Southwest of Salem, aka 4 Women Imprisoned for Hurting Male Feels while being Lesbian

Southwest of Salem, The Story of the San Antonio Four is currently on hulu. In a nutshell, it is the story of 4 women that were sent to prison because one of them hurt a male’s feefees by refusing to please his boner. It is a story about how males use their systems to punish women that displease them, it is about misogyny and lesphobia. It is about how males absolutely refuse to control their emotions or actions, and will just lie like a fucking rug, and keep on lying even when all evidence shows otherwise.

We get to know Liz, Anna, Kristie and Cassie, all of them are lesbian and Hispanic. Liz and Anna were a couple, they lived together and were raising kids together. The four of them were friends from high school, which wasn’t all that long ago at the time, they were all just a little bit older than that when they went to prison.

Their story begins with Liz, who came out to her mother as lesbian when she was still in high school. Her mother did not handle this information well. At all. Liz ended up going to live with her older sister and her husband, Javier. 

Shockingly (said no one, ever), Javier decided that Liz should be having sex with him because he demanded it. Not only did he get the madz because she turned him down, but he got ALL OF THE MADZ when he found out that she was lesbian. How dare her dismiss the almighty dick! Predictably, Javier formed a mangrudge that he was unable to get over. And as overly emotional males tend to do, he held onto it until he saw an opportunity to punish Liz for Hurting his precious feefees.

Fast forward a few years, Liz and Anna were living together when Liz’s sister divorced Javier and Javier ended up with custody of 2 tiny daughters, they were just babies. Javier offers to marry Liz (lol, fucking dickhead) and of course she says no. I am pretty sure that he was looking for a woman to trap and raise his kids after realizing that he would have to do the actual work of childraising when he received custody of his daughters*.

Javier got the uniquely male joy of punishing his wife by taking custody from her, but the idiot obviously didn’t think it through (logic has never been a strong suit for the males, though, has it, lol). He leaves his daughters with Liz and Anna, who are more than happy to help out. He left them there for a fucking week. Kristie and Cassie were there for some of that time.
So when Javier finally comes back to pick up his kids, he invents this entire story about how these 4 young women gang raped his daughters. Totally, 100% invented.

A newspaper reporter that was interviewed said that the story that the little girls told sounded like a porn plot, like what males picture that women do when we are spending time together in their porn addled brains. And I agree with her assessment. 

When the women go to trial, Liz is tried by herself, and the other 3 women were tried together. The court, the prosecutors, the potential jurors, all had an issue with lesbianism. It made them uncomfortable, it was implied that lesbians are sexual deviants capable of anything, even raping little girls. They think that it is unnatural, it is strange, these people just had a grudge against lesbian women. And that is because patriarchy. And Texas. And jesus.

Jesus, Texas and patriarchy all worship penis and lesbians do not. So they hate lesbians. Conjecture on my part, but it does make sense. Moving on….      

These 4 women went to prison for well over a decade because one of them said no to a penis. It is well documented in the film that the story that Javier told was completely false and that he is a proven habitual liar. Additionally, his daughter, Stephanie, who was one of the daughters that he claimed was raped, completely recanted her story when she became an adult. Even though Javier threatened her by telling her that if she told the truth, that he would have HER kids taken away. Which he tried to do, although he eventually failed.

This asshole has punished more than one woman in his life by using her children. This is why males should not be permitted involvement with children at all.  Children, much like us, are not human to males. They are just property, objects for male use. We need to protect our daughters.

All 4 women were exonerated in the end. They spent huge chunks of their lives in prison while they were 100% innocent, they missed out on huge chunks of their children’s lives. They had to take their case to the highest court in Texas to be declared legally innocent.

Their lives were ruined by a male that used male systems to punish them for being lesbian, for spurning males (and the ever important dick), and he retaliated by making false rape allegations against them. While male rapists who are actually guilty of raping women are protected by the male “justice” system and routinely walk free.

Male government and all of the systems that it contains exist for one purpose, and that is to PROTECT AND DO THE BIDDING OF MALES. Remember that most laws were written while women were still the legal property of males (which is why consent laws read so much like property laws). 

Males use their systems to keep us in our lower place, in submission. When I realized this is when I decided that separatism is really our only option. Males are fixated on controlling us, commiting violence on us, even trying to become one of us (as long as it gives them a boner). Proximity to males is proximity to danger and violence. Avoiding them is our safest option.

Anyway, this doc is well worth watching. The women are a study in strength and courage. And they actually went to prison on false rape allegations made by a male. Oh, the irony.

If you watch it, let me know what you think.

*This is why dudes never ask for custody. Because they might actually get it (although the doc says that he lied to get it). They don’t ask, then crycry to each other about how they don’t get custody and omit that they don’t request it. They don’t care about custody. They care about whining and crying about women, punishing us, denigrating us. They live for that shit.


5 thoughts on “Southwest of Salem, aka 4 Women Imprisoned for Hurting Male Feels while being Lesbian

  1. I found your blog due to searching for more info on this doc.

    My blood boiled as well after watching it. The lives of these four women, plus the lives of their children and other family members were utterly destroyed by one vindictive, spiteful, abusive, fuck-knuckle male.

    Also, I wanted to spit in that judge’s face. Is it me, or did he come off as incredulous because the women were found innocent of sexual deviancy on polygraph? Because you know – lesbianism is clearly deviant behaviour *eyeroll*. But yet the pukestain takes issue with calling the initial medical testimony “junk science” when that is EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS. Because old, white males are authority on everything. Even in areas where they have no education.

    Fucks sake I hate men more and more everyday!

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    1. It is just the absolute fucking height of assholery that in the tiny male mind, saying no to dick is perversion. It is yet another male reversal. The perversion is them forcing their dick onto unwilling women.


  2. When I watched this documentary several months ago, it took me 2 sittings to get all the way through it; the story was so upsetting, so appalling…I seethed and cried my way through every minute.
    Your synopsis and analysis is spot-on. Thank you for a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to watch it twice. My blood was fucking BOILING.

      And when they showed that smarmy ass, Javier, and he was just flat out lying while the doc was simultaneously showing official documents that proved that he was lying, it was everything that I could do to keep from screaming in rage.

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