Today in compulsory PIV

So I want to talk a little more about PIV for several reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t get discussed enough, in my opinion. And I want sex to be defined by women and what we want and need. And then there is the kind of hilarious shitshow that I get when males crycry at me because OHMYGAWD, SHUT UP YOU HARPY, PIV BE OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT, THO.

I am still thinking about posting some of their whinefest, because, Jesus, those manbabies be hysterical over radfem critique of PIV. I get the giggles when they get all weepy.

Anyway, while I am deciding that, please enjoy this post from purplesagefem about a young woman that was born without a vagina and her decision to surgically create one because she is getting married and males must have access to a vagina because they must have a place to put their penis or they spontaneously combust or die at 30 or some other horrible thing that happens because males have to fuck a vagina or else.

The woman’s story is interesting, purplesage’ s critique is excellent and on point (as usual) and the comments are good, too. I hope you like it as much as I did when it was new.


Purple Sage

Well, this article is just the perfect train wreck full of opportunities for patriarchy-blaming.

As a side note, can I still use the phrase patriarchy-blaming? This is a phrase I learned from my radical feminist sensei (“femsei”?) Twisty Faster, who used to blog at I Blame the Patriarchy back in the day, and who taught me the joyful art of radical feminist blogging. For any of you newbies who weren’t a part of the radical feminist blogosphere five to ten years ago, patriarchy-blaming basically means radical feminist theorizing.

Without further ado, here’s our article:

From the New York Post : Woman Born Without Vagina Raising Money So She Can Have Sex

“The family of a woman born without a vagina has launched a crowdfunding campaign for surgery that would allow her to experience intimacy and live a more normal life.

Her boyfriend of four months, Robbie Limmer, says he doesn’t care…

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3 thoughts on “Today in compulsory PIV

  1. Love that article by Purple Sage!

    It gave me a great idea. Since that couple has already raised thousands of dollars for her surgery, I thought maybe they could use it for a different *kind* of surgery. Instead wasting money on building a fake structure in her pelvis that would give her no pleasure whatsoever, they could use the money to have her bofriend’s penis amputated.

    Now, this may sound extreme to those of us who are still penis-centric, but hear me out!

    Creating a fake vagina out of thin air is a highly complex and expensive procedure. It sounds like she has no vaginal tissue to work with, so it would most likely involve taking a deep skin graft from elsewhere on her body, so she would have multiple wounds that would require long term post-op care. It would be painful, complex, and fraught with potential complications, making her treatment extremely expensive.

    On the other hand, a penis amputation would be relatively simple. The wound would be external and fairly small, so the procedure and post-op care would be reasonably cheap. He would still be able to urinate with what’s left of his dick stump, too, of course.

    But the best part is that he would no longer be so preoccupied with sticking that pesky dick in a hole that doesn’t exist! As a couple, they could both just relax and enjoy each other’s sexuality without worrying about what his penis can or can’t penetrate. Imagine the relief!

    So if they’re considering surgery, one cannot argue that the price, the efficacy, and the safety of a penis amputation is by far the most pragmatic choice for this couple.

    That’s just my two cents.

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    1. That is a FABULOUS idea.

      In fact, they could save all of their money and she could just do it for him! I am sure he be the manliest of all the menz, and it is just a little cut, right? He don’t need no doctor! Doctors are for sissies.

      A steak knife, some duct tape, rubbing alcohol, a few bandaids, and something for him to bite down on. That is all they would need. BOOM. Done. All the problems solved.

      You and I should write a book. We would be solving male bullshit left and right. We should gift the world with our genius. 😁


  2. I like that idea, too!

    With the money that she saves, she could fund some other ambition. She could write and publish a book, travel the world, start a business. She would have plenty of money to explore her wildest ambitions, and none of them have to involve becoming a surgically-created human dick pocket.

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