If You Want to Talk About It. In Peace.

Everywhere that I have been on the internet to talk about the white male rapist that is now a supreme court justice rapist, thanks to his bro gang of old, white, male, rapist loving thugs protecting his angry, dumb ass, everywhere has males discussing.

And by “discussing”, I mean bloviating endlessly about how maybe they shouldn’t be threatening ms. Ford with murder by manragey male, but when bitches lie, they have it coming. And rape never, ever happens. But when it does, she asked for it. And bitches like being raped because nature, and males are dominant, and why didn’t she just leave, or fight, or wake up, or stop the rapist male because it is not the responsibility of males to be peaceable, safe and kind, it is the responsibility of women and girls to avoid the male or stop the male from being violent. And most importantly, rape never, ever happens.

I am hanging out here, and only here, for a while. I want to listen to what other women have to say, if they want to say it. And I want to do it in a place, just one place, where I don’t have to see a single mansplaination, or excuse, or lie, or other bullshit that falls out of males’ disgusting pieholes about how they are noble, truthy, honest, non rapers, and how they are soooooo victimized by women when we demand them to fucking stop.

Maybe no one needs or wants to talk. But if you do, go ahead. If you have something that you want to say and have only other female people respond, you can do that here. I won’t allow males to invade, take over and leave wall o’ man texts full of male bullshit. This will be one place that is just for us.

I know most of you from other places, and if you post once, then I approve you to post without it going to moderation. Women can say whatever they want. And males aren’t allowed a fucking say.

I have 2 thoughts to share about supreme court justice rapey mcThug. My first thought is that I am not surprised that he got confirmed by his bros.

My second thought is that the male myth that I hate the most right fucking now is “but this is OUR political process, so it didn’t go your way this time, but this is OUR democracy”. And this declaration is usually delivered with the usual male shrug of “but what can you do?”, like it’s all fair and equal, but it’s OUR democracy, tho.

Let me say something about OUR political process. Where the fuck is it? All I see is the MALE political process that is delivered by MALE government and enforced by MALE LAW.

Who is it that is supposed to fucking represent me? In this picture….. .

Which one of those wrinkley, old, white, entitled, angry fuckheads is supposed to represent me? Or any woman? On this panel of flaccid, sad little dicks, closeted gay males, obvious alcoholics, misogynists, racists, sexists, and idiots, where is MY representation?

Fuck males and fuck their political “process”. The male process that takes everything from the many at the bottom and hands it to the very few males at the top. The male “process” that not only allows rapists to go free, but blames the women and girls for the males’ choice to rape.

Fuck the male process that controls every single uterus in this shithole country, the process that forces women to stay pregnant and give birth, and then denigrates those women for having the kids that males used force of law to make them have.

Fuck the male process that collects taxes from us, and then cuts funding for any programs that assist us in fleeing male violence, and uses force of law to allow males into our refugees and shelters by declaring that they are TOTES A LADEE, THO.

Fuck the male process that us destroying the fucking planet, the water and wind, the air. Your law is not for me. It is not for women, it is not for our protection, our advantage, our betterment.

It is only for males. It insures that the greediest, most ignorant, laziest, most worthless males benefit at the expense of the rest of us. But especially at the expense of women and girls.

So, fuck you, dudes. Go fuck yourselves.


19 thoughts on “If You Want to Talk About It. In Peace.

  1. I am beyond disgusted. Particularly by the way the chief bloviator managed to turn all males into the victims rather than the perps that they are. His “think of your son’s” while throwing every woman and girl under the bus made me sick with rage. And all these radio talking heads calling this fucking travesty “a fair process” and so many women too, well the despair is unavoidable. America is a circus, always has been and now all pretense is gone. May the end be swift.

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    1. Think of your sons? I just can’t even.

      How dare us, uppity women, expect justice for ourselves in the form of repercussions for the rapists. How can we hurt the males by demanding accountability from them and asking for basic, decent treatment. Don’t we just have ALL OF THE nerve.


      I feel the weight of male hatred in a way that I have never felt it before. First, with the election of the pussy grabber in chief. And now this. Are there women that don’t feel it? Or can ignore it? I can’t imagine not noticing. Males are so in our faces with it.

