Males Murder Woman for the Crime of Menstruation with Patriarchal Custom

Link to article:

I am familiar with menstruation huts. See, males hate our bodies, specifically our reproductive systems. I am not sure why this is, but if I had to venture a guess, I would say that they can’t reproduce and they hate us because we can. That, and they are just destructive, murderous assholes with womb envy.

Anyway, so the patriarchal religion of Hindu says this about menstruating women(from the article)……

The vast majority of Nepal’s population is Hindu, and in ancient Hindu culture, menstruating women were considered toxic — if they entered a temple, they polluted it; if they handled the family’s food, everyone would become sick; if they touched a tree, that tree would never bear fruit.”

See how smart and superior the menz are, sisters? Our ladyparts not only be transphobic and nasty, but they can be DEADLY.  I mean, I can’t tell you about how many trees I have killed by touching them when I had my period. Amirite.

So the males wrote it right into their religions about our disgusting menstrual cycles. ALL PATRIARCHAL RELIGIONS AGREE THAT WE BE ISOLATED DURING OUR PERIOD.

And guess what happens when males insist that we be isolated? Yep. It is mentioned in passing in this article, that while we are filthy and disgusting while menstruating, that is really ok with doods because they rape women in the huts. Which leads me to believe that this particular misogynist, religious asshole religion and the males that follow it has some kind of fetish for raping menstruating women, and the huts are a way for the rapey males to have easy access to victims.

From the article:

Last summer, the Nepalese government made it illegal for anyone to force a menstruating woman or girl to sequester herself, with violators subject to jail time or fines. “

This is where doods always say BUTBUTBUT WOMEN CHOOSE TO DO THIS!!! They use this argument for FGM, too, that women CHOOSE it, and choose to enforce it onto the younger women and girls. They completely disregard the consequences that males will inflict if the women refuse to keep each other in line. 

If “anyone” forces a girl to use a hut, “violaters” will be prosecuted. “Intruders” rape the women in huts.

Anyone??? Intruders???? Violators???Hhmmmmmm. I wonder who these people could be? It is a mystery, isn’t it?

Any old word will do. Just as long as we don’t say MEN. MEN are the intruders, MEN are the rapists, MEN are the agent. MEN must not be named.

Gauri Kumari Bayak. One of too many female bodies that males leave in their ignorant, destructive wake. For the crime of being female.

(Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many trannies with ladydick have died in menstruation huts? Anyone?)


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