For Fun, a Few of my Favorite Things

It is a holiday, and even though I don’t give 2 shits about the patriarchal religious celebration that centers around a male God raping a virgin because even his worthless ass had to hijack the body of a woman in order to have the ever important son, it is still nice to have some joy and a laugh. So these are a few of my favorite things. 

In keeping with the religious theme of today, please enjoy these cartoons of bible stories. They are factually accurate and kind of hilarious in their unflinching honesty.

Messed Up Bible Stories

Next up, we have Batzilla. She rescues injured bats in Australia, rehabs them, and takes videos of them eating fruit and being just totally fucking adorable. They are like sky puppies.

Most of you know how I feel about white males, so it will probably surprise some of you that one made my list, lol.

But George Carlin. George fucking Carlin. As far as I know, he never said or did anything misogynist, sexist or racist. He was just so honest and on point, and hilarious, too. This clip is 9 minutes and is about forced birthers. Well worth a listen.

Since I am poor, I am always looking for interesting, tasty, different ways to make inexpensive (CHEAPCHEAPCHEAP) foods a little healthier and more delicious. YouTube has a ton of ramen noodle recipes. Turns out that you can make just about anything with some ramen. 

Here is one of my favorites. It is REALLY good.

This one is a documentary and it is about 90 minutes.

I love history and learning about women before us. This one is about sex in the civil war, so if course, it focuses on women. Because women=sex in a patriarchy. 

It talks about some women that pretended to be male in order to join up as soldiers. One of the woman scholars that talks about the war says that in history, and in the “followers camps”, that there were not just prostitutes in those camps. But we never hear about the women that followed the males to do their cooking, laundry, nursing, etc. (Because of COURSE males had to drag women along to do domestic servitude. God fucking forbid that they have to do anything at all for themselves.)  We only ever hear about the prostitutes.

Me thinks that is because males write the history. And they love, love, love objectifying and denigrating women.

It focuses a lot on women in the civil war. Hope you like it.

Last, but not least, is a video that I have posted before. But I am putting it here, too, because it is still the most important video on the whole of the interwebs. It is Gregory, the dog, and the tantrum that ensues when he sees that he does not have the gravy on his food.

I do not Twitter. But if I did, I would do a hashtag for Gregory and his grave gravyless injustice, like GRAVY4GREGORY.

If you celebrate Christmas or some other holiday, or if you are like me and don’t celebrate anything at all, I still hope that all of my sisters have some peace, joy and love on what should be a relaxing day. Too often, women make all of the holiday magic happen while males sit on their lazy, entitled asses. I look forward to changing that in the near future.

Thanks for visiting, reading, and/or commenting. All the best, sisters!


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