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  2. Thank you Jayne. ❤ And your damn right, what a fucking shithole country we live in. Men love to cite the Constitution, as if it's some grand statement of human rights, but we're not even included in it. The ERA was never ratified. We have never ever been truly protected by it. And you're right. men truly and honestly do not want to admit that rape exists. NO MEN in America are interested in acknowledging the problem of rape. Maybe if they have daughters. Maybe if they themselves have been raped. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. But overall? They treat it like a fucking myth. They keep saying "innocent until proven guilty" but when faced with evidence, they just ignore it, dismiss it, attack it, or explain it away. No matter how solid the proof is. They have no interest in the actual truth. Their interest is in protecting men and male privilege.

    We should just start calling them pro-rape activists, because that's exactly what they are. It doesn't matter if they're a conservative Christian or whatever other stupid label they decide to come up with to make themselves sound important. They're pro-rape, period. They actively advocate for the entitlement of men to put their dicks into women and girls. They can deny it all they want, but that's what they are doing. Each and every time they drag a victim through the mud and re-victimize her by mocking and attacking her, they are actively participating in an after-rape, in support of the original rape.

    When Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in, Republicans did it with as much sadistic relish and glee as they could. Why? Because like the laughing men in that bedroom Ms. Ford was pushed into, they're taking glee in raping women. Not just one woman this time, but all the women in America who dare say NO to men's dicks and NO to pregnancy and NO to making more soldiers and workers for Patriarchy. They are having a grand fucking time putting all of us in our place by saying "SEE NOW YOU MUST ACCEPT THIS DRUNKEN PARTISAN RAGING ASSHOLE THAT IS NOW GOING TO RAPE YOU OF YOUR RIGHTS. WE'RE GOING TO FILM THE HORRIFIED LOOK ON YOUR FACE AS WE FORCE THIS MAN ON YOU SO WE CAN MASTURBATE TO IT LATER OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THEN WE'LL SELL COPIES SO OTHER MEN CAN MASTURBATE TO YOUR PAIN. THAT MOMENT WE HUMILIATED AND DEGRADED YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN." And people say porn is harmless? They can all go to hell.

    I don't know how anyone can witness this grotesquery and NOT believe that males are oppressors. Someone would have to be a brainless dong huffer to think it's only a small amount of men oppressing women. So let me ask them this. Where are they? Where are all these good men that supposedly exist when women need them most, where the fuck are they? Why aren't they publicly and openly opposed to this shit? Why do the protests against this only contain a trickle of men and not a flood? If so many men are moral and good and opposed to rape, why aren't they filling the streets to protest with signs like "MY DAUGHTER DESERVES BETTER" or "DON'T TREAT MY MOM LIKE THAT" or "MY WIFE CONTROLS HER OWN BODY."

    Where are they?

    Where the fuck are they?

    Where are all these so-called millions and millions of upstanding men?


    That's what I thought.

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    1. Yes to all of this.

      The fact that we would even have to ASK for rights proves that we don’t have any. Males didn’t need an ERA written into their constitution. Males have ALL have the rights. They hold them all. They hold our rights. Which is how they can take our spaces from us. They can claim restrooms, scholarships, locker rooms, anything that they allowed us to believe was ours, they just take it. Males hold our reproductive rights, they always have. They are revoking our right to privacy because it was not our right to begin with.

      You are right. And this makes me crazy. When has an oppressed class ever been liberated by asking nicely? Or begging their oppressors to stop? We have had 5000 years of males owning us and claiming that they are somehow working with us to allow us to be free.

      I am tired of asking. I am tired of explaining and begging. And I am angry that I have spent a lifetime believing that if i could just ask or explain correctly, that i could somehow convince males that i am a fuckinf human being that has needs and wants and rights that should be inalienable.

      I am ready to have what is mine by virtue of the fact that i am just as fucking human as any male. I am not asking then permission for shit. And I am going to help other women do the same.

