Winning. Amirite.

So what a huge, productive week it has been for male governments that are totes working super duper hard in hopes of eventually treating women and girls as human beings instead of fuckable object things that exist to serve them. The males are all tuckered out and probably napping somewhere, so let’s get started.

Firstly, we have that totally great and comprehensive legislation in the states the is going to abolish prostitution and trafficking of women and girls. Males have finally decided that after centuries of using various tactics to insure that there will be a class of women available to them to pay to rape because their boner requires access to a female body or else they DIE, males have finally conceded that no woman should have to service boners to survive and have voluntarily decided to stop the raping.

JUST KIDDING, LULZ. Seriously, we all know better than that. Male government is doing what male government does best, which is protecting dudes right to pay a woman to rape her while pretending to care about female people as actual human beings. Males know that prostitution is not bad, prostitution is GOOD. Males hoard all of the advantages and opportunities for themselves in addition to making sure that the poorest worldwide will be female. And then males generously help the women (that are kept in poverty by male systems) by kindly allowing these women to fuck them for cash. How kind of the males to offer this CHOICE to poor women. Amirite.

But this legislation that has shut down backpage and makes it a little more challenging for dudes to pimp out women online is a BIG WIN FOR FEMINISM. I mean, male government is totally trying to make sale of women and girls to each other more complex, but most importantly, sale of female people as fuckable commodities will STILL BE POSSIBLE. YAY FEMINISM.

We absolutely cannot expect the males to completely shut down boner servicing. I mean, males are entitled to access our bodies and they spend a lot of time perpetuating it. Besides, when we say that no one is owed access to the body of another person for any reason and that the overwhelming majority of women in “sex services” are there because of different kinds of force, well, that just shows what ANTI SEX PRUDEY PRUDES that we are. Because we all know that there are only 2 choices, and those are YAY BONER SERVICING IS EVERY LADIES DREAM or SEX HATEY PRUDE. Males and handmaidens insist that these are the only 2 choices, so TRUTH.

A special shout out to Ireland and their rapey rugby team. Male government is always so confused about rape. What exactly is rape? What kind of rape is it? Is it “forcible” rape? “Legitimate” rape? Marital rape? Really, though, what kind of rape it is doesn’t matter! Because it never happens! But if it did, she totally wanted it! Or it’s her fault! Because she was drunk/wearing a short skirt/out alone, etc.

Male government exists to protect and advantage MALES. Males LOVE LOVE LOVE to rape. This is why rapists never go to jail. Male law does not protect women, it was not meant to. The rape victim in Ireland was victimized a second time by the male legal system. My personal opinion about this is that males also love this legal process wherein the woman is interrogated for days, in public, and shamed because males chose to rape her. It is public punishment for her trying to stand up for herself, in addition to being a sexual charge for all of the dudes involved. It is like porn. Males publicly tortured her, shamed her, and it gives dudes everywhere a fucking boner.

And the continuation of this is when the dudes all take to Twitter and say the fucking awful things about women in response to the not guilty verdict. And all of the horrible threats and cries about her anonymity, like males are TOTES CONFUSED, THO about why she gets to remain anonymous. It is a collective circle jerk of males denigrating women verbally in a big show of male bonding with each other. It is males signaling that they love each other and worship each other’s dicks while reminding us all that they hate us.

And in England, where the price to punch a woman is around 400 pounds. I know plenty of dudes that would pay more than that to brutalize a woman.

Basically, things are the same now as they have been for centuries. But hey! We can vote! So BIG WIN FOR FEMINISM.


One thought on “Winning. Amirite.

  1. Exactly! That is exactly how it is! No more to add. It is awful beyond words. They all enjoy and profit from rape….that’s why. It gives them all a power and sex-thrill. As always, women pay the price. Not men are ruling the world,……dicks are ruling the world.

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