Male Manipulations and Lies are Bred by Their Fear

I know that everyone here is going to be surprised that I managed to inadvertently trigger a bunch of manbabies on Reddit because I dare to speak my mind while being female. It is always the same. Women speak truths and observations about our realities and males respond with insults and threats. Males have convinced me that they lack even basic reasoning skills that are required to form an argument or differing opinion, because I have never seen them make an argument. Only threats and insults, which are the last refuge of the tiny male mind.

And this is a typical fear response. Males manipulate, lie, and threaten violence because of their hysterical, irrational terror. These 3 things are how males run the world.

For just one example, let’s look at education. Males kept women out of education for decades, and really even longer than that. One of the first excuses that they used was that women were too delicate and fragile. When women denied that, then males said that our female biology makes us stupid and we would never succeed.

If males had really believed that we were too stupid, fragile, or whatever, they would have allowed us into education because we would have failed, they would have been proven right, and that would have been the end of it. But they didn’t allow it because they knew that we would succeed. And our success scares them.

Then came the male manipulation that we shouldn’t be too smart because that is off putting to males.  Intelligence is “unfeminine”. So go to school, ladies, but only until you can fulfill your lady destiny of getting married and becoming a domestic servant!

And today, when women are doing better in colleges and universities than males, they cry and say that schools have been “feminized” (LOL). Universities are still majority male in both teaching and administrative positions. Women have always done well in education, even with males whining and crying the entire time.

Males do this same type of manipulation in employment, government, etc. They claim that Women aren’t smart enough, strong enough, etc., even while they know that they are lying. And since we are resourceful, stubborn, and do not give up, we eventually get in to wherever males are guarding and we proceed to outdo them.

In the 70s, males tried like hell to keep us out of phone company jobs. When we got in anyway, and proceeded to work and produce faster and more efficiently than they could, they predictably brought out the sexual harassment and violence. 

They hung up pictures of pornography. They threatened to rape the women. Males made comments about their bodies, told them that they were taking jobs away from males, etc. (This is covered extensively in Susan Faludi’s book, Backlash).

This same scenario has played out over and over in every male dominated industry that women have fought our way into. And this tells me a couple of interesting things about males. 

The first is that males believe that women are superior to them in just about every way. Their treatment of us tells us this very clearly. If we really were inferior, they would allow us to fail. But we always succeed. They don’t want to allow us a chance because then we will know what they already do. That males believe that women are superior to them. 

The second thing this tells us about males is how terrified they are of us. Males are OMG SHIT THEIR MANBABY PANTS scared of us. They are afraid that we will discover that we don’t need them for anything at all. But they are mostly afraid that we would treat them the way that they have treated us for centuries. Males can’t conceive of a world where someone doesn’t have a boot on someone else’s neck. Violence and force are the only things that males understand. 

Which leads me to the third thing that I have learned about males, which is their lack of vision and creativity is astounding in its almost non existence. The only thing that males excel at is violence, and even there, they have exactly zero creativity. I get the same rape and death threats over and over and over. The same insults. They never change or even vary that much.

The one thing that males have over us is violence. And they manage to make even that a dreadful bore.

Male systems work to advantage males at every turn because if males don’t manipulate the systems that they create and control, women would quickly overtake them. And that scares the males, who understand that we don’t need them and that women would actually fair much better without them at all.


2 thoughts on “Male Manipulations and Lies are Bred by Their Fear

  1. >> ..they cry and say that schools have been “feminized” (LOL)..

    LOL, I’ve heard this too (online) – from western men, that their educational system/syllabus has been secretly tweaked to make it easier for female brains, causing males to score far lesser than females. It is utterly ridiculous: In India, the modern education system came into place less than a century back. And then, it was exclusively reserved for males. Females slowly started getiing into them – far and few. Only from the my mothers generation did they see girls going to school as something not-too-strange/”ok”. Only from my generation did all the folks (in cities) see girls education as “normal”. BUT STILL, from the very beginning, girls have consistently been outperforming boys – no way the system was “tweaked”! Women had no say in the system (there might have been very few, if any, women making decisions on the educational system till a short while ago). Not just that, the system hardly changed from the time it was only-boys to the time an odd girl or two went in to the time girls started going to school in bigger numbers. Nothing was changed at all – let alone changed to make it easier for the “inferior women’s brain”(duh). The white/western conspiracy theory simply crumbles here.

    Also, I had seen a book by a man who works for men & boys – he claimed that boys are falling back in school because education was feminized – just like you said they claim. He is advocating for separate school for boys & girls, since he says their brains work very differently, and so the boys need a diferent kind of facility to learn. (How did they learn earlier, when only they went to school? How come now they suddenly have “different” needs?)
    It is actually dangerous – they would start off like this, and then claim that since boys need more space than girls, boys need more experiments than girls since they are more active (how come their hyperactive break-everything nature came in the way of education suddenly now?) etc, etc, and would DRAW AWAY resouces (physical space, labs, good faculty, funding (girls can reuse the same equipments, boys like brand new ones)) from the girls’ schools & enrich boys’ facilities. After a few decades, girls will find themselves in crammed up spaces (which would impact their mind subconciously, and also limit their physical activity which is again needed for a fresh mind) with faulty equipment & limited funding. Then, back to the old days. Unfortunately, even girls’ parents are falling for this, and agreeing for separate schools. Right now they might provie a relief for girls from harrasment by boys, but seen it will spiral down as I said just before.. Hope mothers get this before it goes too far.

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