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      1. Oh Jayne, I know. I feel you sister. So much. The pain of having to ask for something as simple as human rights is unbearable. Men are cruel sadists for making us shout, grovel, plead, and beg only to turn around and tell us that we just need the right argument to convince them. It’s all one big mind fuck, isn’t it. Force women to beg, throw us some peanuts, then rip it out our hands when we’re not even done opening the shell. It’s inhumane, outrageous, unconscionable and nobody would ever accept an oppressed man being treated that way.

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  3. I admire the way you write. There’s a purity in feeling rage at what has been done and is being done to us. Seeing these hearings drove home that women have to be calm, rational, and polite to a superhuman degree or they won’t be listened to by men, and men will feel justified in not listening to the “hysterical” woman. While men are allowed to act as emotional and irrational as they want and still be credited. I realize I do it too. The more strongly I feel about something, the more rational I get, because I don’t want to be dismissed as a crazy woman for having feelings. And yet she did everything right – she was polite, and reasonable, and straightforward, and brave enough to put her face and name behind everything she said, at the risk of her life – and the men still didn’t believe her. So I’m thinking maybe there’s just no way to make these people listen to us, and maybe I should allow myself to be angry. Honestly, justifiably angry.

    I’m not surprised at all that patriarchal government enforced patriarchy. I see the government as the primary source of institutionalized oppression of women, and the major reinforcer of patristic social systems. It’s why anarchism is one of the most important issues to me. I definitely don’t look to government to solve any of our problems, or help women at all – the best case scenario I want is for them to stay out of our lives completely. Which would mean no government at all, to tax us and to legislate against our lives and bodies. Then women can create our own voluntary social organizations that will actually serve life, instead of men taking people’s money by force to enforce their will on others, in the name of “justice” and “security.” I’ve seen too much male “justice” and “security” exercised on women.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words. I *am* angry. I encourage other women to be angry, too.

      Males dismiss us as crazy no matter what we do or say. As you were saying about ms. Ford, she was rational, calm, logical, and that group of mouth breathers was hysterical and crazy. I don’t understand how males are universally seen as reliable narrators while we are seen as over emotional liars. It is just one more obvious male reversal.

      One thing that I have noticed is that our anger frightens males, which is why they always try to stomp it out. That’s why we are so forcibly socialized into kindness, niceness, patience, sweetness, etc. Males understand that anger is a great motivator, especially when there is truth behind it. I am all over the internet and I am honestly amazed at the positive feedback that I get from women all of the time. I know how I sound and I mean what I say. And I expect it to make people uncomfortable because an angry woman is scary to males and women. But I kind of have a dark sense of humor, too, which makes what I say relatable. Also, I am just saying what almost all women have thought at one time or another. But I dismissed those thoughts for a long time because I didn’t want to seem unpleasant or angry and I really did not want to look too closely at the truth.

      Because the truth is that males hate us. And I understand why a lot of us ignore that. But males are making their hatred so large, so vile, so in our face, that they are making it impossible to follow the feminine dictate to ignore it. I am facing it head on by talking to women and working for us to have our own solutions. Trying to reason with males is a waste of time, as we have seen, over and over. They can fuck off.

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  4. Canada isn’t much better than the US when it comes to patriarchy and patriarchal institutions. However, a recent Canadian supreme court justice appointment may give some small hope. Sheilah Martin nomination described from both sides of the political floor:

    “Conservative deputy justice critic Michael Cooper welcomed the “well-qualified” appointment, saying Martin brings both practical and academic perspectives to the bench.

    “She has the judicial temperament. She is someone who brings experience. She is someone who is well-respected,” he said.

    NDP justice critic Murray Rankin welcomed the appointment of Martin, calling her an “extraordinary jurist.” But he expressed disappointment an Indigenous candidate was not picked.”

