Celebrating the “generosity” of Irish and American Males

So in the 60s, when women began to see exactly what was happening and naming the agent, the problem, and the issues, American males began freaking the fuck out.

If you ever hear some of those women speak about their experiences and their anger, it’s very clear why they took to the streets and began to make demands. Women were tired, they were motivated because they were fucking angry. They were angry at being smashed beneath the collective male boot and males insisting that they deserved it because they were lesser than the males.

Males had no choice but to begin the process of giving in out of fear. Women had began separating from them. So males, being faced with the daunting task of having to learn to do their own laundry and make their own sandwiches, decided that these things were just out of the range of their pitifully limited male capabilities. Males began to ask themselves, “what manipulation or lie will keep women under our boot? What is the least that we can give? What scam can we run?”

So males began to generously give us a few of our own rights, just here and there, dangling the promise that more would be forthcoming. Treating women as autonomous humans all at once was just too much for the dainty, fragile male mind and spirit to handle, you see. The males promised that if we would just stop being so demanding, if we would be patient, if we would continue in servitude to them that eventually, probably…..well, maybe,just maybe if we asked and begged them in just the right way, then maybe we could enjoy complete autonomous freedom.

And this is the male freak out that produced Roe v. Wade, which was heralded as just the beginning, when it was actually the beginning of the end.

Hearing women from that time period is fascinating. From speaking with each other and researching women before them, a sizable amount of women began to take control of their own bodies back From the male state that controlled them. They had found old methods of birth control and abortion, as well as discovering some new ways for themselves. They realized that multiple males had seen their vagina, cervix and vulva, and yet, they had never seen their own. Sonia Johnson, in one of her YouTube talks, spoke about the first time that she had ever seen her cervix. Multiple males had seen it, yet a woman never had, not even herself!

Women had helped each other in all matters of reproduction, from the beginning of time. At some point, males realized that in order to control reproduction, they had to take over those responsibilities. So males began to push women out several centuries ago. When they first took over, a lot of women and newborns died, just because nasty ass males refused to wash their fucking hands.

And they continued to rule over female bodies by using force of male law to keep women out of education. After all, males wanted to be doctors, lawyers, and in trades of all kinds, and they wanted their guaranteed domestic and sexual slave to clean and cook for them so that they could do all of the interesting living. Males insisted that women were too stupid, that our uterus made us crazy, and that it actually roamed around our bodies.

There is some of that famous male “logic” and “reasoning”.

Women were still heavily discouraged from any kind of real education in the 60s. Males and their insecurity at their own ignorance is still prevalent today. Males kept women out of education because they were afraid of how stupid they would end up in comparison and it turns out that their fear was grounded in reality. Women still have massive challenges in education, yet, we outdo males at every turn. Males cry and say that male educational institutions are somehow geared towards women, which is so obviously false as to be laughable. If they actually were female centric, I can imagine the progress and change women would bring about.

In any case, males in the late 60s realized that women were too far down the road to be completely stopped. A group of women formed JANE, which provided abortion services for women in need in the Chicago area. Originally arranging travel for women to obtain abortions in places where it was legal, like NY and CA, there were so many women from so many places in need, that JANE found a (of course, male) doctor to perform abortions. Males being opportunists to the core, the women eventually learned to do abortions themselves, cutting the doctor out completely, so that he could no longer hold them hostage by raising his prices out of sheer greed.

By getting rid of the male, they began to provide abortions free to women that could not afford a fee.

This is just one example of women taking control of their own lives and bodies. This is what revolutionary looks like.

So when males decided that they would allow abortions under certain conditions, with those conditions decided by male government, lots of women disagreed. We hear about them, but not a lot. Those women were abolitionists, and they handed out blank pieces of paper at protests as the example of what abortion law should be, which is NONE. Those women knew that if we allowed males any say at all, even one fucking word, that males would end up using that privilege to take over our bodies completely once again. And that if males intended to give up ownership and control of female bodies, then that is exactly what they would do. Male government had the opportunity to free us of their iron grip and they didn’t.

Those that own the bodies will not willingly and freely give up control of those bodies. We have seen this over and over.

Roe v. Wade left the decision up to not just the individual woman. It leaves it up to the woman and her DOCTOR. Sneaky, manipulative males put a male in control after all, because almost all doctors were male. Even now, doctors are forced by male law to lie to their female patients seeking an abortion.*

As women, we are expected to be grateful at this tiny crumb from the master’s table. After all, it’s a victory! I mean, males are so generous! Allowing us a teeny, tiny sliver of control over our own bodies!

