Radical Wrap Up

 Every week I see interesting stories that I don’t talk to you about for various reasons. But sometimes there are stories that I still want to bring attention to because the women in them deserve our time, recognition and our support, even if it is just a minute of them having our awareness and thoughts.

So welcome to the first ever weekly edition of the Radical Wrap Up!

Our first story is about fetus rights in Minnesota. Apparently, women cease to have rights as soon as they are pregnant, and the fetus erases her completely! And male law is using several systems to insure that male systems control her completely….. 


Our second story is about a grown ass male that got the madz at his video game, and when his mother came to check on him, he broke his own headset, blamed HER, and then murdered her. But males still insist that they are so logical, so rational, so in control of their emotions…….


Our third story is about how porn is so fucking empowering that all of that empowerment has killed 4 women in the past few months……..


Our last story is from bored panda and is a series of photos of hero dogs that have saved people. I am including this because at least 2 dogs on this list were were stabbed repeatedly while defending their female owners against male partners(they survived, though). Also, I love dogs. They are woman’s best friend. They give me hope……..

I hope all of you have a peaceful and safe week. And I will be talking to you soon.

Thanks for reading.


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