to see that you are ok – I was worried when you weren’t logging in to FC for quite sometime. Initially I thought it must be due to thanksgiving, but didn’t see you long after that too. I was worried as to what happened (I’m a bit of a pessimist). I remembered you mentioned there that you had a blog where you shared Helen Steel’s article, and was searching for blogs that mentioned her link. A lot of meanderings and searches, and when I thought I’ll give up and reply to one of your FC comments with “hi are u ok…” I landed on a comment you made with your wordpress account where you mentioned that your disqus handle was h..j..! (Google didn’t help – it was pathetic in fact. Another search engine did.) I’m sooo happy to find you and even more happy to know that you are well enough to post on your blog, contrary to my worry:) I’m sorry it looks like stalking….. I didn’t intend to do that dear, I just wanted to check on you. 🙂 Oh, I didn’t introduce myself – I post on FC with a B..F.. pseudonym:)


  4. Wait, are you HJ from FC? I took a break from it as well, but haven’t ceased my radfem efforts. So true on the mentally impraired men grasping what they can do to women – experienced it 1st hand as well. Also agree that the socialisation experiment has profoundly failed. It’s time to breed males out of existence.


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