Growing up Coy Doc, aka, Girls with Boundaries be TRANSPHOBIC MEANIES 

I watched this documentary a while back and I really wasn’t all that interested in talking about it. This whole bullshit craziness of males screaming about “ladydick”, just WANTING A PLACE TO PEE, YOU TERFY BITCHES, and how “a woman is anyone that says they are a woman” is really fucking boring. It is a lot of boring punctuated occasionally by rage and sometimes sheer terror. It is exhausting.

And I feel like we are now at a place of waiting. We are waiting for the fallout. For the female body count. Because just like all other idiot bullshit that males choose to do, even when we beg them not to, this male choice to ignore our boundaries is going to have a female body count. We already have dudes being pervy in our private spaces, and we all know that male crazy and entitlement never self corrects. Males always escalate. 

So I am waiting to see how many of us will be raped and/or assaulted. How many little girls will be raped, kidnapped, murdered, etc., before we can have our privacy back. But then I think that the female body count isn’t going to matter. It never does, does it? What matters here is that males made it very clear that they hold all of our rights, and they have decided to revoke our right to privacy because BONER, THO. That, and because they can. 

So this documentary is the same kind of tired story about these parents in Colorado with several kids, all of them are pretty small. They have a little boy, but SHOCKER! He is actually a girl. His parents know he is a girl because he likes pink, unicorns and Justin fucking beiber. And we all know about how little girls, from the beginning of time, have always come out of the womb with a big old lady handbag full of girl feelz about Justin fucking beiber. Amirite.

So the parents have somehow convinced this little boy that he should go into the girls restroom, or he decides that he belongs in there or however that goes. And that is what he does. Because all Justin beiber, pink loving, dress wearing “girl” people do this. And that, of course, includes little boy Coy.

A polite shitstorm ensues, which culminates in the school board (or state, I don’t remember exactly, and I don’t hate myself enough to watch that shit again) send a letter to Coy’s parents explaining that (paraphrasing) as a boy, Coy is not allowed to use the girls’ restroom, but since he is not comfortable in the boys’ restroom, that they have 2 other options available to him, both of which are single stall and completely private.

So the parents say “why, thank you so much! How lovely of the teachers to share their private bathroom with our super special boygirl snowflake!” And everyone was happy. THE END.

JUST KIDDING, LULZ. There would be no movie to make money or draw attention if males (and their parents) just took their fucking private place to pee with joy and gratitude, now, would there?

And here we get to the part that I have not heard before. I have heard endlessly about “validation”. How private, single stall  spaces do not validate ladydick. The only way to validate a ladydude is to welcome him into our most private spaces. And we MUST be in there. Because if trannies have a stall all to themselves, that does not validate their lady brain, and it is super important to validate ladydudes, it is our job as CIS women, you know. And we can stand in loving awe of their ladydick, but they must actually SEE us doing it, while we are in a bathroom, locker room, and preferably in a state of undressing. Anything else gets us a deserved punch in the face or told to choke on ladydick or to die in a fire.

But these parents say that it is of the utmost importance that Coy be included in the girls restroom because to deny him access to that is what CAUSES DISCRIMINATION OF TRANS DUDES AND DIRECTLY LEADS TO VIOLENCE AGAINST THEM AND MURDER.

That is the first time I heard that. I mean, I am amazed that there are any ladydudes left living, since everything that we do seems to (cause other males to) kill them. “Misgendering”, “deadnaming”, refusing to date/fuck them, telling them that their handbag doesn’t match their shoes or that they have lipstick on their teeth. All of these things and more are literal MURDERZ.

And I know that we are terfy, transphobic cunts for telling them that they need to stay out of our spaces. But now, that is causing them to die, too? Such dainty, fragile dudes. Jesus. 

And if you ever read about the stories that come out, and they seem to come out almost daily, the girls usually just abandon their locker room and find another place to change, away from the male. Increasingly, the male cries that he is all alone in the locker room, and those transphobic bitchy mean girls need to get back into the locker room with him and get to validating him. Look around on Google, this is happening to middle and high school girls with frightening frequency.

The only thing more frightening than girls literally running away from penis that refuses to respect any boundaries is that there is a vocal group of assholes that call them bigots for running. This is where we are, now. We have girls that do not want to change clothes in front of a pervy, entitled teenage boy, and in a polite effort to escape, they find another place to change their clothes in privacy, only to have the male all but demand that the girls come back into the locker room so that he can watch them. And the male has a vocal group of supporters.

What the fuck is even happening.

We are teaching girls, once again, that we are not allowed to say no to males. We are teaching girls that boundaries hurt delicate male feefees, therefore, boundaries are BAD. We are teaching girls that if they feel threatened by a male, well that is just too fucking bad, because their “right” to privacy only exists if males will allow it, and when males want to ignore their “right” to privacy, then males will use force of law to get into whatever female spaces that they want to.

