Patriarchal Politics and the Subversion of Women

All this time has passed, and yet, how many people still blame women for the election of Trump? How many people say that women refused to support Hillary Clinton? That Clinton losing is the fault of women? 

Apparently, the entire patriarchal system that is the United States government is because of women. It is because women are just stupid failures.

You know what? I don’t get this. At all.

The government of the United States is a patriarchal government. ALL of the politicians in the US government are PATRIARCHAL POLITICIANS. All of the politicians are there to advance and advantage MALES. That is the entire point of a patriarchy.

Having a favorite patriarchal politician is like having a favorite contestant in a beauty pageant. The women are there as the males allow them to be. Males give the appearance that this is beneficial for women, when not only is it the opposite, but it is also a perk for males. 

Nancy Pelosi has been receiving praise for her stance on Dreamers. I wish and hope only the best for Dreamers, especially the females among them. While I am glad Pelosi has stood up for them, she is still a woman hater. What else can you say about a woman that says that pro life people should be welcome in the Democratic party? And that pro life views shouldn’t be a deal breaker?

The rights of women are not inalienable, not even to the female politicians. ALL PATRIARCHAL POLITICIANS SEE WOMEN’S RIGHTS AS A BARGAINING CHIP, a negotiation tool.

Sisters, this government is not for us. We are used in it, and this might appear like our own participation, but it is not. Males allow a few female politicians as tokens, but those women are patriarchal politicians in a patriarchal government. 

My view on this is not popular, but my opinion of Hillary Clinton is shared by Andrea Dworkin, that Clinton essentially threw women under the bus to advance her political career. I am not making a personal judgement against her, it is just a statement of fact. The only way that women can advance in a patriarchal system is to advance males to the detriment of women. Some women choose to do this and I can understand why, even though I think that it is a horrible betrayal and would never do that, myself. 

So I can already hear some of you saying “well, what are we supposed to do, then? Not participate? Not vote? Not support women who are running for office?”

That is EXACTLY what we should be doing. We should be resisting. We should refuse to comply or be complicit. We should refuse to waste energy, time and resources supporting patriarchal politicians. 

We should be setting up our own systems of protections. Male law does not apply to us, so we should be carefully moving around it. Why are we paying attention to male government when it dictates our reproduction? We should be setting up networks to help women get abortions safely and legally, while we still can. And preparing for when we can’t. 

That is just one example. There are many ways to subvert the male system. While I don’t know exactly what it would look like, I do know that if we don’t do something soon, we are going to lose every gain that we have made. And worse.


4 thoughts on “Patriarchal Politics and the Subversion of Women

  1. It indeed is important to set up our own structures, so we can start building up a just world. But, at the same time, we can’t ignore what we have right now. Of course, we shouldn’t waste too much time and effort on it, but I would at least still vote for the least bad option. Basically, as a kind of damage control.

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  2. The main reason I quit my job without having another one was because my boss was male and I had just left another male boss and I am tired of male bosses, and one of the things he said that clinched his male boss asshole status was “And *women*…!” when talking about the election. I said to him, “Oh, I don’t blame women for NOT voting so much as I blame the MILLIONS of men who actually voted FOR him.”

    He didn’t like that, and I couldn’t have given a fuck. Every time I feel colossally stupid for quitting, which is many times a day, I just think of still being there, putting up with his egomaniacal, domineering bullshit, and I’m like “Oh, yeah. Maybe I’m not so stupid after all.”

    And you’re right: ALL politicians fucking suck. Trump is advancing anti-abortion but Hillary would have advanced female erasure. Bad for us either way — that’s the reason women stayed home.

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