    It is terrible what happened in the US with the appointment of this individual. It is the institutional power of the olde boys club writ large for all to see, and it is most disparaging. 😦

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  5. thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this male-free space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t fucking stand men anymore and sharing a planet with necrophile parasites that suck the air out of every conversation until it’s about their dick is getting really fucking old! the amount of infuriatingly stupid male comments in every online space is literally “gross”. they go on and on and on about forcing a republican antiabortion rapist on the supreme court bc there “wasn’t evidence” yet he can’t take a polygraph or be investigated for rape by the fbi or even control his temper. He can even get away with partisan conspiracy theories and lie about being unbiased. The rush to stack the supreme court unfairly is nothing to gloat over either and yet.. that’s the point of gaslighting.
    ask these pigs what proof would prove rape happened and i think they would need video or be a witness to an actual rape but then they’d just masturbate bc that’s porn to them anyway.
    instead of calling out republican lies and corruption, my comments have been something along the lines of, “now survivors know what a waste of time it is to go to courts, cops and sociopathic society and they will just quietly exterminate sex offenders instead, after all, no one believes girls so we use that willful ignorance and denial to our advantage.” Lots of males hated that :D. A few even told me to follow the rules of the constitution, lol, and i said exterminating sex offenders is a civic duty i’m proud to do. More than a few tried to bait me with, “oh if i say you raped me i can just kill you then?” and just tons of not listening to my original statement- survivors are done wasting time on sociopaths. porn and rape culture have killed any empathy and common sense most ppl have and the amount of apathy and tolerance for inhumane brutality towards “others” is very scary.
    All this crying about ruining a man’s life when serial rapists like cosby and weinstein barely faced any accountability for raping hundreds of women and girls, and most rapists barely get any punishment. Almost every single state has a rape kit backlog in the thousands, that when they finally test it ends up finding serial rapists, (what a shock!) but there’s never enough money for testing consistently and laws have to be made to count evidence and get it tested and there’s still only a 2% conviction rate so 98/100 rapists that actually get reported don’t face any justice.
    males love rape, so there’s no point arguing about it with them its just more traumatizing which they enjoy and a waste of *****************time and energy better spent creating and connecting with females only.***************
    Lastly, the supreme court has been supporting rapists and rape culture for a long time. 😦 They think executing even brutal child rapists is inhumane, but crimes against the state deserve death. (https://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/26/washington/26scotuscnd.html)
    What do you want to bet Traitor Trump and his henchmen won’t face any serious repercussions for colluding with russia and shitting on the fbi and cia? What do you want to bet more hacking will mess up the midterms since nothing’s been done about voting security…. plus republican voter suppression like throwing ppl off the rolls if they didn’t vote last year and other fuckery. Democrats really aren’t doing shit to protect women or fight republicans and i really wish ppl would wake up to that but i think they are so trauma-bonded and scared that they can only be complicit and i want nothing to do with that.
    thank you, again. female survivors need to feel supported and have safe space away from the constant bullshit. #timesup on this rape culture and male supremecy. i know sooooooooooo many women and girls that want to join a commune or collective that is secret and safe from males.

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  6. America is the largest and most powerful imperial nation in the world today. It has been imperialist for a long, long time. An imperial nation needs a robust patriarchy — it needs to raise boys to manhood willing and able to act belligerently and aggressively toward anyone/everyone who is not American. It needs the kinds of boys who can become coldblooded soldiers. It does what it can to teach them to despise everything associated with what patriarchy calls “the feminine” (which includes but is not limited to women). So — violent tv/movies, violent video games, violent porn — they are all tools to condition boys for the jobs imperial ambition requires. I don’t think you can have imperialism without rape. Boys have to practice their aggression and women make great practice targets.

    I think your internal and external politics will have to change together. I tweeted a week or so ago that maybe it was time for women to stop submitting to male rule (I don’t think anyone saw the tweet). After having the vote for a hundred or so years, shouldn’t we take the next step? I think every government body should be legislated to be 51% female — that includes police, courts, judges and legislative assemblies. We don’t need to wait until women vote 51% of such positions to women. Why should we wait for that, given the obstacles to female participation? It’s time we demanded that 51% of all government bodies be designated for women. Period. We need to do it in all western democracies, so that we can finally have true democracy.

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      1. I think the trajectory America is taking now only seems obvious if we remember America is an imperialist nation. And it’s easy to forget because there are also such large swathes of enlightened liberalism. But the liberalism has to destroy the imperialism, or be destroyed by it.

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      2. I think that it’s too late. In a couple of ways.

