BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY Documentary about Abortion and How Males Murder Us with Arrogance and Ignorance

“All men have an emotion to kill; when they strongly dislike some one they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”
Clarence Darrow

I watch a lot of shit on the internet. And I like to talk about it. Usually, I don’t have an opinion about you watching it, it’s not my goal to get you to watch something that I did, but I do enjoy it when you watch it or have seen it and you share your thoughts.

This documentary is the exception to that rule. It’s a new one, it’s on Hulu, and it’s called BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY. (If you cannot afford Hulu, you can get a 30 day free trial and cancel it at the end of 30 days. This doc is THAT GOOD.)

It is so good, that I don’t want to spoil it too much. One of the things that I love about this doc is all of the stories that are told by the women that lived them. These women that have been jailed, judged, prosecuted, harassed, murdered, etc. by ignorant males and their woman hating government, and yet, they are still keeping on, with strength and dignity.

Well. The ones that survived the murderous, violent, dumbass males.

I opened this post with a quote by Clarence Darrow because that quote is so honest that I can’t believe a male said it. Notice he said ALL MEN. Males are frightened by what they are unable to understand. They spend a lot of time in terror because they lack the ability to understand even simple things, which makes them angry, and they react in the only way that males understand, violence. Violence is the only tool in the male toolbox. Maintaining male supremacy does not take logic, reason, integrity, creativity, intellect, emotional intelligence, or a million other diverse and positive attributes that most women possess in abundance. Males excel at violence. It is the only thing that they seem to be good at.

And males do murder those that they do not like. Males hate us, the ways that they murder us are many. Males murder us with force of their economic systems and their medical systems. Sometimes, they take the direct approach and just shoot, stab, or beat us to death.

Birthright is about how males murder us by force of law. It is about how male hatred of women makes them dangerously stupid and controlling. Women can do the only thing that really matters to males. We can reproduce. Males hate us for our ability to create life. Males resent that a woman gave their worthless asses life at great risk to herself and they seem to spend their entire life in a kind of existential crisis created by their jealousy, womb envy and resentment.

We start the doc with a married couple from Nebraska, the woman pregnant and excited about the coming birth of her second child. At 22 weeks, she lost all of her amniotic fluid. Her husband rushes her to the hospital, where she is told that her baby has a less than 10% of living, and a less than 2% chance that it will not be full of defects that require machines and lifelong care if it does live.

Doesn’t sound like an abortion story, does it? Male ignorance turns it into one. Male law enforces it.

So she agonized over what to do. She wanted this baby. But she decided to go ahead and induce labor to let nature take its course. But SHOCKER! Nebraska law states that any doctor that induces labor over 20 weeks is performing an abortion and is subject to legal charges. So what happens when idiot males create a law to govern something that has absolutely nothing to do with them? And when they have exactly ZERO understanding of what the fuck they are talking about?

If this woman had been permitted to make her own decision about her own body without several hundred idiot ass males deciding for her, she could have induced as she wanted and gone home in a day or 2 to grieve her loss. But no doctor would help her for fear of breaking male law. This woman ended up in the fucking hospital for 10 days where she got a severe infection in her mucus membranes because male law forced her to keep a fetus inside of her womb without amniotic fluid. Males think fetuses are so precious, that they force a woman to keep a non viable fetus in her womb and they are too fucking ignorant to understand that their stupidity can kill her. Or they actually like to kill us and they know exactly what they are doing. Either way, the result is the same. Males are killing us.*

Also, what about these males dictating to doctors what they can do to female patients? The assholes in goverment think that a female body can reject a pregnancy from rape, that her body can “shut that whole thing down”. The idiot asshole male from Idaho wanted to know why he couldn’t view a fetus by getting a pregnant woman to swallow a camera. Their arrogant ignorance would be fucking hilarious if they would stop murdering us with it. Watch c-span sometime. Government is full of males that I am pretty sure lack the ability to tie their own shoes or spell their own name. They are frighteningly stupid. It is fucking sad.

We get to hear from a lot of women from a lot of different backgrounds, all in various places in the fight to keep males out of our bodies. There is a doctor that is forced by male law to read a sheet of “statements” to her patients receiving abortions, the statements are medically inaccurate, but she faces a felony if she refuses to lie to her patients. We meet a woman in Idaho that is a single mom that collects state benefits while working a job that doesn’t pay enough who self aborts and gets arrested for it. While talking to the male cop that comes to her house, she tells him that aborting is her choice. He says “no, it isn’t.” And then he arrests her. Which I am pretty sure gives him a boner. Because dudes LOVE LOVE LOVE punishing women. Male existence revolves around it.

We all know the statistic that shows that 3 women are murdered each day in the States by males that are close to us. But did you also know that 3 of us die daily from pregnancy related issues? And that half of those deaths are preventable? But male law demands that males be allowed to kill us with their arrogant ignorance? So that is 6 of us, killed by males, each day. One every 4 hours. And we all know that these statistics are gathered by male government, and males lie to make themselves look better.

