There’s a Hurricane a Coming. Also, Let’s Find our History.

For the second time, I am directly in the path of the hurricane. We are expected to lose power for several days. That is usually an exaggeration, but I still prepare and part of that is keeping my devices charged and not using them unless I absolutely have to until the worst passes. I am in the area that will begin to experience the worst in 5 or 6 hours.

Normally, if I disappear, I just come back later. But I have mentioned that I am working on some posts and I will get them up as soon as I survive the hurricane. That is a Coming.

I have picked up the following stories as I have roamed around the web this past week. So much of our stories are just gone. Males prevented us from getting education, so we couldn’t record our own stories. And even after males so generously allowed us to learn to read and write, they still controlled the narrative with an iron fist. They insured that they were the record keepers. So they painstakingly recorded every male death in war to the best of their ability, for just one example, because male lives are so, so very important. But when they burned our foremothers for the mythical male invented crime of witchcraft, they made no such records. They murdered women for no reason except greed, envy, uncontrollable jealousy and hatred, and then didn’t bother to make a record, because they didn’t care, and also they didn’t want a record of their mass femicide laying around.

So when I come across something in our history that I have never heard of, I am really curious and want to know. And maybe you want to know it, too. Like the over 5000 women that were jailed without due process because their nasty ass husbands gave them an STD. Patriarchy loves to punish women for getting a STD from their disgusting husband. Males just love to abuse women. They use their systems to insure that they can.

I found the others interesting, too. Thought I would share. Also, I have been back on Twitter recently, my handle is ManLogicksXX. If you Twitter, come find me.

So I will be back after the hurricane. See you soon.


Women put in jail for having STDs. That males, usually their husband, gave them. Want to guess if males were jailed for spreading or having STDs? If you guessed ALMOST ZERO, then DING DING DING, you win……………….

Short stories of women who were not allowed basic freedoms just a few short years ago………

Six women murdered by males in 5 days………….

Wherein males put girls in prison for not proving their virginity to male satisfaction… …

3 thoughts on “There’s a Hurricane a Coming. Also, Let’s Find our History.

  1. First and foremost, I hope you are okay. ❤ Please check in when you can. Stay safe luv.

    Those are great links and thank you for sharing. I like the timeline website and will be reading it more. I clicked on the women's history tab and saw this title “Photos: Before it was for slackers, Home Economics fostered trailblazing female scientists.” It’s written by a man so it’s no surprise he thinks domestic work isn’t actual work. I guess he doesn’t read blogs run by housewives and other domestic workers to know they’re still coming up with ideas that men can steal and rebrand as “lifehacks.”

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