Shower Curtain can Stop Sexual Assault/Harassment

Apparently, a naked male with a ladydick can be stopped by a shower curtain.

Also, males pretending to be ladies are COMPLETELY TOTES 100% DIFFERENT from males pretending to be ladies. And there will be training on these 2 completely different and separate groups.

Also, too, this never, never, never, ever happens.

Also, too, too, no true trannie.


4 thoughts on “Shower Curtain can Stop Sexual Assault/Harassment

  1. Right, the argument is always that this isn’t a “real” trans “woman.” I don’t know of any other demographic that gets to choose their members based on bad actions. But what is important is that either situation shows the danger of letting ANY trans identified in with women, surgery or not. If the trans community is so fucking worried about the safety of M2T (while ignoring that the queer community beat up a lesbian outside s gay bar in St. Louis, my hometown) they should get all those millionaires who “transitioned” after years of using male privilege to get rich to pay to open trans shelters. And who gives a fuck if one M2T was in there and respectful. You could say the same about the male population as a whole, that some are harmless, but we still have always had separate facilities.

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    1. I can’t believe that this is where we are now.

      And good for the trannie that legally forced his way into a woman’s shelter and had a good experience. How wonderful that his experience of showering with captive women was so great for him.

      I notice that they didn’t talk to any of the women, though. But who gives a shit about them? As long as the dude got to be naked with women that had no say in it, that’s all that matters. As long as males get what they want, we can just fuck off.

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    2. I went and found out about st. Louis. Your words here are the first that I had seen it.

      All I can say is that if the 4 women that beat the shit out of a lesbian woman just because she commented on the material, observable reality that is their biological sex, then they are getting masculinity exactly right.

      Beating a woman for stating a fact, or for being snarky, for not knowing her lower place, is a very male/masculine action.

      They hit the nail on the head in performing their “maleness”. Very manly.

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