Refusing Male Dominance in One Act of Defiance 

Why are we still having children? Why are we (heterosexual women) still participating in penetrative intercourse (PIV) with males? 

I wrote a post recently about pregnancy and having children. I questioned why it is that we provide male systems with the one thing that they must have and are unable to do themselves, which is create PEOPLE as workers and consumers. I mean, we do it for free, at great risk to ourselves, and with males crying about it the entire time. Why are we populating the world for them?

Pregnancy should be compensated, period. We provide ALL of the  actual humans for males to use, abuse, profit from, etc. Why are we doing all of that for free?

We shouldn’t be doing that for free. Our lives, bodies and time are valuable. Males put a price on everything. We either need to stop producing for them, or charge them for it.

Which leads me into what I really want to discuss, which is sex. Males have defined sex as penetration, penis in vagina (PIV). Males say that sex starts when their dick enters a vagina and ends when they ejaculate. 

That is the sum total of male defined sex. This is how sex is portrayed in movies and other media. And we are totally ignored. We are just a hole for a dick, a receptacle for sperm.

Males defined sex this way and turned it into a cultural norm for several reasons. Males really don’t want women to enjoy sex. If we like it, then we will seek it out and want to choose our own partners. Males also don’t like it when we demand things, and they certainly don’t want to have to think about what makes us feel good. Males only really care about what *they* want, they are too lazy/inept/selfish to care if we orgasm or if we are having a good time.

And their good time is only about their dick, which is why males hate lesbians. Their tiny male brains get all kinds of mad when they think that women don’t want or need them, especially for sex. Most males like the idea of lesbianism as a performance for them, and that is the only acceptable lesbianism to them. They don’t understand lesbian sex, because there is no penis! How confusing for them! If there is no PIV, then the male mind thinks that sex can’t be happening, lol. So lesbians can’t possibly be having *real* sex. 

Males define sex as PIV and too many of us have bought into that. As long as our bodies remain under the control of male governments, we should not be allowing males access to PIV. It is that simple. 

For me, not allowing male access to PIV is about avoiding pregnancy, protesting prostitution/trafficking, and protesting male government control over my body.

I am married for over a decade, and I have been with my husband since 2003. I do not engage in PIV. But I do engage in sex. (I wouldn’t have gotten married had I known about radical feminism at the time. I like my husband and my marriage, and I would still be having a relationship with him, but I wouldn’t have married on principle.)

I have spoken about this before, and was deafened by the sounds of male heads exploding at the idea. They can’t imagine what sex is between a male and a woman if there is no PIV. Why would a male ever agree to that heinous, unfair situation?!?! What is wrong with me? That I can’t understand that I owe my husband full access to my vagina?!?!? 

And that is followed by insults thrown at the lack of “masculinity” that my husband is displaying by not demanding his god given right to stick his dick in my vagina on demand.

Try discussing this with a male. And you will quickly find out how little (or how much) they think of you. In my experience, they get overly emotional and hysterical, and their fear makes them especially loud and incredibly stupid in their terror at the thought of not having access to female bodies.

I am a woman that likes PIV. Unfortunately, male government controls my reproduction, so I can’t risk it, even with birth control. I live in the southern USA, where abortion is really expensive and difficult to obtain. If I could afford it, I can’t afford the travel it would take for me to have one. I don’t want kids, I never have, and I can’t afford them, anyway. 

If males actually face a consequence for their collective control of our bodies, that will very quickly put a stop to their dominance. We can cut males off at the source if we would stop allowing them PIV access, and if we stopped providing them with humans for them to take from.

Imagine if women just stopped consenting to PIV. This one defiant act can start a revolution.


*I am very willing to answer questions about how I have a sexual relationship with a man without PIV, and how I went about it. I am not shy about it, but I didn’t include it because it really isn’t all that interesting. If you have a question, ask!

19 thoughts on “Refusing Male Dominance in One Act of Defiance 

  1. You know what just occurred to me… someone determined that you only need 3.5% of the population to effect a nonviolent revolution. Surely we can get 3.5% of women to do this and also demonstrate publicly to show that it is happening.

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    1. That is why I speak publicly about this. It absolutely CAN be done, and heterosexual women can still have a relationship (sexual and intimate) with a man.

      I really wish and hope that this idea picks up speed.

      This isn’t a new idea, either.

      I don’t want to assume that you are in the USA, but have you heard about what that fucker, Kasich, has done in the state of Ohio? He is attempting to ban abortions where the fetus shows down syndrome.

      The fucking NERVE of that guy. Of ALL males that put a slavery claim onto female bodies and enforce it with violence and threat of violence.