        My short version is that I am pretty sure that women are going to be culled. Males are killing us at such a high rate that the “female shortage” and the dire effects that males are causing to the women that remain is going to be global pretty soon, and not quarantined to India and China, as it is now. We are just like oil, water, or any other resource that males mine for profit, ownership and control, in that they consume, use, abuse the resource until they use it all up, and destroy it, ruining any chance of replenishing. They will literally mine us to death, and end up killing each other over the few of us that survive.

        And that’s if the planet survives long enough for males to carry that out. My view on that is pretty temperate, because males lie and they like to cause fear. I know that they are lying about the state of the environment, I just don’t know exactly what the lie is. Are they making it sound worse? Or better? I don’t know which. But I know they are lying.

        I can appreciate what you were saying about the government and our representation within it. There are some governments that have quite a bit of female representation, and yet, they are still patriarchal. I don’t see any way that we can change that. Males will still control it. We will only be allowed to participate as long as we are patriarchal, and practice patriarchal politics.

        It’s depressing to say, I know. But things are going to be dismal for us, as women. I still think that women could bring real change. But there are not enough of us to do it. And if we don’t get together soon, as a group,it’s going to be too late.

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      3. That’s a pretty bleak view. I am inclined to believe the climate outlook, because I don’t see what anyone can gain from it. It’s hard to believe the resurgence of brutal patriarchy … after about 70 years without a world war, it seems men, who are still conditioned to be independent loners, dominators and killers, are itching to be released from all rules and engage in every man for himself war. They really do seem to want a return to tribalism, or warlordism, with women the slaves. And women!!! So many “faghags” (I hope that doesn’t offend), “transhags”, and sheer “daddyhags” who forgive men everything and think women who are harmed must deserve it. I do despair of how we can make any change when so many women are on the side of men. So my view is pretty bleak too.

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      4. The reality is very bleak. I think that’s why so many of us don’t want to think too much about it.

        Have you seen what’s going on in the UK with the self identified trannies? Yesterday, it seems like out of nowhere, the male government revealed their strategy for supporting female erasure. Suddenly, there was a million links and articles to one very specific idea, that OMG THE MPs ARE VERY SKEERED OF THE LADYMEN, THEY WILL MEET WITH WOMEN, BUT PLEASE DON’T SAY WHICH ONES BECAUSE THE LADYMEN ARE THREATENING MPs.

        When I saw it on my Twitter feed I didn’t think too much about it. Until I saw it over and over about 100 fucking times. So these males in dresses that are scaring the MPs are going to get exactly what they want because SKEERED MPs.

        These males that are so, so frightening to OTHER MALES are going to have access to women and girls because males are pissing themselves in fear. And they are counting on our socialization to kick in, and we are supposed to feel sorry for the scared, poor dears.

        I am watching, and I am continually perplexed as to why we beg patriarchal government to do anything for us. How many times do we have to beg before we understand that males are never going to give us what we want, need and are entitled to? The very fact that who and what women are is up for debate just shows exactly how low our status is. Everyone knows what a car is, what a house is, what the sky is. But suddenly patriarchy has no idea what a woman is? And once again, males are deciding that we aren’t actually human.

        I ain’t asking male permission for shit. They can fuck off and die. I am in the process of making menstrual extraction jars and I am working on a stockpile of the medicine for that purpose, as well. Within the next 10 years, or so, I am going to open up a piece of land in the NE for women. I am moving away from male rule and I hope to encourage other women to do the same.


  7. “Women make great practice targets”
    Yes. I have had troubles with my local police and DA for aggressively preventing little boys from practicing on me. Surprisingly , I have prevailed so far, even in court. But practice target is exactly what was intended.

    I also like your proposal for saving democracy.

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  8. Yes, I have been following the trans war in Britain on twitter. In Canada our “progressive “PM and his progressive women minister of justice put gender identity into our human rights code without a word to anyone beforehand. A done deal because, like, who could possibly object? I’ve now discovered that the school boards in my province are mandated to comply with a code of teaching/basis for curriculum (or something) that teaches all children that people are stuck in bodies and sometimes those bodies are wrong, and isn’t that just peachy-keen. The women are all over this you know — the poor “gotta help a wounded male” syndrome. Sisters, it’s time for self-sacrifice because a poor dood is in pain.

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