A Little Encouragement from a Sister

Sometimes, I feel as if we are losing. And it is so fucking heavy. That is why I disappear every once in a while, just to escape the male dominance, the sexism, the straight up hate that flies at us from males daily in varying forms, directly and indirectly, from their harassment, violence, legislation, etc. Most days, I laugh at their ignorance because they are just so fucking stupid it is kind of funny.

But sometimes, I am overwhelmed by seeing my sisters being raped, murdered, bullied, intimidated, ignored, imprisoned, forced into servitude, sold, and more, by males. Just for the crime of being women. And I want to help them. But I can’t. 

And it makes my blood boil.

And then I will see something that lifts my spirits and reminds me that we are actually winning. That we are absolutely not fighting a losing battle, no matter that it can feel that way. My sisters will remind me that we are strong, capable, stubborn, driven, courageous, and brave.

We are a sisterhood, and we are powerful. We are the half of the human race that keeps everything going in the middle of all of the destructive male bullshit. We are proud and we are loud. 

We are women. 

And sometimes I read something that I think deserves its very own space on the interwebs. It was written as a comment on a FC article and it is just so uplifting and positive, I have to share it. (I will link to the article below. The comments are fabulous, the article is even better, and I don’t have to tell you how I feel about FC and Meghan Murphy.)

So meet my friend, Jean Cross. And I hope that you find her words as uplifting as we all did at FC.


Link to FC article and comments:



 Feminists have always had an uphill battle because we tear at the very fabric of male dominated society. We point at the problem, we name it and we fight it. It is one hundred years since women won the vote (not, ‘were given the vote’ or ‘granted’ the vote.) Feminists prised the vote from the clutches of intransigent misogynistic bastards who deemed us to be without the intellectual capacity to engage in the political process.

Through the century that followed our mothers and grandmothers fought and fought again for our rights to be included as full members of society. That this has not happened is a great lesson and one that our feminist thinkers and activists have pointed at to demonstrate the true nature of male resistance to equality. They hate us but they won’t admit it. They agree to legal equality but continue to murder and beat us and rape us. They set their vision of us through the pornographic lens that feeds their own sense of entitlement and superiority and they come at us again and again.

Words like ‘hysteria’ were flung at the brave women who pinned their suffragette badges on and walked out onto their streets. We have heard all the belittling and hateful words before, as they spill out of the private sphere and follow us to the public domain. Now men have found a new weapon in the trans lobby and dress themselves in the cloak of inclusion but the language is the same as it has always been and they are carrying baseball bats with our names on them.

There is nothing behind their hate, no philosophy, no reason, no humanity. They try to stop us from talking because our words can take them down. They employ the old tactics because spewing hatred against feminists resonates in the corridors of male power.

We have been in this battle for a long, long time and we are not about to give up in the face of this latest onslaught. We will go on and we will win because like the suffragettes, we have each other and we are right.

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