      Imagine if the women of just a single state (I am looking at my sisters in Ohio) said NOPE. While you control my body, you get no access.

      That would be a start.

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      1. Yes, I’m in PA. I literally just woke up to how transgenderism is sabotaging women’s liberation. I think a lot about the oppression of mothers, what you’re talking about is just that IMO. I think and talk about how women have to push out a baby then be right back at work or doing what have you and the normalization of separating mother from child (a construction of capitalism) is what is causing predatory men to have to much access to not just women to prey on in the workplace, but grants much freer access to children in general. I’m an advocate of a matriarchal society. I don’t think we can or should settle for “equality,” we are not equal. We make the humans, that is special.

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      2. Transgenderism is yet one more way for males to deny our humanity and autonomy. They see us as a lot of things. They see us as a set of holes to fuck, as baby havers, house cleaners, their personal assistant. They see us as a set of roles that they created and enforce in servitude to them.

        And now they have turned us into a magical, mythical lady essence. We aren’t human. We are ladybrained creatures that they can inhabit or wear like a fucking costume.

        That is really insulting. Especially when viewed alongside the way they treat us every damn day.

        Males love to say how important motherhood is, lol. But they treat women and children like shit. What they actually mean is that motherhood is important when it is being done in a patriarchal family unit, with the male owning/controlling the woman and/or kids.

        I was reading your blog just now. I am sorry about FB and twitter doing what they did to you. It isn’t surprising, though, since males own those companies.

        I saw where you said that you are new to Radical feminism. You may already know, but in case you don’t, gendertrender is a WordPress blog dedicated to Radical gender critique.

        If you have access to YouTube, Mancheeze is a radical feminist who also does mostly gender critique.

        Feminist Current is also a really good radfem site.

        At any rate, I am glad to meet you. And welcome.

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      3. Perfect, thank you!! I intend to begin to make videos on YouTube. I hate being on camera but I think the only way to get around the censorship of social media is to express your content in a video. If and when I do, I will post about them here. Thanks again! So happy to meet you!

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  2. Agree 100 percent with your post. I have one question only: I sincerely don’t understand how it is possible for a woman to find PiV completely pain-free, orgasmic, and not mind that she is submitting to something that could cause her bodily harm through her partner’s potential roughness, or medical events such as UTIs, PID, vaginal lacerations, pregnancy, or STIs. Men can/have literally raped/PiV’d women to death. Even if Nigel is the most loving man in the world, the fact that he could harm her if he wanted to necessarily puts her in the submissive position to him.
    Even without cultural baggage that posits women as men’s receptacles, even in a never-before-seen society where there was so sexism and rape and male violence was unthinkable, even if the women in this fictional society were equal in strength to men, and even if there was 100 percent effective birth control used by men, most women would still not orgasm from PiV. Many would find it uncomfortable. A significant minority would find it extremely painful, not due to “psychological issues”, just due to the natural variation of women’s bodies.
    In order to see how much women are hated in society, imagine the situation gender-reversed: The only act considered “sex” in society involved men being at risk for pain and bodily harm every time it occurred, and men had to see doctors to obtain side-effect laden medical methods to prevent further harm from the result of “sex”. For all this bother, the majority of men were still unable to orgasm from “sex”. Meanwhile, women always came, never felt pain or even discomfort during the act, and didn’t have to worry about medical consequences from the act.
    No man would ever submit to this act, let alone “enthusiastically consent” (Gag. It’s ludicrous how in Libfem World, “consent” transforms an identical act from a horrific violation/crime/bodily assault into The Best Thing ever once “permission” is obtained. Libfems never acknowledge that “consent”, in practice in a patriarchy, really means “woman lets man do invasive penetratory act on her person”.)
    Now imagine if men, not women, could get pregnant and were generally physically weaker than women.
    Men would not have “sex” unless their life was threatened.
    Even if an entire culture gaslit them to believe that this was the ultimate act of “love” between a man and a woman, and sometimes even “the only way women know how to express their love for you”.
    Btw, really glad to read a radfem blog that talks about PiV again. Since the days of FCM and witchwind, I haven’t found any! Let’s focus on the problems women and girls face in everyday life. ALL women, whether asexual, lesbian, bi or het are trained from girlhood on to be boner-inducing f!ckholes and reproductive slaves for men, and judged solely on their compliance. This is one of the major roots–if not THE root–of female oppression and hatred of lesbians, childfree women, GNC women, asexual women, and old women. As you wrote in your post, those who know you are PiV-free think you are aberrant and torturing your partner, even though in reality no PiV does not mean no sex OR deprive “people” (i.e. men) of obtaining orgasm.
    In radical feminist content online these days, transgenderism is posited as the biggest problem facing women.
    Meanwhile, thanks to porn, the new generation of girls are suffering more than I ever could have imagined in my own (bullied non-stop by male classmates) girlhood.