So if THIS is the lie that males tell to make themselves look better than the truth does, then I have to wonder how horrible the truth actually is.

***While we are on the subject of males and their manipulative lies, would you like to hazard a guess about how many ladydudes with ladydick die from pregnancy related issues? Or how many of them are in jail for miscarrying? Or how many are forced to give birth every year? Because ladymen insist that abortion is a PEOPLE issue. And talking about abortion access is all of the TRANSPHOBIC MURDERZ. Because they are idiot males.***

This doc does a fabulous job of explaining how once males take over even one of our human rights, that this opens the door for them to take the rest of them. In the 60s when radical feminists fought for abortion rights, THAT is why so many of them argued for absolutely NO abortion laws. Those sisters understood that our reproduction is a basic human right and is not up for debate by anyone else, end of. That once you concede to let a male have a say, he will take over. He will think he owns you. And he will kill you to prove it.

This is why roe v. Wade is very clear about abortion being between a woman and her DOCTOR. Doctors were almost all male, at that time, so male law inserted a male directly into the process. Sneaky, sneaky males.

There are hospitals that drug test newborns and new mothers without the woman’s permission and with no medical reason to do so. Male law has decided that it is perfectly legal to do this and the woman finds out about it when she is arrested while she is still in the hospital. Women are so afraid of being arrested that they are avoiding prenatal care and sometimes choosing to give birth at home. And then when something goes wrong, she is arrested for child endangerment or neglect. Pregnancy in America is already much deadlier than in any other developed country, and males have decided to make it worse.

So again I have to wonder why do we keep on having children? Why are we choosing to engage in PIV? Because in all of these cases, there is not a single mention of the horrible, awful, dick haver that impregnated any of the women. There never is. These males conveniently ignore their role in reproduction. And with their role being less than 1%, I am flabbergasted that they think that they should have 100% of the decisions involved, especially when they whine and cry about supporting children that only exist because of their sperm.

And then there is this:

This is the idiot that thought that you could see a fetus if a pregnant woman swallowed a camera. He does not know the difference between the digestive system and the reproductive system. This dude is so fucking ignorant that I would not be surprised to find out that doorknobs are an unknowable modern engineering marvel to his teeny mind. Yet he feels like he is qualified to control the body of every woman in the state of Idaho and dole out the punishment of death because he is so fucking PRO LIFE. The fucking irony is lost on this asshole, though, because his stupid is so big that there isn’t any room for self awareness or basic intellect.

All of this is just plain old woman hating. Males don’t care about fetuses, or women. They don’t care about anything but themselves and their boner. That is the extent of male concern. Sad, but true. I am not sure if males just choose to hate us or if it is intrinsic to male nature, or something like that. It really doesn’t matter, though, because the result is the same. Males murder us daily with their ineptitude, punishments, greed, control, etc.

At some point we are going to have to put a stop to it. We are totally capable of doing that. But that is going to take a good number of us drawing some very specific boundaries. Too many of us are still too male identified to do that, though.

Males oppression of women is directly related to our biology. There are multiple reasons for that, including womb envy, jealousy, insecurity, and hatred, to name just a few. We don’t need males for literally anything at all, and males know this, which is why they create “problems”, purely so that they can create a “solution”. Males create violence, and then insist that we need a male to protect us. Males hoard resources, and then say that we need a male to provide for us. Males create chaos so that we have to focus very carefully on safely navigating it. And while we are surviving, they take what they want and do what they want. They work very hard at distracting us so that they can maintain supremacy without us having the time, energy or attention to put up a fight.

The surest way to starve them out is to stop giving them people. If enough women decided that we would no longer breed for them, that one action would put a stop to male bullshit very quickly. Males have made having children difficult and they have successfully moved into making it deadly. I can’t understand why we still have children at all. It will only serve to keep us shackled.


*Also, I can imagine what her hospital bill must have been here in America, home of for profit health “care” that routinely bankrupts people for the crime of being sick. I would have sent that 10 day hospital bill to the idiot males in the statehouse of Nebraska, since their dumb male asses created it. Personal responsibility, little fellas. Try walking it instead of just talking it, fucksticks.

7 thoughts on “BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY Documentary about Abortion and How Males Murder Us with Arrogance and Ignorance

  1. And today my I weep in fear for my fellow women in America as Trump is gifted the opportunity to shape and influence American society for decades to come with another Supreme Court appointment.
    If it hadn’t been for Planned Parenthood I would be trapped in the US (not my native country with no social services, medical insurance or support network) fighting custody with a violent, antisocial male (unless he had killed me by now) whose father was a retired state Supreme Court justice (access to best the legal and financial support money could buy – including paying female DV experts to talk about female on male violence when I finally went ahead with a court case against him – even though he had a rap sheet and was 100 pounds heavier and a foot taller than me), and he probably would have abused and sexually assaulted the child, and fought for custody just to be an a**hole.
    Every day I get up and read Feminist Current and look at the latest Trump news and I can’t believe it could get any worse….then this…

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  2. I watched it! I’m glad I did. I thought it was very effective at laying out the many ways these forced birthers and their idiotic laws are fucking up real women’s lives. The stories about women being imprisoned after miscarriages and being turned away for surgical sterilization really laid bare exactly what this “pro-life” bullshit is truly about.

