Normalizing Perversion: The War on Women

Yes to ALL of this.

Woman is female.

So, what IS perversion? Many people would argue that it is subjective, and truthfully it does depend on the culture of a given society. What one community considers to be perverted may be considered completely normal in a different society.

But what we are seeing happening now in America, Canada, the UK and elsewhere, is the destruction of common sense, innocence, and female boundaries. If that’s not perverted, nothing is.

As explained in this post, the Fairfax County School Board wants to give transgender and gender non-conforming teens complete access to the facilities (read: bathrooms, locker rooms, showers) of their choice. LGBT activists in Loudoun County, the state of Virginia, and throughout the country for that matter, desire the same thing.

The attitude of these people is that a person’s feelings about their gender trump even the feelings of an elderly woman disturbed by a transgender person with an…

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2 thoughts on “Normalizing Perversion: The War on Women

  1. Perverted men have an extremely weird, disgusting obsession with women’s toilets. Notice that it’s never women who place concealed cameras in public toilets and changing rooms to covertly film people, i.e. women, changing their clothes or relieving themselves. Now with this whole transgender bullshit, perverts in dresses are fighting for even easier access to real female bodies to use and abuse as much as they want, and the law, brocialists and their libfem handmaidens are all helping them to do it!

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  2. I cannot believe that ministet said that about women’s bodies, that we have things hanging loose worse the dicks. Actually, I can believe it. But it just shows a female presenting man is still not as gross as a natural woman.

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