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    1. You are 100% correct.

      I think that our biology is 100% of the root of female oppression. And that males have manipulated us into allowing them control.

      Transgenderism is rooted in our biology, as well. The hatred and envy of our biology.

      PIV should not be mandatory. I have a particular problem with psychology (a male system used to control/submit women), and their insistence that women that have been raped/assaulted/abused need to get over it, and get back to the PIV.

      Why? Why are we told that? Why do women have to hurry up and get over trauma caused by males? Just so we can get back to being accessible for male fucking? What the fuck kind of asshole reasoning is that??

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am planning on writing more about PIV in the near future. Welcome to my blog!

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      1. Read up about why males exist. The Y-chromosome is actually an evolutionary mistake. Males exist only so that they can reproduce themselves (by blocking our gene for asexual reproduction). They are 100% parasites that have hijacked the host.


  3. Reading this I really am reminded of how easy I have it, being only attracted to women. That makes it much easier to avoid being put in situations where awful things like this are expected of me and I don’t get emotionally blackmailed into doing such things.

    I applaud you for managing to do this and have to say that I really admire the moral strength it requires in our twisted society.

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    1. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

      Male society is really unkind to lesbians, up to the point of attempting to erase you completely. And I support my lesbian sisters in any way that I can.

      My husband is a good and kind person. He is not perfect, but he has never guilted me into anything. Because he sees me as a human being and treats me as such.

      Knowing him is how I know that males can be decent. He does typical male things, but he is not violent, manipulative, or entitled like most of them.

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      1. If I hadn’t been a lesbian, chances are that I would have been in love when I was eighteen, which meant getting married, no education, and having half a dozen children. Being a lesbian made it easier to resist that, which is one of the reasons why we have it easier to come to certain political views. When burdened with an oppressor towards whom you have actual feelings of love it’s much harder.

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  4. My daughter is an avid reader. She has been reading at an adult level since she was nine. For her 14th birthday this week, I got her a book called “The Nowhere Girls.” In a nutshell, it’s about a group of young women that boycott all sexual activity with boys in a plot to end the rape culture that is rampant at their school, as an act of female solidarity.

    It’s teen fiction, but I’m still gonna read it when she’s done.

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  5. Sisters, we need to support the scientific research behind male-free reproduction. Males squashed the Kaguya method because it is truly revolutionary. Can we find a wealthy feminist woman who could fund this (just like what happened with the Pill)?

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    1. You have talked with me before, at FC? Only one women has ever mentioned the kaguya reproductive method to me before. But I won’t use that name unless I know you are ok with it.

      Just the readily available information about the y chromosome is pretty dismal for males, lol. The x are always so robust and healthy looking, and the y actually looks like a diseased, shriveled worm. I have thought for a while that the y was some kind of defect, but reading a little bit about that solidified that idea for me. The x has 1000 DNA, the y has 200 or less. That’s just sad.

      The other thing about this that irritates me to no fucking end is that women are the default human, which is kind of obvious, since all humans have an x chromosome and only the males have the y. But they have convinced themselves (and a lot of wonen)of the opposite, which is just another male reversal.

      Also, any human being that has a y chromosome is a male. But if male doctors see evidence of the y chromosome, like the penis, and it doesn’t look exactly like what they think that a penis should look like, they just call it female. I don’t believe in intersex. If the person has a y, that person is a male, full stop.

      Anyway, do you have any preferred sources for the kaguya reproduction? I looked and found only about mice.

      Also, was it a wealthy woman that funded research on the pill? You are teaching me a lot, I am so glad you are visiting.😊


  6. I’ve envied lesbians as well. I find that I’ve turned myself asexual by discovering the truth about males. My psychological revulsion towards them has killed off 99% of the attraction towards them. My sex drive is still there, but it just floats with nothing to land on now.

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  7. I am not “asexual”; it is just I don’t make men the center of my existence. Once I passed my early thirties and basically gave up on romantic relationships and focused on other things, it was pretty easy to do it. I didn’t have to worry about people constantly pressuring me to get married and have kids, as I lived away from my family of origin for nearly 30 years (I returned to where I grew up for financial reasons eight years ago after my parents had long since died). It hasn’t been easy financially, but I have lived life on my own terms without having to orient my life around a man. At my age of 63, I am not completely averse to getting involved with someone again, but it has been many years, and it would to be somebody extraordinary.


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