Twitter, Andrea Dworkin, glee and the Fragility of Manfeelz

I am just dropping a quick post to say that I have been a little sick for the past week, or so. Some of my internet sisters notice my absence and I don’t want to worry you.

There’s so much to talk about, too. I joined the Twitter (@manlogicksXX) and I started a hash tag (#manlogicks). Zooming into the 21st century!

I wanted to talk about a thread I saw over on gender critical reddit, where women were talking about how to handle a strange male following you, asking for your number, and not taking no for an answer. We say no, they get pissy. They demand to know why. It would seem that they enjoy bullying and frightening us.

I also wanted to talk about that glee child raper. Not going to say his name. You know the dude that had thousands of child porn images/videos on his pc and committed suicide. In public. Because he had to be an entitled, selfish dick, even when he did us the favor of offing himself.

And the people online, that felt so bad about him killing himself. What a fucking shame, they said. He just had a problem, they said. Like that other dude from glee, the one that died from an overdose. 

Yes. Because drug addiction is totes the same as getting a fucking boner from watching 2 and 3 year old female babies getting raped by males. MANLOGICKS. 

I also wanted to talk about Andrea Dworkin and her view of the Clintons. And about what the fuck is happening with the trannies and the UK labor party.

And about the joke that Julie Bindel told (She attributed it to a friend) that went like this…..”a gay man and a straight man are standing on a cliff. Who jumps first?” And the punchline is “WHO CARES”.

The joke made me chuckle, but the male crycry about meanie lesbian Julie Bindle made me guffaw, lol. I mean, these are the same cry babies that will make rape jokes and get the madz when we point out that rape isn’t funny. But make a joke about idiot males and they just lose their tiny minds. So sensitive! Delicate, fragile manfeelz. 

I hope to be back to normal, soon. Solidarity, my radical sisters. 😗


3 thoughts on “Twitter, Andrea Dworkin, glee and the Fragility of Manfeelz

  1. Jeremy Corbyn was a real disappointment. I don’t think for a second that he believes tims are women but he seems to be going along with it for the young vote. Interesting how the party does give a nod to the potential problem of men in female prisons and women-only spaces by saying they are going to ‘consider the wording very carefully’ (of the clause allowing tims to stand as women). I have a good friend in the Labour Party and I sent her a lot of stuff on this. She is horrified and trying to find out more.

    Hope you are feeling better. Noticed you back on FC!

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