This is rape culture. This is patriarchy. This is prioritizing males and their feelings at the expense of girls and women. This is parents teaching their fucking special snowflake male children that they matter the MOSTEST EVAR and that those stupid, meanie girls WILL be put in their lower place.

I realize that Coy is a child. But I also know that males internalize misogyny and learn that women are the lesser slave class extremely early. YouTube is full of videos of 3 and 4 year old boys forcing little girls to let the boys kiss them. In some cases, the girl is loudly protesting, the boy is physically hanging onto her, and the fucking parents are filming it, and in the background talking about how fucking cute it is.

It’s so fucking cute, you guys! How she tries to get away and she can’t! And he just won’t let go, no matter how hard she tries to get away! Just watching little male children learn that they are entitled to touch girls however THEY want to, well, it makes us SQUEE with how cute it is, almost like I SQUEE while viewing picks of Justin fucking beiber! Or when I bake the perfect pie! Just SQUEE with cuteness. Amirite.

And in the case of coy, his mother is leading the charge. His father supports coy being a girl, of course, and thinks that Coy obviously matters more than girls and their privacy, comfort or wants, but his mother is his fucking champion. She does interviews, writes letters, works tirelessly and endlessly to make sure that we all know that her male child is going to get what he wants because he is super special and important.

And she wins. Just today, I found a crowd funding thing where this bullshit was so successful in Colorado, that the film makers are begging for money to travel around, showing this film and showing everyone how to put uppity girls and women in their place and how to legally steamroll girls into letting males into anywhere they want to go, state by state.

Anyone want to talk about how change moves slowly? And that we just got the vote 100 years ago? And we must be patient while we wait on males to decide that we can have a few fucking human rights? Because ladydudes have gotten into our spaces using force of male law in less than 5 years. And coy was legally let into the spaces of little girls by the time he went from one grade into the next.

And the fucking “arguments” that trannies use to justify their rapey entitlement are just some of the best manlogicks ever. By far, the single most offensive one is when they say BUTBUTBUT YOU CAN’T TELL TRANNIES THAT THEY CAN’T BE IN YOUR RESTROOMS BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY LIKE TELLING BLACK WOMEN THAT THEY CAN’T BE IN THERE, EITHER, YOU TERFY BIGOT.

It is astounding to me that these males just cannot fucking understand how racist this view is. What the fuck are they saying? Are they saying that black women aren’t actually women? That they can’t see the difference in black skin and their tiny white dick? Or that black women are actually men?

Because I have been around women of every ethnicity, religion, age, background, etc., and do you know how many have tried to assault me? Or frighten me?

Exactly fucking ZERO.

And here is the thing. WOMEN DO NOT HAVE A DICK. END OF. The arrogant ignorance of males is just fucking astounding. I mean, they chose to weaponize their dick, they do not get to call us bigots for avoiding it.

I read about a case recently about a boy that was claiming to be a girl, but he and his parents were mad because he was not allowed to compete on the MALE SPORTS TEAMS. He gets to change in the girls locker room because he is totes a girl, but he wanted to continue competing in male sports. He was outraged when the school said that girls were not allowed on boys teams and he claimed to be a girl. 

Could his motive be any clearer?

And title IX, which is supposed to protect women and girls, has been coopted by males, and they are using it to enforce their right to be in girls sports and locker rooms and to compete for scholarships meant for girls and women. Again, their stellar manlogicks says that title IX protects THEIR right to OUR privacy and positions because it protects the rights of female people, and that THEY are being “discriminated” against as FEMALE PEOPLE WITH MALE BODIES. In other words, female is not defined by biological sex, it is defined by individual males. And when males are not permitted to have the few rights that women fought to get, then males are being discriminated against, because they are female because they say so.

Males are taking everything from us. If we don’t start to fight back harder and differently than what we are doing now, they will continue until there is nothing left.


(Doc is on Netflix, btw.)

4 thoughts on “Growing up Coy Doc, aka, Girls with Boundaries be TRANSPHOBIC MEANIES 

  1. My head hurt reading that article – although, beautifully and eloquently put (swear words included).

    As mother of three daughters I will be fighting to the death that they don’t have to put up with this shit. We will be spending a fortune to send them to an all-girls school (although I await with interest to see the first teenage TIM attempt to be enrolled) to avoid this male teenage BS.

    How are people not noticing WTF is happening? It beggars belief.


    1. I am getting increasingly frustrated with our response, too.

      I will not call a male “she”. I will not call a male by any form of the word, woman. I will not baby any male by coddling him and saying that I “know that he is oppressed, too” because he chooses to wear a fucking dress.

      Give a male an inch, he takes a mile. I don’t give a shit if some male is sad because his “identity” is not being “validated” by women everywhere. EVERYTHING makes dudes upset. When we have a job, when we won’t make them a sandwich, when we won’t fuck them, when we say no, everything we do hurts their delicate manfeelz unless we are servants and fucktoys.

      I am done.

      Liked by 1 person

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