Watch “Sheila Jeffreys @ the We Need To Talk / Inconvenient Women event (6/13/18)” on YouTube

If you have the time and data, this is a really good watch. 

A couple of high points if you are unable to watch. The first is that Sheila refers to trans rights as “male crossdresser rights” or “male sexual rights”. And this is how I am going to refer to it from now on, it is a much more accurate statement then “trans rights”.

She also talks about how “gender” is not even a thing in other countries, that there is no word for it because it simply does not exist. So part of spreading this bullshit is to go into these countries and explain how women (femininity) are somehow inexplicably tied to a set of sexist stereotypes that naturally result in us existing only as sexual/domestic servants and fuckable objects to pave the way for males to have the ladybrain that gives them the boner that convinces them that they are actually women. 

About 10 minutes in, a dude gets all upset and disrupts, lol. Sheila Jefferies handled crycry manbaby like a BOSS.

Finally, it’s part of a longer program, the link is available on the YouTube page. 


2 thoughts on “Watch “Sheila Jeffreys @ the We Need To Talk / Inconvenient Women event (6/13/18)” on YouTube

  1. Hey Hekate, it’s Radwonka, we lost contact despite following each other on twitter.
    I hope that you are OK. I was so happy to chat with you again, but then you disappeared again.
    Hoping that we will be able to reconnect and chat again soon 🙂


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