    My first thought after watching was women who get pregnant on purpose are NUTS. Of course the dangers are hidden and the supposed joys are talked up, so I do get it. Pregnant women no matter how they got that way have to be very brave indeed to face the ordeal of pregnancy and birth, never mind the next decades of child-rearing.

    I think the left should get in the argument on this “personhood” issue. Maybe they are, but after watching this doc I had the impression that they’re just like NO we aren’t going there, they’re just trying to resist without offering an alternative view. Maybe saying yes we need to define WOMEN’S personhood. And connect it to the idea that forced birth is the only time the law requires a human being to use her body to benefit someone else. If we have forced birth should we not also have forced organ donation? surely these “pro-lifers” are beside themselves at all the people dying for want of a kidney. There must be thousands of them protesting at dialysis centers right now. /s

    Also I am sick to death of the “reproductive rights” and “reproductive health” phrases. This is about bodily sovereignty and women’s health. “it’s between a woman and her doctor” HOLD UP who gave the doctor a role in this decision? It is for the WOMAN ALONE to decide. The only things up to the doctor is to give women accurate medical information and to use their training, ability, and facilities to follow through on women’s decisions.

    The most touching part of the movie was the women’s concern for the children they already had. The woman who begged her anesthesiologist “don’t let the doctor kill me” because her children at home needed her…and the woman who had four children and was turned away for surgical sterilization…the woman who needed an abortion and was already trying to feed her children on $250 a month. My heart broke. These laws are just so WRONG.

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    1. I am sure that I am telling you what you already know, but 2nd wave women used the argument about organ and blood donation, and about how if women owe the use of our bodies to a fetus because “personhood”, then healthy males are murdering people that need a kidney or bone marrow or whatever. But male bodies are HUMAN bodies. Males have complete autonomy over their own bodies because they are human. And they control our bodies because we aren’t human. We exist for male use as a set of fuckholes, as maids, prostitutes, incubators for THEIR children.

      George Carlin said that PRO life is anti woman. He was right.

      I didn’t know this until I read a book about Jane, but apparently, in the 60s the Baptist convention helped women to get abortions. The fucking BAPTISTS. But I had to find that out from the people that were involved in the fight for roe v. Wade, a lot of them male. And I was shocked in the doc, that young women had NO IDEA what roe v. Wade is!

      And the woman from Idaho that made only $250 per month just broke my heart, too. The way that she was treated and how hurt she is. When she said that she wasn’t sorry. I was just so fucking proud of her. I so hope that she is doing well.

      One other thing that stuck out to me was how the women were so honest with law enforcement. A couple of them said that they thought that they would be ok as long as they told the truth, and some even believed the cops when they said that they were there to help, only to find out that the male law is just like garden variety males, who lie and manipulate because males can’t understand honesty or truth. Women are just basically honest. No matter what.

      And the women that worried about their children. Of course they do. Males are too fucking stupid to learn how to make a sandwich or how a washing machine works. I wouldn’t leave a male in charge of a fucking goldfish. Not if I wanted it to live. Or remain unmolested.

      And yet, we beg them. I just can’t understand.

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      1. I did not know that was a second-wave argument, although I knew I picked it up somewhere. Yes the part about the young women who did not know about Roe v. Wade was scary.

        I did know that that baptists were involved in helping women get abortions because I saw a documentary that talked about the Clergy Consultation Service. It makes sense that at least some religious folk would take Jesus’s message to heart. you’d think that more of these so-called bible-believing Christians would realize that their holy book has nothing to say on the matter of abortion.

        Every time I see that photo of Gerri Santoro, I feel so angry and sad. The forced birthers could not be less like Jesus Christ. They are sick people.

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  3. Love the part about men creating problems and then saying we need men to protect us from said problems. It is what I hear all the time when men say women have no right to complain about male privilege because men are the ones who fight and die in wars. Wars they create, of course. It’s like, well, if you are so pissed off about fighting in wars, stop waging them. But really it isn’t the wars that are the issue, it is the fact that as women we are not choosing to uphold them as warrior gods. I always want to counter that with women risk their lives and die in childbirth – something kind of necessary to human survival (the opposite of war) and which men cannot help out with (you would think if men really hated fighting wars they would be super open to women in combat – but that’s really not the issue, and we don’t need to be fighting their wars).

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    1. Males just love violence. I mean, I don’t understand it. And I don’t think that they were always this way, at least not the majority of them.

      But now? They absolutely love it and find excuses to utilize it. Against us, little girls, animals, the planet, each other. It’s exhausting. And fucking boring.


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