One thought on “Bra-gate – Yellowberry products now ‘for everyone’

  1. Funny, no one bothered to contact anyone with a Dysorder of Sexual Developement (formerly known as “Intersex”) to see if they’re offended by Yellowberry bras. In fact, the voices of DSD people are conspicuously absent from these kinds of debates, though the trans cult is always eager to presumptuously speak for them.

    I think Ms. Grassell should contact a representative from the DSD community herself and ask them herself if her products are offensive to that community, and post their response to that “social worker’s” page.

    I really fucking wish the trans cult would stop bringing DSD people into their delusional arguments. These people have existed for all of human history without the help of the trans cult, and they’ve repeatedly asked the trans cult to stop parasitically attaching themselves to the DSD community.

    The trans cult is made up of fetishists and delusional fucking leeches.

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