“Transcendent”, Lessons from First 3 Episodes 

Transcendent” is about a group of trannies that dance burlesque and epitomize how women need to serve the male gaze at ALL TIMES. 

Seriously. ALL TIMES. To properly lady, your make up must always be flawless, hair, too, your body should be hairless with breasts pushed up to your chin and your shoes must be high enough so that it is impossible to run away from danger or to run towards a sale on handbags.

GIRLS be so silly, though! Let’s look at a few things that I learned about how to lady from the first 3 episodes. 

You’re welcome. 😉

Season 1 Episode 1

GIRLS! GIRLS! Trannies are never women. They are only ever girls.

Lady hormones make you crazy, psycho, and eternally bloated.

DO NOT EVER refer to yourself as a gay male. If you acknowledge reality, then others may feel as if they can, also. But they CANNOT! Repeat over and over to yourself I am lady, I am lady, I am lady.

Purchasing a brohole is so much better than being born with a nasty vagina! Broholes can be customized with glitter, remote controls, sparklers, runway lighting, vibrating action, and equipped to hide car keys or carry your lady wallet. Better than female humans.

When GIRLS work out, they do so in full make up. REALITY!

*also, one of these dudes complained about being viewed as a sex object. He is a “burlesque” dancer that prances about in the sexiest, tightest, girliest clothing. For male viewing. And he is complaining about objectification. And yet, he is seeking it. Manlogicks!

Episode 2

Ladies should be hairless. Because hairless is “feminine”, and feminine=woman.(GIRLS!)

“I want the fairy tale! I am a princess! I am looking for my price charming to save me! I want to be a queen!”, says ladydude.

*so far, none of these dudes is claiming any form of feminism. If they do, my head is just going to fucking explode. Because DAMN. 

Now one of them wants a “white picket fence”. I have no words. (I am waiting for one of them to talk about how baking a pie while in high heels while simultaneously bringing your husband a beer and giving him a blow job is every GIRL’S DREAM!)

Watch out for “catiness”. Ladies be all kinds of “catty”. (Game suggestion-take a shot of liquor every time being a GIRL is equated with the stereotypical, male gaze pleasing, domestic, sexy lady trope. You will be drunk within the first 10 minutes.)

GIRLS “envy” our “ability to have a period and to get pregnant.” Well, no shit, bro. That is a fucking MALE trait. Jesus.

Episode 3

GIRLS love “balls in their face”.

“When you know that you are a woman on the inside, then you can blur gender lines.” (????????????wut???????)
That is what I learned from the first 3 episodes. I am working on the next 3 episodes. Assuming that I hate myself enough to watch this bullshit.


5 thoughts on ““Transcendent”, Lessons from First 3 Episodes 

  1. Jayne, please, be careful with this pure idiocy. We don’t want your head to implode into a black hole because of it all.

    Seriously, how crazy are these people?

    Oh, wait. They’re trans. They suffer from a mental illness that patriarchy finds all too useful to keep everyone in their place.

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  2. Whenever I see an airbrushed photo of a trans-identified male in full ladyface, I can’t help but feel a *teensy* bit sorry for the men that will learn the hard way that these “girls” are really dicks in dresses.

    Then I pinch myself and remember that men and the Trans Cult richly deserve each other. They’ve had this shit coming for a very, very long time.

    Instead of seeing women as fully human, they imposed femininity on us. Then they fetishized femininity to the point where they can’t even recognize actual women anymore. They just see fake tits, high heels, and Ladyface. And they like it.

    So men and the Trans Cult can have each other. And leave women the fuck alone.

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