Aren’t males just the fucking best?

A lot of us could write volumes about this, both from a personal and societal standpoint. But the thing that I want to focus on is to remind us all that this is NOT a victory. This is males seeing women helping other women to travel to get abortions, or getting the abortion pill. This is males seeing women bypass them, ignore them. And this is males attempting to figure out how to keep their boot on our neck, how to keep us from going down the road of separating from them completely. Because males know that not only do we not need them, but they make our lives exponentially more difficult, and they are terrified that we will discover this for ourselves.

And women controlling our own bodies is the first step in separating.

I am so, so proud of our Irish sisters. Not only do they daily navigate the hostile, patriarchal culture of Ireland, including that woman hating bullshit that is the Catholic church, but they worked very hard to get the repeal of their 8th amendment onto the ballot and they lobbied loudly for it. There were stories of women traveling home to Ireland just to vote, along with stories of women that were not eligible to vote (due to restrictions) that paid for other Irish women that could vote to travel to do so.

But I hope that they see this for what it is. This legislation will allow women to abort up to 12 weeks. I can’t find any information on how much it will cost or if individual women will be forced to pay for it**. And importantly, the law remains the same until the male government writes the legislation, which is not expected to happen until the end of the year.

I recognize this consolation prize because it is very similar to what we received from our male government here in the states in the 1970s. It was heralded as the first step, when it was actually just a door left open for males to continue to deny our bodily rights and freedoms.

The people that own the bodies will not freely give up that ownership. Males have been making empty promises for thousands of years.

We control that which we own.

A few questions:

What happens to women that need abortion services now? Before legislation is written?

Will services be guaranteed? For example, if a woman finds out she is pregnant and needs an abortion at 10 weeks, but she is unable to get an appointment before 12 weeks,what then?

When males finally get around to writing this legislation, can they alter it?

Will doctors be encouraged to lie to their patients? Will there be a penalty or punishment if a doctor tells a woman that she is past the 12 week mark when she is not?

Will their be required waiting periods or ultrasounds?

When was the last time that 100% of the population voted on only males being permitted to do something with their own bodies?

I stand in solidarity with all of my sisters, especially the Irish women.

Thanks for reading,


*See the documentary, “birthright”, available on Hulu, for more information about how male law forces doctors to lie and murder women via forced pregnancy.

**If anyone can find this information, if you can post it in a comment, I would greatly appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the “generosity” of Irish and American Males

  1. It seems to me that the only surefire way to stop men from legislating abortion, is to make it possible to do it safely and effectively without a doctor. As long as we are dependent on government-regulated systems, we are dependent on men. Male governments have made it illegal for a woman to have an abortion performed by anyone but a government-approved provider, and women have been prosecuted for performing a suspected abortion on themselves just for having a miscarriage, so it seems like men are definitely afraid of women doing this ourselves. I wonder if it’s not actually as difficult or dangerous as men pass it off to be. I’ve read so many little comments in 18th and 19th century women’s writings of “bringing on a period” like it was no big deal, and in modern herbals there are lists and lists of herbs women should not take during pregnancy because they’re abortifacients. I don’t know if it’s even legal to talk about these things, however.

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  2. Oh goddess, I just wrote a huge reply it disappeared.

    I’m 65. Birth control pills came legal my senior year of high school. In college I went to a feminist health center. They trained lay women to perform abortions. They kept coded records, took cash and told us they were worried the law would be changed and police would come after women who had abortions. So, I lied for the rest of my life to healthcare providers, I didn’t want to risk being rounded up. Sound paranoids? We did not know what the patriarchy would do in response to our taking our bodies and secualities where we pleased.

    We see what is the response. Stupid sex frauds With phoneygender ID placing a new hierarchy of males trying to control our freedoms. Pig genderists.

    Thank you for your amazing writing, radfemspiraling. I love reading your blog Keep their laws out of our vaginas!

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    1. Thanks So much, Cheryl!

      And thank you for sharing your story, of which I would like to hear more.

      The thing that stuck out to me about JANE was that abortion is not a difficult procedure. As you say, there were quite a lot of laywomen that learned how to do it. And the women that learned to do it were angry that males had kept this knowledge from us.

      I am not saying that just anyone can do it, but there are a lot of us that absolutely could.

      We Will get nowhere if we continue to rely on male systems to work for us. Male systems protect MALES, which is why they insure that rapists go unpunished and women are punished for reporting. That is just one example of many.

      We need to take care of each other and ignore them. It’s the only way.

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